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    RR - something today. Depends on if MIL stays so I can run outside or if I run on the tm during naps.


    TR - music class today. She is and was a cryer when she wakes she often doesn't now but always did as a baby. She does wake up grumpy and weepy some days now. Like today.


    BR - this one wakes up happy. I was puzzled at first when I'd walk into her room and a grinning baby would be staring at me. She sleeps and naps so much better when she's had fresh air. We spent the morning at the zoo yesterday and she napped all morning in the chariot then had a great afternoon nap and a good night! I hope the weather stays nice so we can spend time outside.


    FR - lamb and lentil stew.


    NrR - autocorrect on this forum with my phone is bizzare.

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      QOTD:  Are any of  you doing anything for  your DH for Valentines Day?  We have parent teacher conferences that night so I won't see DH much that day.  I asked if we are doing gifts, and he said yes, something small. I am thinking a homemade card and maybe some dark chocolates.  Not really looking for anything kinky/initmate, just a small "I Love You" gesture.

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        Good Morning!


        RR - no running today but I did 30DS this morning with some extra triceps work and planks at the end.  I have one month to get beach ready!


        BR - is in his room working on a poop right now.  This one is hurting him.  Sad


        KR - took DD3 to tennis and picked up the other 3 girls in the golf cart.  Four 5-6 year olds giggling together is such a cute sound.


        FR - thinking breakfast for dinner.  Need to find a good frittata recipe or something to use up some broccoli, tomatoes and spinach we have.  I'm not a big fan of omelets.


        NRR - spent a good amount of time cleaning up the house yesterday and decided I like our house well enough.  Thinking we should just put a little money into it to make it better and stay here for a while.  Moving is too much of a pain to move into a house I'm not 100% happy with.


        rg - glad you had a nice time with your mom and that's great she'll be back soon!  I love having my mom babysit rather than hiring a kid, it's usually worth the plane ticket down if we need a lot of babysitting around the same time.


        zorbs - ugh I hate changing sheets on the beds, and would get annoyed if I had to do it right at bedtime!


        ernie - your little one sounds like quite the character!  Lol at her looking at the tantruming boy.  Unfortunately mine would be the one throwing the tantrum.


        bermy - sounds like you need a rest day!  Do you ever get sick to your stomach working with your coach?  The workout sound so tough, I feel like I'd be barfing!  I'm irritated with myself because I can't find this month's oxygen magazine.  I remember getting it but have no idea where I put it.


        jen - oh yuck, I'm so sorry about the poop on the carpet!  I'm wondering if we did all have a bug last week even though DD3 is the only one who threw up, a couple others were pooping a lot and my stomach hurt a little.  Although I tend to get sympathy pains when my kids are sick.


        mer - sorry about the crying in the morning.  I never understand why L will sometimes wake up and play happily in his crib for a while and other times he wakes up and wants out NOW.


        dexy - I'm glad you are running again and your fitness will be back in no time!  Is it harder running with the girls?


        mrszm - anytime someone walks in the room or L walks into a room he'll say "hi!" to anyone and anything that's there.  So cute.


        cx2 - nice you could run outside!  Monday my personal trainer asked me if she should go run 6 outside or on the TM.  I'm like hello, it's 50˚ outside, is there even a question?!?


        shelby - you have so much going on, take your rest day and relax!  I hope the IUD removal goes well.  I'm sorry about your grandma. Sad


        CA - I think I tried lamb once and didn't like it.  It's one of those things like venison I can't eat, even though it's probably all in my head.


        Bad Ass Mother Runner

          from yesterday -
          uphill - yep I'm off till sept, and RP probably till January 2014, but she might go back early. It's gonna be a fun summer Smile

          qotd - running w/ a guy friend, I'd do it, and don't think it's weird. so long as your dh and his dw know that it's just a run.

          rG - that's great that your mom is coming again so soon! Farts in the bathtub bring on a bit of stress, I've had to clean up too many poops!

          zorbs - yikes on the screaming! We'd never let M keep a cup of water in her room, that would be a disaster.
          ernie - hope you get everything done before the storm!! M got into the tub once totally dressed, I was in the other room getting O ready...

          bermy - nice workout! I'm usually pretty good at hitting paces, but it would depend on what the pace was, slower is sometimes harder. I'm with the others, you eat pretty clean already!

          Jen - maybe if you get called to get him from daycare you can get a run in? Hope you both feel better.

          mer - Sad on the screamy wake ups. M was like that until I don't remember when. O is so different, it's strange to have a baby lying in their crib cooing.

          dexy - that run club sounds great! And great to be pushed a bit in your pace.

          mzm - cute on saying hi to the babies on the wipes!! mmm chinese buffet is so good during and so bad after Smile

          cx2 - ugh, I never watch videos like that on fb... I'd rather not know some things. Glad you got to run outside.

          shel - good plan to rest today! Good luck w/ the IUD appt. I'm sure it'll all go smoothly.

          qotd - we're going for dinner this weekend, dh will probably buy me flowers. I should buy him a treat, I would do chocolate or liqorice or some other candy.

          arm - good workout! I'm going to be on a beach in a month too, but if anyone looks at me, I'll show them my 5 month baby Smile I love lamb, it's one of my favorites!

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            got in 3.1 on the tm before cash woke up. thought i'd be nice and shovel the end of the driveway where the plow went through and managed to hurt my shoulder and pull something in my back. not cool.


            rg: do you guys have another sitter in the area to watch r? lol about farting in the tub! totally something c would do!

            zorbs: we are doing grilled cheese with avocado and tomato tomorrow night, but cheese and mushrooms sound good too!


            ernie: we have snow coming our way too. weathermen were way off as they said it was supposed to snow all night and it didn't. now they say it will start this afternoon. good luck getting the stroller run in!


            bermy: how do you make your sweet potatoes? i've been thinking about making them but have never made them before! have fun as a family this morning! when is your green card meeting/physical/etc?


            jen: unfortunately i was out at dinner last night when i read about j's poop. Wink c's is so nasty! glad j is fine despite having the poops. hope you don't get called from daycare! mmmmmmmmmm panera! really sad i don't live close to one anymore. my cousins and i would meet for our book club there every month!


            mer: ugh to the crying. we have a crib thing that lights up so lately c has just been cranking on all of the dials which change sound, volume, etc. then he freaks out if he turns it off and can't get it to turn back on. last night we heard a thunk after he went to bed and dh was like, "you better go check on him." sounded like he fell out of bed, but was just kicking away on the side of the crib. we had subway a week or so ago and i realized how much i really don't like subway. wish we had a cousins near us!! dh wants a chromebook! can you score us one since they are sold out everywhere?!?!?


            dexy: how are the new girls doing? after seeing myself in a tank top and cardigan the other day i though, oh man, summer is gonna suck since i have zero boobs. even my mom commented on how flat i looked (she can't really talk though since i get the no boobs from her). would seriously consider getting new boobs, but i feel like there is NO WAY people won't be able to tell. my good friend even told me that even if i got the smallests ones put in people would still be able to notice. a true friend. so needless to say, i am super jealous of you! Wink


            cx2: you are motivating me to run outside tomorrow. today would have been perfect for me to get out with some snow and 30F, but rp didn't want to run in the snow and i decided to sleep in instead. tomorrow, i promise to get outisde!


            zorbs2: yup the food tasted so good while i was eating it. when we got home my stomach was gurgling to the point where dh was like, "seriously, what is going on?"


            mer2: send j my way for the day!


            arm: from wisconsin and you don't like venison? how is that possible? when we moved into this house, it was the nicest house in the area that was in our price range. it has room for us to grow (if we decide to), it's close to the schools, family friendly and set out from the actually town. that being said, it's probably not our "dream house" but definitely pretty close to it and better than "good enough."


              car: is mil by you most days? fresh air so helps c nap better!


              mer: we never do valentine's so i am of no help there. maybe a small gift card to a place he frequents? when in doubt for my dh i buy microbrewery beer.


              Honorary Old

                RR: Started out doing a tempo run by my hip started feeling tweaky so we aborted the speed workout, knee was feeling creaky by the end of the run 3.75 miles. Going to chiro today for some more ART and maybe Graston.


                BR: I think he might have a little cough/sniffle. He was very huggy last night, wanted nothing to do with the jogging stroller, and started crying pitifully for mama at 10:30 pm. DH was on nights so I was a sucker and let him come sleep in my bed, I spent the rest of the night pulling him away from the edge of the bed to keep him from rolling out. Eventually pillow blocked him into the middle but then he just wanted to kick and talk to me at 3 am.


                FR: Last night was grilled cheese with mushrooms and tomato soup ala Zorbs. Mmmm.. Tonight will be halibut, haven't decided on the preparation yet.


                NRR: Should be signing our building contract and getting our final building numbers this week. Woot!

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                  runnergirl-  Have a good tempo run. R was really tooty last night too.


                  zorbs- ugh on the wet baby/bed/sheep.


                  Ernie- hope you get your run done before the snow flies!


                  Bermy- have fun cooking clean!  Cute about the rocks and snails. I need to finish picking up dog poop in the back yard before I can let R have free reign. I haven't given it a good picking up because of the snow since November. I picked up a whole grocerybag full the other day and got about half of it, yuck!


                  Jen- I sat R on the potty the other day and he didn't do anything, then he got up and walked into his room and peed on the carpet. Grrr. I tried not to be mad, its frustrating though. Yay for the dinner date with J. I got R's haircut on Monday and he cried through most of it. Sounds like you had what I had- just pain and nausea but no vomiting or diarrhea. Weird bug.


                  Mer- R used to wake up happy and talk to himself, call for mama or dada, but now he mostly cries and screams first thing.


                  Dexy- Yay for a good run! I'm impressed that you are doing fast 5 milers again already!


                  cx2- R likes to walk and jump around on the couch then acts suprised when he falls off and hurts himself, duh!


                  Shelby- I'm really sorry about your grandma. Were you close? Good luck with your IUD removal. I had one friend who got a perforated uterus from hers, and another who it pinched her every time she stood/sat  so I decided not to go that route.

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                    shelby: missed ya! good luck with the iud removal today! sorry to hear about your grandma! Sad it is never easy even when it is peaceful.


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                      CA- your soup sounds good.


                      Mer- DH and I never do Valentine's day. We usually wish eachother a happy one, and sometimes I will cook us a nice dinner, but that's it. My mom raised us that Vday, Mother's day and a lot of those other non-holidays are marketing ploys by greeting card and candy companies. My DH is lucky that I'm low maintenance. I was trying to get a cute picture of R holding a sign that says "Be Mine" but he refused, so I don't know what I'm going to do for Valentines at daycare unless he will cooperate this weekend. Is there anything your Dh has been really wanting and hasn't bought for himself? How about making babysitter arrangements for a different night and then getting him a card and writing in it your date night plans? You guys haven't had a lot of date nights.


                      armama- I never use a recipe for frittatas, I usually just dice up whatever I want to put in it and roast it with a little butter or olive oil in my cast iron skillet at 400* for 15-20 minutes then add in my eggs and cheese and cook another 20 minutes or so.

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                        spike - Our family is pretty close but they all live in Upper Michigan.  Since we have always lived elsewhere, I only saw her about once a year.  It is hard seeing her this sick though so I hope she passes peacefully soon.

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                          Mrszack:  I think the only way I've been able to get away without much notice of the girls is that I wore padded bras for years.  I think folks got used to seeing me with those on so when the girls got installed the casual observer would just assume nothing had changed.  Although I think I suspect a few of my girlfriends who don't know have there suspicions and are wait for swimsuit season for confirmation!


                          Armm: Overall the girls are fabulous and still worth every penny.  Running with them doesn't seem to be any different. the biggest adjustment is that I now wear 2 sports bras to protect my investment - A Nike Compression bra with a Lulu Tata Tamer on top. I finally feel comfortable in my skin and feel like I look outside, the way I feel inside, for the first time in years.


                            CTimes – Oh gees…never want to watch a video like that...anything with baby/kid related bad things freaks me out and gives me horrible anxiety.  Great job on the 4 outside this morning.


                            Shelby – Good for you for taking a full rest day!  I hope your IUD removal goes well and you don’t have any of the side effects.


                            CA – Hope M has fun at music class.  Glad O wakes up so happy.  Gotta love a smiling baby first thing in the morning.


                            Mer – DH and I usually just do cards and maybe something small (well, I usually give him something small and get nothingJ)  I think I will just get him some candy and lottery tickets.


                            Arm – Great job on the 30DS!  Poor L with his poop.  I am with you on the beach body…at least I have a little less than 2 months.


                            Mrszm – Great job on the TM run!  SOOOOO sorry about the poop message…lol.  I forgot you were out.


                            Spike – I hope R isn’t getting sick!  At least he was huggy!  LOL to him sleeping in your bed…sounds tough.  J never wants to be in our bed.  We try to get him to lay down with us early in the morning on the weekends but he just tries to get out.  Yay for signing the building contract!!  Yep…totally had your bug…thanksWink


                              Loads of you asked about my diet. I measure everything – like if it says low fat cottage cheese I will measure it with ¼ cup etc. I will do it for a bit and then go back to regular eating and then re-cycle. Also, a handful of this and that soon adds up even if it is clean/fruit etc.


                              rg – thanks for the encouragement on pacing. I needed that! Great that your mom is coming out so soon again! Our track is not open to the pubic so we have to make do with whatever else we have which is measured. This was rocky trail which was slightly up hill to make it even more challenging.


                              Zorbs – have fun on that hill. Sounds awful. Did you do hill work as part of your fm last time?


                              Ernie – enjoy your stroller run. DS does that with the bath too – I have to be on the look out for anything that might ruin such as diapers or books.


                              Jen – DH has just left and has gone til Sunday. Hope your LO is feeling better soon. Sorry you have to prepare for sick kid without DH and do all your lesson plans just in case. Double the work.


                              Mer - I had a dream about you last night. You said you weren’t sure if you could trust me as I had only been posting for a little while and you didn’t really know me.


                              QOTD – I cook a three course meal for DH on valentine’s. I need to plan my menu.


                              Dexy – way to go fast mama with the hot tatas on your run! Super job! Great work! I thought of you in Nashville when I finally squished my b00bs into a 32DDD. They are reducing in size now my DS is nursing less so I can actually shop in victoria secret…


                              Mrszm – enjoy you run. So cute on saying hi to the diaper babies. My DS strokes every animal in his books. Well, maybe not every one, but definitely all the dogs and cats. Green card interview is on 5th March however, I am waiting for the US Consulate here to call me to collect a package with medical info in prior to that. Sigh. If I am on my own, I just microwave potato for 6mins. I went to 4 stores this morning and no one has sweet potato so I got regular. Very annoying.


                              Cx2 – when I open my clean eating restaurant you will have to come and eat.


                              Shelby – good luck at your appointment today. Sorry to hear about your grandma. Sorry you are on your own.


                              CA – hope your MIL stays so you can get outside. I am jealous of the help you get.


                              Arm – yeah on your workout. Poor little guy with his poop. You are so sweet about your house and deciding it will do. I feel like that a lot. Now you got me thinking are my new closets going to be too dark. Hhhmmm. My coach doesn’t push me to the very edge as she listens to me breathing. She makes me repeat stuff over and over if it’s not right. I have never had that discipline with someone before and I love it.


                              Spike – poor little guy but I love your cuddle with mama solution. Hope you got a little sleep in the middle of all of that.

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                              beskirted & manicured

                                ernie - I only think I have driven through MA (maybe I blinked and missed it? Wink) on Hwy 48 going to Sutton and back.  So I am not sure of which hill you are referring to.


                                CA - not having water in the room would result in an even huger screamfest.


                                mer - once DH bought me something extravagant (red freshwater pearl necklace/earring set) and he'll probably buy me flowers but I'm always still broke from his bday that I don't buy him anything.  Maybe the standard steak & BJ (the all occasion perfect gift!)


                                cx2 - I believe babies are made of rubber.  B has fallen off the couch, etc..he just jumps up and is fine.


                                arm - I like lamb at restaurants, and I have braised lamb shanks in the crockpot..that is good too.


                                spike - did you like the grilled cheese/shroom combo?


                                bermy - I had to look up my schedule and my last marathon did not have hill work. Maybe that's why I did so badly at the race?

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