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    I just read your blog. How was Run for the Oaks? On the active.com page, they claimed it was the area's fastest 5K course. Do you concur? By the way, great work! You're getting in so many miles and putting in so much time on the trail that you'll do excellent at Flying Pig. You go girl. I had my own rain-induced Crabtree incident last weekend. Every weekend, my running buddy and I park one car at Reedy Creek and one car at Black Creek Greenway. The car at Black Creek has food, water, fresh socks, band aids, etc. (plus clean bathrooms at the park). We were 14 miles into our run, coming out of Umstead and onto Black Crk Grwy and the lake had flooded the entire trail since it had rained all day Friday. We were both hell-bent on getting to the car b/c our camelbaks were dry and we needed to resupply, so we climbed up a (what seemed to be) giant hill to bypass the flooded area. Well, on the way down the hill, the mud gave way and I slid all the way down on my bottom. The bonus was that the hill was absolutely covered in some kind of thorny plant, so my hands, arms, thighs and bottom had literally hundreds of briers sticking in them. Shocked It's funny now, but sitting at the bottom of the hill, I was pretty miserable. I looked like a cartoon character that had landed on a cactus (and felt like it too!) OWWW! This weekend we're altering our route. Big grin -shelly
      Oh, my! Shocked Sure you don't want to change your screen name to cactus? Wink Evil grin I absolutely love running in Umstead. The cool part is I can run to the Reedy Creek entrance from my apartment - it's about 3 miles - so that makes a long run to and around inside and back from Umstead quite doable! Big grin I've been having fun over on the Sycamore trail lately. (Get there from the Glenwood entrance, drive as far back as you can.) It's seven miles, and takes me just under 2 hours. Given that my normal easy pace is about 13 - 13 1/2 minute miles, this might tell you about the quantity/quality of hills there. Wink It's a good run. There is a bridge out on it too. However, the creek that it crosses is quite crossable with dry feet if you're good at stepping on rocks, and they're rebuilding it. Every time I've gone by they're just a little bit further along, so someone really *is* working on it. Run for the Oaks is a fast race. It was shaped like a figure 8, with the finish in the middle. This meant I actually got to see the lead runner finish! That was fun! The hills there are very gentle and gradual, but they *are* there. The only reason I didn't PR is that I'd just PR'd over at Myrtle Beach the month prior, which really *is* a flat race!!! There were lots of people, and there was a St. Patrick's Day festival going on at the same time, so there were tons of booths. The Arbor Foundation was giving away tree seedlings, and there were lots of booths. You should go next time!

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