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December Donuts (Read 566 times)

    AmiK - Houston's bus and train lines are goving free rides as well. No towing but hopefully it helps.


    OneMile - 2k for the year?! That's something to be proud of for sure.

    PR's : HM 1:51:15  -  5K 21:27



    Rusk Runner

      Howdy Donuts!  Happy New Years Eve!

      More snow and crap today.  My missed 15 is completely cancelled.  Other than that however, the fever has broken and I will get back on schedule tomorrow (if not on the icy roads, on the dreadmill).

      Finished out the year with 1776 miles.  I would like to see that over 2000 for next year.  I guess thats one of those resolutions.

      PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

      Just Run!!!

      White Lightning

        Cbus - I signed up for some secondary health insurance that will help cover PT, Chiro, etc... so hopefully will kick in tomorrow and I may go to town and see what's involved   Honestly, its bee non-exsistant this week but I know when I hit 45-55 miles in the middle of training I'm going to have issues.


        Banshee - Good Luck, sounds like its going to be a blast


        Me - Well the moons, planets and stars aligned for me today.  I had one of my favourite runs of the year.  Perfect 31 degrees for just tights, tech t-shirt, Nike Element Jacket.  Was very comfortable and effortless.  So my planned 5 turned into 10 and could have easily kept going but I didn't carry any water with me, since I had only planned 5 and don't want to completely blow my week.  HR was low to where its supposed to be for the first time in a long time.  Ran in deep snow, un-shovelled side walks , hard packed snow, cleared side walks, etc...  Was just great.  So last run of the year was 10 miles at 10:17.  Awesome.  144.6 miles for December


        So 2012 for me, finished the year with 946.96 miles (5 months not running), burned 111,715 calories, lost 43 pounds.  It was a great year but nothing will be comparable to 2013


        Still have an hour of yoga tonight then will see if I can stay awake long enough to see the new year change

        Play the Game Hard!


        Three Martini Lunch

          Hi all. Sorry I was MIA.  I was traveling for the holidays and also came down with something, so I didn't run after an easy 8 on Christmas eve.  I also wasn't online much at all for the past week.


          I went through the eight or so pages last night.  I'll just start keeping up from this point forward.


          Hope all of you have a safe NYE.  I did 5.6 @ 9:14 after work.  That got me to 1308 for the year.  It was short of my target of 1500, but I did some silly things to hurt myself that knocked me off track.  There is always next year.

          M: 3:31:56

          HM: 1:37:33

          Trail Monster

            Wow! Nice end of the year totals everyone! My final total was 1,094.4 with 179.3 for December (highest ever!).


            The 5k was okay but I didn't PR. It was 32 degrees, snowing, with 10-15 MPH winds. I over-dressed a bit and just couldn't hold it together.

            Mile 1: 8:05

            Mile 2: 8:00

            Mile 3: 8:32

            Last .13: 1:05 (8:24 average)


            Not really sure what happened except the last mile is completely uphill. Oh well, better luck next year. Still got 2/19 age group, 56/255 women, and 163/518 overall.

            2013 races:

            3/17 Shamrock Marathon

            4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

            7/27 Burning RIver 100M

            8/24 Baker 50M

            10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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            Rusk Runner

              Good Job Banshee!  Happy New Year!

              PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

              Just Run!!!


                Happy New Year gang, hope everyone has a good one.  I just got home from my last run of 2012.  I officially started marathon training today, although the first week of Hansons is all easy running, so not much new this week.  Looking forward to starting speed work and MP runs in the next few weeks though.


                Nachos - congratulations on No. 2!

                Indiana - hope you feel better soon.

                Ami - hope your ankle feels better.

                Nice race Banshee!


                Hi to everyone else - I'm behind again, so hard to catch up on all of the pages!  I'm back to work on Wednesday though, so I should be on the internet more then.

                PRs: 47:54 (10K); 1:46:36 (HM); 3:50:52 (FM)

                Recovering from injured knee (PCL/Lateral Meniscus)

                Bad Ass

                  My allergy shots took 11 months to work but they did.  Keep doing them.  My allergies were the highest you can have (short of lethal) so it took a lot of repeat doses.  In fact, after the attack, I'm wondering whether I should repeat the dose.


                  Akalei : Yay Wineglass!


                  Ami: Sometimes the IT band just decides to hurt- I have tried to find endless explanations for why mine was awful last year at this time and is fine this year, and I find none.  Chiro / Graston was the only thing that worked for me.


                  Docket: Hope the asthma stays as bay- I have EIA and AIA as well - going thru allergy shots now but hating the idea of spring.  The EIA has been, knock on wood, much better.


                  Me: 90 minutes of spin this morning; 4 mile recovery run yesterday- clearly I don't know how to listen to doctors- I feel physically fine and my GP agrees that this is much ado about nothing.  The low potassium levels are actually more concerning than my strange liver values (which have apparently always been high).  I'l take a few days off before the next blood test, but I'm not going to be a couch potato in the interim.


                  Training starts on 1/13.  I'm still deciding between Intermediate 2 and Pfitz.  I want to do Pfitz but I'm a bit worried that I can' thandle it.  Note that the back injury was not overuse- it was caused by stepping funny.  It's much better now.



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  Bad Ass

                    Happy New Year, Donuts!  I am off to do 15 this morning.  Weights tonight.


                    Banshee, great job!  I still think we should run together but it has to be your way because I cannot PR much in this humidity.  We can even dress alike, now that we're inknburn famous and all. Joking


                    Hope everybody had a nice time last night.  I spent most of it looking for a lost cat (my neighbor's).  She is still MIA.  Going to look for her during the run.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                      Hey all,

                      The discussion has moved to the "January 2013" thread. Please join us there!

                      PRs: 21:35 (5K); 1:46:46 (HM); 4:30:46 (FM)