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Snowy Weekend (Over 40) (Read 24 times)




    Fortunately not snowy for me. Headed out the door for 10.



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      G'morning all!


      We've got about 10 inches of snow.  It's pretty and enough to shovel or plow, but not enough to bring the world to a halt.


      Worked out with Core-meister yesterday.  It was great... and NO hip pain.  I am very grateful for that.  I'm going to shoot for four miles today on the indoor track.  I'm WAY behind on my goal for this month due to this hip thing.  I'll send New RB a note to see if she wants to join me.  She's a hearty Armenian, so if there's ANY sun, she runs outside regardless of the temperature.


      I sometimes have a complicated medical picture. I have spared this group of most of what can feel like seemingly endless details.  Everything is managed and I'm quite healthy as long as I do what I'm suppose to do.  I'm just complicated... lol. As I was visiting one of my too-many specialists yesterday, I got a stern suggestion to speak to my PCP before moving further with my pursuit of a 10K.  So, because this is running related, I thought I would share.


      I have a low heart rate which has gotten lower as I have become more conditioned.  I have always considered that a wonderfully amazing thing. It's good, right?  Well, recently I have been having unexplained mini panic attacks.  I am very anxiety prone (as are most high-strung, type A people), but panic has not been a part of my history.  When I told the doctor about these odd little attacks (a sudden 10 or 15 second flash of fear, unrelated to my situation, that takes my breath away, makes my hair stand on end and makes me feel like I'm going to burst out in tears) he made the suggestion.  


      This doctor shared with me that unexplained panic can possibly be cardiac in nature.  He suggested that people with very low heart rates are more prone to arrhythmias and that arrhythmias can often be experienced as panic.  He shared that when a heart beats at very low rates, even in conditioned people, sometimes the heart's natural "pace makers" can kick in and cause a quick adjustment. Interesting. I guess my PCP gets a phone call! 


      So.... maybe I'm not as neurotic as I thought I was.

      well, okay... strike that. 


      Back after to my run for personals. 


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        Julie - I agree to check with your PCP and to get a work up if you haven't had one already, low heart rates can increase irregular beats.  I was having similar incidents and had a thorough work up last summer and fall.  Holter moniter/Stress Echo/Cardiac MRI.  (I have a strong family cardiac history).  Anyhow, long story short, I do have occasional irregular beats (PVC's), but heart is otherwise very healthy.  As my HR went up on TM during Stress test...my HR became regular.  I saw 2 different cardio's (one was a specialist in arrthymias, he knew I ran and was getting ready for Marathon, he was very supportive of my running, as was the cardio that did Stress Echo)  I did start training with HR moniter though.  I did alot of reasearch re: long distance running and endurance events, and found how common this actually is.  I know my triggers: stress, too much caffeine, sugar, and alcohol AND hot flashes Disapprove


        Cindy - Have fun on the 10!


        LCruns - So nice that you have a new/old RB.  Is that the friend that came down to Res. Run with you?


        Quiet day here...Last night did 4 miles on TM doing intervals every 10 minutes with weights/planks/push ups/and then yoga stretches at the end....I am enjoying this routine.


        12 on the schedule for tomorrow am Wink



        Bad Ass

          Morning!  I was too exhausted to wake up at 5am to do my LR, so I did 7 recovery miles before the heat turned into hell.  More miles when the heat abates (after 5pm).


          Cindy, enjoy your 10.


          Julie, that's a lot of snow.  Not sure if the doctor is right or he does not understand runners.  Hope you check it out just in case.


          Carol, nice TM run.



          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


            I am going to do a 5K in a couple of hours.  It is on a trail that is so close to my house that I would run there if I didn't have to climb a VERY steep hill to get there.  I just drank coffee, and I'm waiting for the coffee magic.  I'm pretty competitive, so I'll run pretty hard no matter what I say, but I don't intend to really go for it.  I don't want to have to take time off from training.  My biggest reason for running is because I want to see more of the trail system.  They just opened them.  I've been running the trails illegally for years, so I want to see my legal options Smile


            Julie:  I'm glad that your hip is feeling better.  It is interesting that panic attacks can be cardiac related.  It is good info to know.


            Tessa:  I can't go to Camp Roberts next week, because I'm doing a 5K, today and doing a 1/2 in Oxnard on the 23rd or 24th.  My husband would freak out if I raced next weekend.  I used to train at Camp Roberts once a year. One time, I was in a helecopter that had to do an emergency landing in the hills.  We were stranded for a little while.  One day, I'll tell you the whole story.  The race that I was referring to is called Penny Lane Trail Run.  I did a RR:  http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/78e784288b3b4548b05dc5e111845665/resume#focus


            Carol:  Enjoy your running.


            Hi Cindy

            2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

            Over 45 PR's:

            5K - 21:21

            Half - 1:39:49

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              Hi Damaris.  We posted at the same time.

              2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

              Over 45 PR's:

              5K - 21:21

              Half - 1:39:49

              Full - 3:33.47



              Run to live; live to run

                10.2 for me today.  We are at the puppy pool now.  Hope those with snow are okay.


                Cindy we can be milage twins.  Hope the 10 went well.


                Julie hope the medical works out.


                Carol hope the run goes well tomorrow!


                Damaris I was tired today too.  At least I had a small buffer that I didn't have to leave until 7 to get my 10 in.



                Run to live; live to run

                  Hey Linda Have a great run!


                  Gatsby nice to see you check in!



                    Julie - Not being a doctor, I am only going to share a bit about my arythmias. Diagnosed 25 years ago or more, it was determined I have a benign arythmia that causes an extra beat that is felt as a skipped beat. What I understand is that as my heart gets stronger, I feel these beats more often. So as much as I run to assure myslef that my heart is fine, the conditioning that goes on can make me more sensitive to the irregularity. It is more a mental benefit I get from running for my heart; ironically I am probably creating more unease by running. Good thing you're on top of this and able to get answers.


                    Linda - Stranded in the hills after an emergency landing; no thanks!


                    Great job on everyone's double digit distances. I did my cardio DVD today (yes, I finally removed the wrapper) while DH snow blowed the driveway. It does look pretty here today.


                    Damaris - I hate to ask, but what is the temp down there?


                    Gatsby Bird - Hang in there; you'll get back to running sooner if you take care now.


                    Enjoy your first weekends of February; we're getting there!




                    Wow, did I call that one wrong; it's already February 9th!

                    Bad Ass

                      Right now?  78F and it's 10:30am.  84-85F is the high today.  We have not had a Winter.  Plus Miami is shadeless and there are no clouds, so once the sun is out, it cooks, haha.



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      Bad Ass

                        mommymac, interesting about arrythmias.  I feel a beat like that from time to time.  I do have a murmur, so I always wondered if it was because of that.


                        Linda, hi, back!  Good luck with the 5K.


                        Marjorie, nice 10.  My HR was too high so at 7 I folded the run.  I'll be doing some more miles tonight at 5pm when the humidity has gone down to normal levels.



                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                        LC Runs

                          Happy Saturday Afternoon!


                          I was up early and got in "almost six" i.e. 5.8 miles.  Met my GF in town in sub zero temps yikes.  She has been training only on the TM, I told her she picked a fabulous day to try the outside ha ha!  We had frost on our eyelashes and face.   But, it was fun and well worth it.  She had to cut a bit out at the end but I think she ended up running 5.2.   I scooted home quickly to get my boys to indoor soccer, which is where I've been all morning.  Finally home and showered Big grin


                          Cindy - hope the 10 went well!


                          Julie - have a good 4.  Sounds like a smart thing to have checked out.  I sometimes notice 'racing' heart beats, as well.


                          Carol - no, today I ran with Keri.  She ran in high school and got back into it a few years ago....but kind of fell off the wagon and now wants to train for a marathon next year.  Our kids are all the same age and same grades, she's a sweetie and is running Ice Cube next weekend with me  (10k).  The Resolution gal was Holly, we've never gotten managed to train together, not sure why.  Ironically, Holly was telling me of her racing./irregular heart beat issues on our drive to Midland that day, they sound very similar to yours (she had tests, Holter Monitor, etc).


                          Hi Damaris - funny to read about your hot temps and you reading about my cold ones!  Could we trade for a day??


                          Hi LInda - I'm sure you rocked the 5k


                          Marjorie - nice run, once again!


                          Carolyn - lol about the date, I often forget what day/time/month it is, can't believe how fast time goes by...

                            Can't see the leaf too well but that's me in the middle holding it.  I think if was 3 degrees.


                            The sun was shining but that's not white sand for our Island Fever Fat Ass.


                            "Tropical running" Michigan style.  Katie (Scrapster), Bruce, and me.


                            You will NOT see this on a treadmill.  It was magical as if everything was dipped in sparkley silver paint.


                            Can't capture it but all of the low growth looked like the silver flocked branches that are put into flower arrangements.  the camera did pick up some sparkles though.


                            Again photo doesn't capture that this tree looked like it was embedded with rhinestones.


                            When we stopped to take pictures they had to take one of me.  This was maybe after 40 minutes or so.  Sparkly eyelashes.


                            High tech results board and awesome aid station.


                            In all I just did the blue and yellow loop for 15-16 miles.  The snow was like "running" in sand. Powder that would be great to ski in.  When I stopped at an outhouse I had the uncomfortable sensation of realizing my butt was actually numb.  Interesting. Fun times though!




                              Cindy, hope it was a nice 10! It was gorgeous here today. Was it there?

                              Julie, I agree with Carol and your doc about checking with your PMD.  Arrythmias do seem common.

                              Carol, sounds like you've developed a nice, rounded workout.

                              Demaris, hope it cooled off for you!

                              Linda, I hope you enjoyed your legal 5k.  : ) Bet you did great!  One of my late hubby's cousins has done a marathon (plus the highest peak) in  all 50 states, lots of ultras and Big Sur was his favorite. I have to remember to register in time next year.

                              Marjorie, nice 10+!

                              Carolyn, interesting that you have arrythmias, too.

                              Laura, I'm impressed you ran at subzero temps.  Good for you!

                              Lisa, those are great pics! Sounds just beautiful.

                              Gatsby, I sure hope you're feeling better. You've had a rough go of it.

                              Tessa, are you in the area with the cop manhunt?  Careful with those kettlebells. : )

                              Interesting you guys thought I had a long life list. That was just a few. : )


                              I was tired today, too, due to waking up during the night. It's beautiful here (sunny and upper 40's-50), but I simply didn't want to go run.  I finally decided I'd walk the very hilly course  from my house and went out for almost an hour.  I did run some, but always walk a lot on that. It's still a good workout and caused a few arrythmias.  : )  I took some pics and will post them in a day or two.  I plan to get up early enough tomorrow to go to the golf course for pics, too. There's a local 5k tomorrow afternoon I may run, too.


                                LCruns - How nice to have someone to run with close to home!

                                Damaris - Hard to believe you have such warm weather....I agree with Laura - could we trade one day!

                                Linda - Enjoy your 5k!

                                Carolyn - Do you take any meds for your arrythmias?   I did alot of research about them, and was quite surprised how common they are, especially in athletes that do alot of long endurance training.

                                LisaMMR - Wonderful pictures!!!  Looks like a beautiful morning!

                                Camille - Have you been having more arrythmias recently?  Are they worse when you run?  A walk is always great.....sometimes the run just doesn't happen.  Enjoy the 5k tomorrow.


                                No running today, just chillin' out....which I don't do very well or often!