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    Anyone do the Run for Roses this past weekend? Wondering if anyone had any feedback about how the race went or suggestions for improvement.

      Maybe you could shut off the big fan next time? <g> Seriously, I can think of only two minor suggestions at this time. 1) Maybe re-design the layout of the registration/volunteer check-in area. When I showed up there was a line coming out the door that I (and several others) assumed was the late registration line. Someone finally came by and told us it was the volunteer check-in, and that we needed to go into the community center for registration. 2) Maybe delay at least part of the roping off of the finish area until after the race has started. I could see setting up the rope on the East side of the chute ahead of time because very few runners were waiting on that side of the course. On the west side of the course, though, the rope was a small barrier to runners getting into the starting area. You've got at least ten minutes after that last starter is gone to put that rope up before the winner finishes.</g>
        Echo that about the fan! Big grin 1) They ran out of roses before the finish. A friend of mine came in near the end and there were no roses left. Cry I gave her mine since I was getting flowers later that day anyway. (They still had some when I came in at 36 minutes, lol!) 2) I didn't like running through an active parking lot at the end of the race. One runner, pushing a stroller, had to dodge a car that was trying to turn around... while several others were driving every which-a-way. I felt that was unsafe even though I personally wasn't threatened by any cars. I bet the lady with the stroller felt a little nervous! I believe that most of the traffic was from cars driven by others who ran in the race and who had already finished. 3) As I was running, I overheard a man who I believe to be Jim Young actually YELLING at one of the volunteers to get her to tell him her full name. This was shortly after the two mile mark. Now, I don't know what she did to deserve yelling at, but I can tell you that his stance was aggressive, his voice was loud, and his tone was hostile. I now have no intention of ever volunteering for another race that he is directing. Volunteers are just that... volunteers. In all, I thought it was a tough course, but I had a good race.

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