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Doing a 100 miler then six weeks later doing another. yes or no (Read 65 times)


    I'm doing a 100 miler in the end or April and i really want to do this other 100 six weeks later. Ive done a hundred before but I'm just not sure on the recovery time so i could use a little help. Oh and the races I'm trying to do are The C&O Canal 100  and TARC 100.


      Pretty hard to answer. All depends on how well you recover after ultras, and how hard you run C&O. It does look like a relatively easy 100, as 100s go.


      For reference, the four 100s in the  "grand slam" are each 3-4 weeks apart. So it's not ridiculous on the face of it.

      You'll ruin your knees!

        There are always a few folks at the Bear 100 who also completed Wasatch the week before.  A buddy did what he called "BadRock"... Hardrock 100, then Badwater within about 10 days.  At that time, only about 16 people had completed both, but no one had done them in the same year.


        He's still alive...

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          I ran the Coldwater Rumble 7 weeks after the Cajun Coyote.  I'm a back-of-the-packer, so for both I was just looking to finish (which I did).  I had intended to get in at least a 50K between the two, but that didn't happen.  Got in several 10-13 milers, plus one 20-miler.  Figured it'd be best to focus on recovery and getting to the starting line injury free.  That seemed to work for me.


          My next test will be for the Zion 100, which will be nine weeks after Coldwater Rumble.  Once again I haven't run too many long runs (one 20-miler, plus a 50K), but I've been hitting the hills a lot.  We'll see how I fare!

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            Thanks for the info guys. Im still worried about recovery and muscle fatigue. BUT...... since there are other people doing the same kind of thing, I can't see why I can't do it too.  If I take the first 100 easy I should be ok for the next one. I hope anyway.


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              I will be at C & O Canal! 


              I will not be at the TARC 100 this year.  I was one of the many DNFs last year due to excessive amounts of mud.  The TARC races are very well run so you will at least have great support from the volunteers.


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