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Maintaining Fitness (Read 215 times)


    For those of you that lick your wounds or recover from burnout (like I tend to do) during holidays, how do you minimize your fitness loss?  I am thinking of 2-3 runs per week and don't want a schedule.... 

    Read some theories online but curious if anyone has experience.

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      Can't-run and/or can't-walk hurt, I do Tabata intervals on a stationary bike (about all I can stomach) and ramp up the strength training. If weather permits, I skate circles around the local high school parking lot - 1-3 hours worth (great for hips & glutes... which can help with knee stuff).


      Not-injured but burnt out? Hasn't happened yet - I'm usually hurt!


      pace sera, sera


        I'm currently injured (sprained, broke, and dislocated? my ankle).  Messed it up pretty good. Starting commuting to work by bike.  It's been pretty fun and it's a nice way to slide in a "free" 40 min workout in the AM and another in PM.  The motion of pedaling doesn't seem to aggravate the ankle much.  I still walk or run every day, but it's not very much.  Finally back up to 4-5 miles, but my fitness has gone to shite. 



        Back it down, take it easy, find some other stuff that's fun, etc.  I haven't gotten to the burnout point in running yet, but I hit it hard in cycling way back in the day (back in the day with Skip, actually).  I fought it and fought it and finally imploded and just gave up racing and cycling altogether.  Probably was a mistake in hindsight... I should have taken some time off from racing and just gone back to riding for fun, but I couldn't separate the competition from the riding any longer.