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Bacon Party!

    I've been a Drymax fan, but have been toying with Injinji Liners as well.

    I can't stand regular Injinjis. But the Liners are so thin and stretchy, they actually fit my toes without leaving excess material at the ends.


    Just survived 60 miles on the Ozark Trail, feet wet from the first creek on, without even a hint of a blister - and I've always blistered, at least where my pinky toes underlap their neighbors...


    Smeared my feet with Maximum Strength Desitin (zinc oxide). Then added Injinji Liners and Drymax Hyper Thin. Perfect!


    Works out to about the same thickness as my old Drymax Lite Trail socks. And, I should think the Desitin would help sooth any sock roughness.

    (BTW, Cath's feet were a macerated mess. I sent her back to Dubai with a tin of Desitin.)


    Of course, my shoe choice may have helped - New Balance Minimus Trail, with plenty of room for my toes to splay and work naturally.


    pace sera, sera