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    Wondering what folks who run ultras or run many miles often think about the need to replenish glycogen.  Most of my miles are aerobic in nature.


    i would assume my body is much more efficient at using fat for fuel and hypothesize I use less glycogen.  I know I've read articles that indicate your body relies primarily on glycogen for fuel the first 60-90 minutes of running.  But wonder if that applies to those who run medium to long distances for most training runs?  


    Asking as I would prefer to replenish with less post-run sugar if not really needed.  That and I am day-dreaming in a meeting.

      I hope you're wrong.  I like post run sugar.  Especially Ice cream.


      Trail Runner Magazine's October edition had an article on sugar.  IIRC it said pre-run sugars can actually hinder your performance, you only need it in workouts lasting over 2 hours and that the best time to consume is right after after a workout.


      It also suggests that we all probably eat way too much sugar.