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    If I do say so myself. 


    Julie-congrats on the distance PR!!!  Guess we forgot to tell you... the first 3-4 miles are always the hardest.  I often do tell low mileage people this. Seriously... I hate the first 3-4 miles. during this time my mind is telling me I'm nuts, I'm not a runner, I look stupid, asking me who do I think I am and why am I even wasting my time.  Things hurt and I just feel about as ungraceful and as winded as possible. Then you get past those first few miles and things settle in.  Ahhh.....


    Another thing... don't try to work on speed AND adding distance at the same time. Unless of course you are 20 years old, naturally gifted, or Karen. <smile>  perfect set up for injury and burnout. Remember race pace on race day. You're not planning on stopping run next month, right? So you know you have time to slowly and smartly build mileage overall.  No more than increase of 10% per week and "long run" shouldn' be more than 50% of overall weekly mileage.


    Marjorie-we have had check engine light on for about 100k in one car and 80k in the other before we traded it in. Catalytic converter which isn't needed in MI and would cost bunch of bucks to get fixed.


    Ginny-enjoy your hustling of Santas!        That did not sound very good.


    Mel-welcome.  many of us are chubby and run really slow.  no medical condition to blame. all very supportive though. Welcome!


    Karen-in the end bad bosses usually weed themselves out.  sometimes (not always of course) crummy people get promoted because they were the only ones that asked to be.  did you ask?  I don't want to be a boss.  Sort of like politics. other than that... document, document, document.

     watch your email though as crummy bosses with access are usually really paranoid (rightfully so) and have trigger itchy pointy fingers.


    Laura-I've had similar comments often said to me.  Maybe I just am actually crazy.




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      Morning. We posted the exact same time so I took mine to just use this one.



        The tragedy in Conneticuit is just unbelievable....last thing I thought about last night and first thing this am....just hard to fathom what these families are going thru....


        Ginny - Enjoy your Santa Hustle!  Wish I lived closer, I would have loved to do that race!


        LisaMMR - Your are so right on the the advice of the "first 3-4 miles" are the hardest.  Did you decide on H&M - not sure if I missed it.  Haven't been able to be on the computer much - except for work Sad    


        Marjorie - Are you doing the Full at H&M Smile 


        Today going to PF for weights.....hmmm, am I turning into a "Gym Rat"  LOL.....NOT!   Then trying to work on Christmas things.  Running tomorrow.




        Fire Jumper

          Lisa - you ARE wise and wonderful.


          Okay... so, don't work on speed and distance at the same time.  That is reasonable - especially since I'm not speedy Karen!  Wink    Does it make sense to have a speed week and a distance week?  Or should I just work to get to my 10K distance, and then try to speed that up once I'm there.   Just muddling through.  Until I started getting to know you guys, it never occurred to me run longer... LOL  Who is that says this group is a bunch of enablers?   I think she's right.  


          I'm psyched that I felt better after 3 miles.  It actually makes me look forward to getting my distance up.  I'm also glad to hear that my experience of the early miles isn't unique.  I wondered if I would ever NOT feel creaky when running.  I was thinking, as I started to feel better, "Oh my goodness - what if I AM a longer distance runner and didn't know it?" 


          Carol - woo hooo Miss Gym Rat!  Go show the boys how to do it!  


          I agree that the school tragedy is simply numbing.  I am so sad to see this happen to those babies and the adults that had dedicated their lives to them.  All I know to do is pray.  #prayfornewtown is the hashtag I'm seeing on twitter. 


          Another run today.  Looking for a new, fun route.  I'll bring it back to my 3.1 miles and not push it too hard. (ugh - so NOT my nature).  


          Be well,


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            10.7 for me today. Good run. 50 degrees out too Lisa my car has 60,000 on it. Was just the gas cap since dh didn't tighten it 3 clicks like it has to be to create the seal



            Run to live; live to run

              I'm highly contemplating the full for H-M. I think it will go okay.


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                Swimming would be so much easier if I could breathe underwater. I swear, I feel like I'm the most untrainable, unswimmable person in the world when I'm in the pool. The instructor said my issues are actually pretty common, and I think I got a little better by the end of the class.....but now we have the next two weekends with no class because of the holidays and then I will miss the next one because I'm doing a 50k that day. Hope I don't end up back where I started!


                Julie, if I were you I wouldn't worry about speed at all. Lisa cracks me up, but honestly, I got faster this year by just increasing distance. I didn't do any speedwork at all, except for an occasional 5k or 10k. (Until the last month or so, when I was doing a 5k every weekend, sometimes two). Most of my speed gains came from more miles. And less weight to haul around. Just by running more, your body gets more efficient at it and you will naturally go faster. It happened to me pretty dramatically I think because a) I haven't been running that long so I had a lot of room for progress, and b) I lost 30 pounds while doing it. Being such a new runner, if you slowly increase your distance, the speed will just happen on its own.


                Thanks everyone for the comments on the work situation. I'm actually pretty lucky, as my boss got to where he is by being a great salesman and a truly good and nice guy. He's just dumb as rocks, which is where my frustration comes from. And I love my old boss, she and I have become great friends. Unfortunately, it's through her that I see a lot of the crap that is going on and getting worse upstairs. I guess it's good that it doesn't affect me directly, but I hate to see others treated badly, and I think it offends my sense of right/wrong, good/bad, etc. to see the bad guys doing well and stepping on the good guys in the process.


                Hello to all, I'll post more later. Need to finish up this coffee and then I'm going for a longish run - maybe 15 or so.


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                  Good morning! I've been trying to clean some before I head out for my long run.

                  Ginny, good luck and have fun on the Santa Hustle!  Remember to take a baggy or walk a lot so you can enjoy the treats.

                  Karen, good for you for sticking out the swimming lessons.  It takes guts to do things that aren't your strong point.

                  Carol, you're so right about the school shooting.  Between the AK serial killer info released in the last 2 weeks and this, I'm just astounded. Senseless.

                  Julie, glad you are having some nice weather here! Want to touch base tomorrow afternoon?  I'll prob be down there Mon afternoon after 2.

                  Sounds like we have you thinking about more distance.   Running/training books at Barnes and Noble for your holiday list? Smile  

                  Marjorie, nice 10.

                  Welcome, Mel!

                  Have any of you noticed the average high for H&M is 79?

                  Anonymous Guest

                    I'm highly contemplating the full for H-M. I think it will go okay.


                    Marjorie, one reason they added the second half as an option at HM was so Half Fanatics could run the first half and get the state of KY, then run the second half and get WV. So you could tell your stomach you were just running a half......and then another half. We won't let on that you're doing the full.

                    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                    Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                      Camille....no problem on the walking a lot!  I had to laugh at that!  


                      I even contacted the race to make sure there wasn't a time limit, that's how worried I am!  They said 15 minute mile, so even if I walked a lot  I should be okay.  I am so unprepared this time.  Also it is like I am not really running tomorrow, I keep forgetting.  I think it is the time of year, got me distracted.  Oh well...I will do as well as I will I guess




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                        Hi Ladies!


                        8 miles this morning, feeling kind of punky today, there has been so much crud going around at work and at home, so I guess my turn is here.  Mainly a sore throat and headache.  I felt sluggish out there but glad I got some fresh air.


                        Quiet day around here, probably making some Xmas cookies and then it's BF's holiday party tonight. 


                        So terribly sad about the CT school, I work with people who have mental health problems, but I will never understand why there are sickos out there that will destroy innocent people's lives, those poor families ugh.


                        Hi Lisa, Marjorie, Julie, Karen, Camille, Ginny....Smile


                          Lisa MMR - Thanks for the reminder about feeling like a non-runner for the first few miles; your graphic description is exactly how I feel some days and I wonder what my immediate neighbors think. I must look pretty sloppy out there 'til I warm up!


                          Karen - Hope the swimming continues to improve and you get a chance to stick with it; I taught adult swim lessons years ago and remember that there was usually a story that went along with each swimmer. There was always more to overcome than just the lack of swimmimg skills.


                          Ginny - Anything called a Santa Hustle has got to be more fun than race!


                          Carol - "Gym Rat' motivates me to start looking for a gym. Now that I'm 50, it may be time to add weights so all my aging skin doesn't flap in the wind!


                          Julie - Congrats on being ready to add distance - soon you will find adding a mile or two (or 5) to a run is natural!


                          Marjorie - I usually twist my gas cap 400 times to make sure; I guess that's the OCD coming out. Smile


                          I'm intrigued by the H-M and noticed the average high of 78. At least I wouldn't need to pack many clothes!


                          Off to haircut for DD; she's deciding it's easier short and she doesn't have to look like every other 15 year old girl with it long! That a girl!


                          Peace in this holiday season - Carolyn 

                            14.25 this rmorning at the "Frozen Seahorse Fat Ass"... ran with run buddy Katie and local marathon/ultra veteran (I think he said something about stopping count after 500 marathons and getting pic as a "Legends" runner after JFK last year).  Great stories were told.  Opted to come home and get stuff done around the house vs more miles.  Felt great!



                              Look!  I'm not the last poster of the day today!  


                              Lisa/MMR, if there were a run around here called Frozen Seahorse Fat Ass, I'd have to run it just a a matter of principle.


                              Julie, I second (or third?) the advice others have already given:  work on increasing distance and time on your feet, and don't worry about speed.  Speed will come as your body gets stronger.  For the first few miles, I always feel a little creaky and out of breath and generally not great, so that's totally normal.  


                              Mel, I'm sort of new here too, so welcome and don't be shy.  I think there's a user group focused on weight loss, if that's your goal, or you can stick around here for support, or you can do all of the above.  One of the great things about RA is that there's something for everyone.  


                              Carol/BC, I agree, lots of sad stuff out there.  A friend of mine works in a school in CT around an hour from Sandy Hook.  I can't even imagine how awful it must be.  


                              Karen/AG, unless you're a fish or seahorse, breathing underwater is generally discouraged while swimming.  Joking  Seriously, stick with it and you'll get there, even with the time off.  I think it's great that you're doing it and challenging yourself.


                              LC, enjoy your cookie-making and Xmas party.  Hope the crud moves on quickly.


                              Carolyn/MMac, hope DD's haircut goes well.  That's great that she's independent minded.


                              Marjorie, good advice from Karen about running 2 HMs at H&M instead of 1 full marathon, ha ha.  Sounds like marathons give you stomach issues?   Ugh, as if a marathon isn't tough enough without a properly functioning stomach.


                              Happy running to all the Santa hustlers, jingle-bell joggers, and other racers out there this weekend.


                              I did 8.5 this morning with my little local running club and then cleaned up around the house.  Need to do a few more Christmas cards then I'm heading out to visit my Dad to help him decorate his tree.   


                              Good weekend to everyone.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Gatsby my first marathon was fine but my last 2 my stomach has not been cooperative. I have stomach issues with running but have worked hard this year to get them under better control during running.