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Training for the NC24 May 5-6 2012 (Read 670 times)

    Been walking..Havent logged. Had storms and funnel clouds yesterday so I didnt get out. Going to do some easy short runs today and tomorrow.


    My race plan is this...


    Posting this so I can look back after the race to see how it falls into place.


    11:30 to 12 minute laps initially - as long as I can hold on. Last year I started out at 10:30 laps and was all over the place pace-wise. And crashed early. I wasnt eating early enough and cramped in my left calf (When I do cramp thats always the spot) and took to walking and it didnt ease up for a couple hours--whenever I would start to run. Eventually I learned that I was better off running through it and it felt better. If I can avoid the early cramping, I think I can hold that pace for awhile. The best case (100 mile unrealistic goal) - is that I hold on to that  for about 70 laps).


    Best Case :

    50 miles between 10 hrs 45 minutes - 11 hrs 30 minutes

    54-57 miles at 12 hours



    50 Miles at 12 Hours - that would be hitting marathon distance at 5:45:00 and 50% run/walk after that. Last year I was right at 40 miles at 12 hours. I am very confident that I will be able to improve on that.


    For the 2nd half of the race, I know it's kind of silly to plan. I'll run if Im able--I will strive to stay on the course the entire time. In September, I just logged 24 miles the last 12 hours. Id be extremely dissapointed if that were to be the case again.


    Best Case:

    100 Miles: 12 minute lap average for the first 70 laps - Averaging the rest at an average pace of 14:20 (brisk walk--likely It would be a mix of slow walk/slow run)



    80-85 Miles: Picking up 10 miles over last year in both the first half and the 2nd half of the race..More likely would be picking up 5 miles in the first half and 15 in the 2nd half. It all depends on avoiding cramping early and chafing late.