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    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: teaching core at 6AM today, whoohoo! Tempo run today, with 2 miles at tempo (going to shoot for half marathon pace). Total mileage should be 5-6.


    TR: was really cuddly yesterday afternoon and evening. he sat on my lap and snuggled while i read him his bedtime books. Farted in the bathtub and thought it was hilarious.


    NRR: mom went home yesterday afternoon, it was so nice to have her here! she's coming out again the first weekend in March to watch R while DH and I go to his company dinner party.

    also, we're supposed to get another snow storm this weekend, boo! i'm ready for spring...

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5 miles, 3 repeats of the double bitch with Sam, same as last week.


      TR - was up screaming twice last night before finally going to bed.  the first time was because he opened his sippy cup of water all over the bed (needed new sheets and fresh PJs) and the 2nd time was because Dee Dee was still wet and wanted me to give him a spin in the dryer.


      FR - grilled cheese with mushrooms, tomato soup.



      rg - I thought you were almost directly south of me, we are getting the snowstorm tonight/throughout Friday.

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        RR - 10k stroller run


        BR - While I was filling the bath last night, she kept crawling out of the bathroom, retrieving random items and then bringing them back and throwing them into the tub....a bottle of lotion, a fork, a scarf, her socks. Yesterday at the community centre, she was trying to play in the play kitchen with an older boy. He got mad and pushed her and then threw himself on the ground in a tantrum. She just looked at him like "Dude, what's your problem?"


        NRR - Big snowstorm coming in later today/tomorrow. I have another 3 or so hours of work to finish and then I need to get out for my stroller run and grocery shop before the snow starts.




        rg - Lol at R farting in the tub and laughing. Nice that your Mom is coming back soon and you'll get a night out with DH! Have a great tempo run.


        Zorbs - Enjoy your hill run! I need to do more hill repeats. We have 3 giant hills in town but I haven't done any repeats since the fall. Hopefully B's wakeups were while you were still awake because having to get out of bed and change his sheets would suck.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          RR: SRD. Finally... my coaching session run yesterday was brutal. I had to run ladders but hit them exactly on 7.15 min/mile pace. So the first 200s I had to hit at 54secs. Well, I could hit everything but 54. I started at 48, 49, then 1 minute, then 50, then 58. Each time I had to jog back. Then when I got 53 I went to 400m and had to double it. No chance. I ran over 5miles during all of this with each race pace interval and jog back to start. I think I need a lot more work on pacing! I either have super fast or long run slow and nothing in between. We didn't even get past 400s on the ladders as I was so inconsistent with pace.


          NRR: DH is off to Nashville today to do the walk through of our house, inspection and hopefully buy a fridge, washing machine, dryer and a few other bits. We are staying here. He is flying out at noon so we have the whole morning together which is awesome.


          BR: so cute.in our rental there's a hosepipe box which holds the pipe and has a storage bin under the lid. DS picks up rocks from the garden then stashes them in there. I must have found 15 rocks and 2 snails. I re-homed the snails and then put all the rocks back into a bucket. And repeat.


          FR: going to super tighten up my diet whilst DH is outta town. Having tilapia, spinach and sweet potatoes. I am following a 5meal a day plan from oxygen magazine which uses quinoa as main grain (well, I learnt it was a seed not a grain).

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            rg - We are getting the snow storm todaySad  I am also ready for spring.  Angry because I didn't get out for a run yesterday and it was sunny and in the 30s.  LOL to R farting in the tub.  Have a great run.


            zorbs - Sorry B was up screaming.  I hate having to change the pjs and sheets when they should be sleeping.  I hope the hills are getting easier and easier for you!


            ernie - I am jealous you can get your run in before the snow.  Are snow should hit just as I am done with work...maybe it can hold off an hour so I can get my run in.  LOL to S throwing stuff in the tub...that is exactly what J does!!  Sorry she got pushed by a bigger kid...maybe it was my kidSmile


            Bermy - Enjoy the morning with DH before he leaves.  How long is he gone?  I hope he can get everything taken care of for the new house.  Great job on your ladders even if you were inconsistent.  The more you do them the more consistent you will become!  It just takes time.  How can you possibly tighten up your diet any more?  You eat so clean I need to take notes and cooking lessons from you!!


            RR - Nada yesterdaySad  Just didn't feel good but it was so nice out.  Hoping the snow holds off so I can go right after work...but I am doubting it so I might have to drive to the TM in the nasty weather.


            TR - Has diarrhea...I am prepping for a call from daycare.  They didn't call me yesterday but told me when I got there to pick him up that he had 5 runny poops...they have a policy if they have 3 or more they will be sent home. I brought him anyway because I didn't have lesson plans done and DH is not home.  So I am prepping now to leave early.  He seems fine otherwise and is eating well but his poop is white/yellow and runny so I know it is a bug he has.  (Sorry TMI!)  Took him to get a haircut last night and he was really good just got scared but was fighting the urge to cry.  Then I took him to dinner at Panera and he loved the grilled cheese and yogurt.  I love our one on one time when he is happy and silly.  OH...the worst part of last night...after his bath I let him run into his room naked (about 10 steps from the bathroom) in the 30 seconds he was naked he looked at me, smiled, squatted  and pooped on the carpet...ugh!!  I freaked out and he started bawling.  I know he doesn't feel good but he knew exactly what he was doing!


            NRR - Feeling better today just still have pains in my stomach.  Guess J and I have the same bug just affecting us differently.  I just want to get a nice run in too.  At least it is a jeans day at work today since kids don't have school tomorrow we get to wear jeans today and tomorrow!!


              zorbs- hope the hill repeats go well! i really like the strength they give my legs. i live in the finger lakes area of NY, not as far west as Buffalo, though. bummer on the screaming, esp the wet sheets and PJ's.


              ernie- hope the stroller run goes well. i always laugh at people in the grocery storm before a winter storm. it's like they're expecting the end of the world or something. R throws everything into the tub too- bath towels, mat, toys, books.


              Bermy- the pacing gets easier with more practice. i used to love doing repeats on a track, and setting my watch to beep at the end of the interval. i used to be able to nail them dead on while i was in college running xc. cute about DS and the rocks and snails. i eat vegetarian, but should try some fish again- i added it in while i was preggo for the extra protein and iron.


              jen- aw, sorry about J being sick, but i'm glad you two had a nice time out yesterday! i haven't taken R out to eat by myself yet, maybe i'll try it on Saturday, as DH is working all day. yuck on the carpet poop! i hope you can get a run in before the snow starts. enjoy wearing jeans- that's dressing up for me, haha. i wear polo shirts and workout/yoga pants...

               5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                RR:  SRD.  Ended up doing 5 on the TM after dinner last night.  I hate running after eating.  BUT, a run is a run.


                TR:  So sick of him waking up and crying.  This morning I went in and said "Jennings Donald, you are going to be TWO years old.  Two  year olds DON'T cry when they wake up.  They ask for MaMa or DaDa.  Stop crying."  Yeah.  He did, but we never got a mama or dada out of him.  I would love to NOT hear my son cry in the AM for ONCE...in two years.


                NRR:  Good visit yesterday.  Our HS principal really seems to get it now.  We have not made a choice either way, but as of today, I am leaning toward Chromebooks 5-12.  We will see.


                FR:  Ate out twice yesterday.  Dinner was Subway which isn't horrible.  Other half is in my lunch box for today.

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                  Good Morning!


                  RR: My friend started a new run club near my house so I went out for 5 miles with them last night.  ran faster and harder than I have in a REALLY long time about a 8:15/mi pace.  Luckily my girlfriend hung back with me at that pace and chatted the whole time.  i told her I could run and I can definitely talk but not both at that pace - at least not yet. Still working on getting my fitness back after my brief hiatus this past fall.


                  Bermy - I am terrible at pacing - I always start to fast and burn out.  I thought about your coach while I was running last night and my friend kept hollering at me telling me I was not allowed to walk.


                  runnergirl - too funny about the bathtub gas!


                  marathon Jen - Hope DS feels better soon.  Hope you don't catch that bug from him!


                  Ernie: the grocery shopping before the snow always amazes me.  in the suburbs everyone buys bread and milk - are  they all eating french toast?  When I went to colleg in the mountain the stores always sold out of beer - we had our priorities straight!


                    rr: gonna quick hit the tm while c is still sleeping. 3 or 4 miles.


                    br: insists on saying "hi" to the babies on the diaoer and wipes boxes every time i change his diaper. pretty adorable.


                    tr: feeling like the girls have lots going on with school the next couple weeks. Can't imagine when they are in actual school and not just preschool.


                    nrr: us weekly thursday!


                    fr: chinese buffet last night. My stomach hates me right now.


                    bbl for personals after my tm run! I promise!


                    beskirted & manicured

                      ernie - B wants things in the tub, but I have to say he has never thrown clothes in there. It is so much hillier in your neck of the woods, I never noticed when I lived there because I was always driving, now when I am there I see the hills with runner's eyes. It isn't really hilly in my local neighbourhood, but there are some doozers less than 5K away.


                      bermy - I don't know how you could possibly get your diet cleaner..?


                      jen - omg about the poop! did you give him a time out for it?


                      mer - B still cries sometimes when he wakes up. Sometimes on weekends we'll just open his door and go back to bed, he'll play in the upstairs landing between our rooms quite happily.


                      dexy - well, I would stock up on milk too, because being snowed in, milk-less with B would be a catastrophe and just make sure I had stuff for meals for a couple of days.


                      mrszm - Saturday night we ate junky chinese, Sunday lunch we ate fried noodles and dim sum, Sunday dinner we ate leftovers from both those meals, and my Monday run was horrible beyond description.  I feel your pain.

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                        Bermy - Hmm, I am intrigued by this ladder workout and inspired to try it. But not until the snow is gone! Tighten up your diet...you are so funny... you already eat cleaner than anyone I know!


                        Jen - No! Not the dreaded poop on the carpet!! I hope you were able to clean it up without too much trouble. I had to steam clean our carpets after S pooped on ours last month. Not sure what the storm forecast is like in your area, but the really heavy stuff isn't going to start until the evening here, so maybe you can still get out for a run after work. Or, if you have to leave work early to pick up J, at least you'll get a chance to run then.


                        Rg - Crap, I hope there isn't a frenzy at the grocery store today! This is my normal grocery shopping day and I was actually contemplating going last night to avoid the snow today but was too tired. Hopefully most people are still at work when I get there so it won't be too nuts.


                        Mer - S is a big crier when she wakes up, too! Other people are always telling me about their kids babbling or singing cutely in their cribs after waking and I'm like, "nope, that has NEVER happened here". What kind of sub do you have? It doesn't get soggy when you save it as leftovers?


                        Dexy - The run club sounds fun and a good workout, too! Ha, the liquor store in my town totally gets picked over like that before a snow storm and we don't even have a college nearby!


                        Mrszm - So cute about ds talking to the babies on the diaper box! Ugh, the dreaded buffet hangover. I hate that feeling - hopefully you feel better after your run!


                        zorbs - If you can picture driving through MA, I do my hill repeats on that giant Mount Albert Road hill in town. It is seriously puke inducing, but I feel accomplished when I'm finished. The double bitch sounds like a doozy, too.

                        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




                          RR - yay, I ran 4 outside before DH went to work..... so much better than a TM!


                          BR - C is no longer allowed to sit on the couch unattended anymore... thank goodness I had pillows on the ground...

                          A friend on FB posted a video of a nanny who was filmed by a couple who suspected something wasn't right b/c their baby cried all the time... I made the mistake of watching it... I almost started bawling...


                          NRR - single parenting most of the day... report card day for DH... not looking forward to the snow that's coming..



                          zorbs / ernie - our weather report showed we might not get a lot of snow but instead, we get hit with ice pellets.. awesome..


                          mer - i'm really sorry about the constant crying... it sounds rough... hugs...


                          jen - ew. sorry about the runny poops... and the dirty carpet... i think i would've started crying too!!


                          bermy -  i wish you could be my personal chef.. your meals always sound so good!


                          dexy - glad you were able to get a run in!  Nice pace!


                          mrsz - DH has the same issue with chinese buffets lol... his eyes are always bigger than his stomach!


                            Morning!  Quick post while I jam some food into my mouth.  BBL for personals.


                            RR:  SRD.  Considered waking up early to get a few miles in before my marathon day but then decided I should take a true rest day so the next 3 days I can do 8, 4, and 12.  Probably most with stroller.


                            BR:  Kept take breaks from his bottle this morning to smile and say "dada".


                            NRR:  IUD getting taken out today!  Hope all goes well.  I am just hoping I don't feel crappy this week because my mom will be gone - I have read you can have some crazy symptoms like anxiety, depresson, fatigue, etc.  I figure it can't be worse then how I feel with it is.  Sadly my grandmother is dying so she is headed back to MI to be with her and her sisters.  I hope she dies peacefully.

                            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              Mer - Good for you for hitting the TM after dinner.  I am jealous of your run.  Sorry that J wakes up crying in the morning.  My J was up this morning at 4:30 with a huge poop but he sat in there an talked to himself until I got him...luckily since I was in the shower.


                              Dexy - Great job getting out with the group running and pushing yourself.  You will be back to your regular fitness level in no time.


                              mrszm - So cute about C talking to the babies on the diaper and wipes box.  Sorry the girls have such busy school schedules.  Hope your TM run was great!


                              zorbs - Nope...just yelled at him but then I felt bad since I know he doesn't feel good but I definitely know he knew what he was doing.  It was almost his bedtime too so I had to clean it up quickly and try to keep him out of it.  While I was cleaning it up he tipped over the humidifier and dumped all the water on the carpet...ugh!


                                runnergirl - I am joining the "I Want Spring" club.  This weather sucks.


                                zorbs - I hope you had a good run today.  I am not exaggerating when I say every day about the crying.  For some reason this morning it just irritated me more than other days.


                                ernie - I just got ham.  It is a little soggy, but not to the point I can't eat it.  It beats PBJ any day!  Cute about the random items in the tub.  Its good to hear that we aren't the only ones who have to hear crying every.single.morning.


                                jen - I hope J makes it through the day at daycare.  I am jealous of your jeans.  I wanted to wear those really bad today!


                                dexy - A running club sounds great.  Good job with the pace!


                                mrszm - Gald dinner was good, but yuck on the aftermath of it all.  Still sleeping.....can we trade babies!?

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