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    This mornings' run...

    Great except for the freak out moment when I saw this gray animal looking at me from the side of the trail.  I jumped and gasped.  It took off.  I swear it looked like a wolf but may have "just" been a large coyote. Then I kept hearing breathing noises so headed back to car where I saw deer come flying out of the woods into a field. they seemed very agitated and kept running back and forth.  Hmmm.. got pepper spray out of bag and ran around lot until Katie showed up to run with.  Did about 7.5 miles but since I didn't have phone with me (these are Katie's pics) I don't know for sure. Not that it really matters. Very pretty!




      Hi ladies-


      I haven't had time to read today's posts, but I wanted to jump in for a quick post. We leave tomorrow to head to upstate NY for Christmas with my family. (I'll be about 20 miles from Julie!) We're going about 2/3 of the way tomorrow and the rest of the way Sunday morning. In case I don't get back on, I wanted to wish everyone the very happiest of holidays!





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        Cindy, safe travels. Has everyone in your family recovered from the sickies?


        Marjorie, good job on the 14, and glad you avoided the low hanging branches.


        Lisa, do they have wolves in MI? It could've been a coyote or even a feral dog, though. Or do you have bobcats?


        Fire Jumper

          Quick question - have any of you considered doing the Virtual benefit run for Sandy Hook Elementary?  It's a 5K/HM.  They're organizing a community group run nearby with a rolling start.  I was kind of hanging back to make positive it was a legitimate group that was going to "do right" by the fund raising.  It now looks quite legit.  




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            Hello everyone!  Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days.  The last few days before Christmas break are always so hectic!  We have all kinds of things going on at school – Secret Santa gift exchange, buying gifts for DS’s teachers/my coworkers, we had a team breakfast this morning like a potluck, and more.  It’s a lot of fun, but busy busy busy. 


            Yesterday, I did get in Jazzercise, but not my scheduled run today.  I was up all night with DD and an ear infection.  I also am having sinus issues, so I figured it would be best to skip it today.  I’ve got Jazzercise scheduled again in the morning and a run on Sunday.  I’m excited about Christmas break so life/work doesn’t get in the way of my runs! 


            Everyone is off work/school for the next 16 days, except DH.  He asked off too late and couldn’t get off the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Christmas Day is a wonderful day in our family.  When DS was born (he’s 9) we told all our family that all our Christmas Days from then on would be spent at home and we wouldn’t travel to other houses.  We spend the day in our PJs, eat whatever and whenever we want, play with our “toys” and the grownups nap.  I spent too many  Christmases traveling, rushing from house to house trying to visit everyone.  It was hectic and my mom never seemed to enjoy it.


            Amy mentioned the Virtual Run for Karnel on February 5th.  While I didn’t know her, I’d still like to run it.  Where can I find information on  it?  I read through the past two days I missed but didn’t see anything.


            Julie D – I go to bed early and get up early.  It’s nice and quiet for an hour or two before the kids get up.  I enjoy it and it gives me time to wake up. 


            Judy – Saw that you reset your furnace.  Is it cold where you are?


            Lisa – your SIL and BIL sound like my mother/father in-law.  We are trying something new this year and inviting them over for Christmas eve chili.  We’ll see how long they stay.


            Amy – trip to Israel?  how fun!  Is it for vacation?


            Marjorie – We had the same winds down here yesterday and today...I think a front is coming in.


            LC- must be a pretty bad storm to not have school!


            Ginny – I think all the weirdos are in bunkers today.


            Carolyn – ha ha on the bra situation.  Reminds me of the old saying about not wearing underwear with holes in case you get in an accident and have to go to the ER.


            Sue – sounds like fun cross training!


            Tessa – Hi!  No end of the world here in Texas, either.

            Lisa Marie

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              LisaMarie-you haven't missed the virtual run for Karnel.  I set up an event on facebook as a placeholder and invited a few of the ladies but it needs to be fleshed out. I think so far there are 2 bones. :-)  I want to have details on the page before it goes "live."  Also need an account from bill for any donations to go to.  I'm considering setting up a Fat Ass run on Feb 9 and tieing it to the Virtual run.  Maybe in between the holidays I'll get more up.  Any ideas on how to word things are welcome.  I'm certainly not looking to take this over just starting the ball running.