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Might be a bit of snow at the Hardrock this year (Read 132 times)

    After a 3 week lull since December's storms, the San Juans have gotten pounded with snow the last 3 days. The town of silverton has been inaccessible since mid Saturday. http://silvertonmountain.com/ This link will take you to a recent picture of main street


      It looks much like the days of old when people dug up and out and the post men wore 8 ft skis to deliver the mail. Avalanche conditions across Colorado are all from Considerable on the Low end to Extreme in the southern Mts. We have had quite a winter so far. I was on a hut trip last weekend. It was -30 in Monte Vista. It was so cold the tailgate latch on my truck wouldn't work. God I love Colorado !!! Big grin
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