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    Hello, just discovered this while sitting board at work and thinking about my tough hill workout I have planned for when I get out of here. Anyway I have been running for about a year now and have done a few races already. I am training to try and run a sub 40 8k at the MS run for research. I live in knightdale, I don't see very many other runners out there, so I've been doing all my training alone. I noticed the log here is the same as runners world's log so I my try to transfer it over. Happy trails! Tom
      Hi Tom! Welcome Big grin I am new-ish here too. I was just thinking about the MS run today. I don't have many races planned for the near future. Maybe I should run that one. I would only be going for sub-45. Sub-40 is a dream for me right now. Maybe some day Wink
        Hi, guys! The log on RunnersWorld looks a lot like this one for a very good reason. Not too long ago, Eric, who is RunningAHEAD's designer and who wrote all the code for this place, sold a copy of his code to Runners World so that they could have an online log. Yep - the log you see over on Runners World IS the same one you see here. They are not linked, however, and I don't believe Runners World allows you to download your data (which you can do here any time) so you might have a bit of trouble transferring over here. One other thing - Eric's continually improving and upgrading this site and he's not a commercial operation. He's a computer programmer and runner with too much spare time on his hands. Wink At the moment he's working on a major upgrade for the log, making it a lot more customizable. My understanding is that the time frame is still a few more months, but I'm sure it just depends on what else is going on. After the upgrade is complete, he's going to finish working on making it possible to upload and transfer GPS data. Even though the Runners World site has a lot of interesting articles, I can't see ever wanting to use "their" log over this one. Big grin And... lol... my dream goal is a sub-1:00 10K. Big grin I'm in my 3rd year running, and just last week got down to a 32:15 5K... so I don't think it's going to be this year either, but it's something to shoot for!

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        Future running partner.

          My compliments to Eric. As a web developer myself, I am impressed with the work he has done here. Cool