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A clean slate - Qualification for 2012 US 24 Hour National Team (Read 429 times)


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      It's funny.  Most kids today want an autograph from a popstar or an entertainer.  My kids (who've been raised a smidge differently) want an autograph from Jurek, Mackey, and Henze (to name a few).  We watched the world 24 hour race last year and my kids know all the ultra stars.  My son met Krupicka at Leadville in 2008.



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        2 of the current members of the 2010 USA Team running this weekend at 3 Days at the Fair are entered in the 48 hour event.  I wonder if either of them will really push it for the first 24 to get a solid time then pull back in the second 24.  Or try to pace themselves over the full 48 at a more consistent pace.


        Will be fun to watch.


        Debra Horn (48H)

        Philip McCarthy (48H)

        Anna Piskorska (24H)


        Charlotte Vaarhelyi (CAN) is entered in the 72 hour event.

          So if  two men run 135+ miles at Northcoast 24, they are automatically in, even if 6 men run a 150+ a few weeks later?  Am I interpreting this right?  If so, this seems more like a race to qualify than a best pick of contenders.  Not sure when the race is in Poland, but I would think a 2 year qualifying limit based on past 24 hour performances would be reasonable....  and prior 24 hour championship runners should get first priority.


          DB, I hope you are in, and I hope you kick some ass, but I can see a dilemma for leadville, which would suck big time...




            I would guess they could use this criteria for awhile.  The biggest change to me is top 10 at most recent World Championship Race as the #1 Criteria - This means that if all 6 men would finish in top 10 - then no one else could crack the team.  I do not like this.  I would rather see up to 3 spots for a top 10 finish at Worlds.  The main reason is we need to keep new blood flowing into the sport and people interested.


            I have no qualifying races within the period.  So I have work to do. 


            The idea of giving out spots from US championship race is 2-fold.  1)  We want this race to be about the top athletes battling it out regardless of weather etc.  2)  If you can perform upon demand - there should be a reward.  Similar to World Champs race - There is not a do-over. 


            I may or may not re-qualify.  With a potential of 3 shots at it - Right now I am fairly confident I can crack that egg.

            7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M




              I do believe it takes more to perform well at the National Championship Race or World Championship Race then at the local 24 hour race.


              At FANS24 in 2009 - I really did not have anyone distacting me or having me question my strategy.  Jill Peryy actually lapped me twice by 100k before she had issues, but generally I could focus on my race plan.


              At NorthCoast 2011 - In following my race plan, I will have 15 men and maybe 5 women lapping me.  By 12 hours I will be 10+ miles behind the leaders and maybe in 10-15th place.  It is really hard not to go with someone as they lap you - because you could.  You never know which rocket my not flame out.  There is a constent battle to avoid getting pulled into someone elses race pace plan.


              I the end it will not matter who hit 100 miles 1st, it matters more who can still move well after 16 hours.  Take 2009 race.  Scott Jurek, Mark Godale, David James. Phil McCarthy (a little slower), Akos Konya (Not a US citzen - But not everyone knows that), Bill Allen + a few others are all pushing hard the 1st 6 hours.  That can be intimidating - James ran 100 miles in 13:05.  In the end McCarthy who might have been down 3-5 miles at one point - toughed it out for 151.5.  None of the other names were left standing - Veteran John Geelser - Who I am pretty sure was 20+ miles down at one point and new comer Dan Rose finished 2-3 with 139 miles.


              Say in 2011 you want to make the team and are lining up against:

              Jurek (165+)

              Godale (162+)


              Arbona (156+)

              Henze (154+)

              McCarthy (154+)

              Morton (153+)


              + a bunch of guys that take it out fast ... Are you confident enough in your race plan to get 10-20 miles down?  Do you get pulled into the Race from the start?


              When there are 3 slots at US Champs race - It is very likely that 140 will get you the 3rd slot.  With only 2 slots, Maybe 140 will be good or maybe it will take 155?

              That is what makes the National Champs race fun!

              7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M