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My eyes are twitching (Read 228 times)

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    Since this weekend's 30/50k runs. Just tired I guess. I hope.

      Probably because you are:

      1. Tired
      2. Run down
      3. Nutritional imbalance

      Eat/Sleep/Drink more in any order Smile

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        Yep, I'd say it's all 3. Not refueling well lately. Good sleep last night and only a short run this morning. Feeling a bit better.

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          Eye twitches lasted a while longer. Bugged the hell out of me. Fortunately tapering and some better sleeps have seemed to taken care of it.


          Now, 4 days until my first 100k....I now have inner brain twitches starting ...

          Bacon Party!

            Brain twitches good ... you're recovering enough to feel antsy and ready to run.

            Good luck and enjoy! Smile


            pace sera, sera

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              Random women on the street are going to think you are winking at them.  Be careful not to get slapped.

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