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one more 5k? (Read 214 times)

Go Pre!

    I am already signed up for a 5k for Good Friday. That makes it 9 days before Boston.


    Here are my options...because you people are all certifiable coaches and running experts, I'd care to know your thoughts


    A. run it hard and assume 9 days is enough time to recover and be ready to run Boston hard.


    B. Pace my son which would be about 19:45, so almost full out.


    C. Pace my wife which would be about 29:00


    D. Make it a standard marathon tempo run.


      A is perhaps bad, depending on how quickly you recover. 

      B is the same as A.

      C you can't go wrong with.  Easy runs = good.

      D only if you can string together a bit more tempo pace stuff.


      My vote is on C.  Honestly the others may be absolutely ok too... but C is ALWAYS ok and you can do whatever other speedwork fiddling you want in other workouts.



        I like A,B or D if you treat as a workout


        I like C if it scores lots of points with you wife that you can redeem for fabulous prizes later.

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          C or D


          Erring on C as it earns some great Brownie points

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             C  score  wife  later.


            I see where you were going, pig.



            I think with 9 days you are safe with A, but I am definitely not a running expert.

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              Absolutely not an expert, but my 5K PR is from a week before my first marathon. Certainly had no ill effects from that one.  But then again I did not have an y time goals for the marathon.  


              I think that Nobby's Mater run coach also has a 5K scheduled the week before the big one, maybe just not go for a 5K PR though.

                Give both races everything you've got.

                Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

                Go Pre!


                  I think with 9 days you are safe with A, but I am definitely not a running expert.


                  haha, that's why I said certifiable coaches and not certified



                    I think with 9 days you are safe with A


                    +1. The biggest risk you run going all out in the 5k is getting injured and you do not recover in time from the injury...

                      E. Running is stupid and bad for your knees

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