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Trail Work (Read 174 times)

    I have a couple races this year that have a trail work requirement (8 hours)


    Just finished up my eight over a couple Saturdays. We had a big wind storm in January, so there are a lot of downed trees blocking a network of trails in Capitol Forest (south of Olympia Washington)


    Today was chainsaw work. Ugh, but at least my weekend strength session is done.


    Anyone else do trail work regularly or only when a condition of a race?

    "Famous last words"  ~Bhearn


      WTA!  Woohoo!


      I do it just because.  Not as much as I used to do, though.


         WTA is the Seattle(ish) trail association, no?


        WTA!  Woohoo!



        "Famous last words"  ~Bhearn

        Bacon Party!

          Once a year, just because. I go out and join up with the Michigan Mountain Bike Assoc - the only people around here who seem to do "trail work."


          I've also volunteered to with the DNR to pull weeds. Wasn't exactly the afternoon I was expecting. Roll eyes


          pace sera, sera