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    I have a question for all of you experienced ultra runners out there. For years in my training I have used a rest week in my training. My current schedule has me building for 3 weeks and the 4th week is my rest week. On my rest week I cut my highest mileage in 1/2. How many of you out there do a rest week? If so what do you do? Also I am using my rest week as a rest from running but not training. I am currently filling in the extra time with cross training activities like more biking and skiing. Does this negate the purpose of the rest week? Should I be decreasing my actively overall not just my running. Thanks for the input.
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      I basically do the same thing... My cutback weeks are every 4th 5th or 6th week, and I usually cut back my mileage 25-30%. I will sometimes take it easier that week, but often will get some extra weight lifting or swimming in that week. It's more of a way to rest my legs from the pounding as opposed to actually taking it easy. Note that my ultra experience is pretty limited; I normally stick to marathons and have only done a 50k so far.

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        I usually cut back to about 50% of my average for the cycle... usually 4-5 weeks on, then a week 'off'. My training is pretty unscientific though, I mostly just run when I want (and pick runs that sound interesting) while trying to follow some rough training guidelines. If somebody is putting on an interesting group run that happens to fall on a rest week, I'll do it anyway and rest the following week, etc.