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Just starting training informally (Read 169 times)

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    I've kind of fallen into doing back-to-back long runs on weekend recently. Mostly because I'm lazy about going long by myself, but if I can join two different group long runs, I enjoy it. Yesterday I did an 18mi long run with slightly changing group composition during several loops, and then a 16mi long run in the afternoon.


    So I'll call this training for ultra, as a perfect excuse for doing it.


    I even brought a PB sandwich to the morning run yesterday, planning to try eating it when we looped back by the cars -- but I completely forgot. Next time I'll try to remember harder. Now this idea really is with the purpose of trying to train a bit for an ultra -- trying eating during a long run. I haven't been eating or drinking, and it hasn't bothered me at the 12-18mi level, but I figure it wouldn't hard to go ahead and experiment a bit. Forgetting to eat or drink probably won't work out so well over longer distances Smile


    I see fattozig has started a whole thread on this subject, which looks long, so I'm happily anticipating reading that.


    I don't have a camelback or any running backpack. Have only just started wondering if I should get something like that.  I met a couple runners at my only 50K who had camelbacks that they used for carrying stuff (not for liquid).

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.