Ultra Runners


Max King (Read 214 times)


    This guy has a huge zone of racing distances (3000 Steeple to 24 hour adventure races)


    2008 he tried to make the US olympic team in his college sport - 3000 steeple




    He ran a 2:15 this year at Baltimore - A nice short interview




    He is a member of the Montrail team (Trail races and trail ultras)


    He had a pretty decent TC 10 mile race (47:14)




    Although probably considered a long shot in Houston at the Marathon Trials - I would say his speed gives him a "real" long shot where other runners are a "it will happen long shot"  Although his hill / trail awesomeness would be more of an advantage on a hilly course.  I still think he could pull out a 2:11-2:12 in Houston

    Retired 1/1/13 ... Tired of being broken and fat  ... Hit 296# Memorial Day 2016 - New goal = To be able to enjoy running 4-5 hours through the woods again by Fall 2016. April 2017




      He won world trail race a month or so ago for U.S.