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    alison - Sam lives off Burloak, so we ran from her house into the new subdivisions on the edge of Oakville.  The restaurant you mentioned - I have been there, it was very tasty.  I just decided to retire my shoes yesterday, 4 miles made my entire lower body ache and I was feeling my IT band every time I stood up.


    rg - when I taught group fitness I'd either make people do difficult bodyweight stuff so tiny weights were irrelevant, or 5 million reps. Evil if you come to my class, I'll make you hurt one way or another!


    ernie - usually after a marathon I wear the medal home, after I ran Toronto GL the first time, I had to take it off on the subway because my neck and shoulders were killing me.


    jen - Sam is a tiny bit faster than me, Beth (other RP) is a tiny bit slower, and Emma is about the same, but she is pretty new to running so her race PRs aren't great yet.  The only person I've run with who is waaaaaaaay faster than me is running eh Smile


    shelby - omg I cannot imagine dealing with new girl/cliques and that kind of BS as an adult.  I am running Mississauga Marathon, which is a small local marathon.


    mrszm - I wish I could get ART as often as you. omg, my salad is the most boring thing ever. Greens out of the clamshell container, olive oil, rice vinegar.  Maybe a couple croutons if I'm feeling supa fancy!


    arm - sometimes B will stay in the tub and he is so cold his teeth are actually chattering.  What usually works to get him out is to turn on the shower, cold water.  But sometimes he won't even care about that.


    bermy - toys at the restaurant help.  And then one person finishes eating faster and can take B on a walk around the restaurant if necessary.

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      RR:  5 after a meeting this afternonoon


      TR: Had a blast at art class last night.  Took a part his high chair and are transitioning him to sitting on a regular chair.  We have wheeled chairs and wood floors....should be interesting.  Was a gem at dinner last night too.  And slept without a peep from 8-6.  Going to Storytime today.  Hope he has fun.


      NRR:  talking to bosses an about "the job" today.  Technology meeting after worK.


      FR : dinner last night was amazing!  We had a $5 coupon and kids eat free on Monday so it wasn't a lot at all.

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        RR: 6 miles later


        TR: her redness down in her private area is getting worse. Poor thing says it hurts and cries when I wipe. Doctors nurse said its a yeast infection but I haven't seen any improvement since I started the cream


        NRR: DH was at work until midnight last night then had to get up this morning to go to LA at 5. Poor guy. The week should get better after today.

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          Zorbs: cute about the drain. What is it with kids and baths?


          RG: what is a HIT class? I  hope you get some new clients.


          shelby: how awful DS is up so much right now especially since you are so busy and stressed


          eh! So cool you and DH run together.


          Ernie: you have a busy few months!! Hang in there!

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            shelby - So sorry to hear about DS and all his wake-ups and your amount of stress.  School is tough when you are the "new" girl.  Seriously...I like having personal relationships with people and I am the "new" girl at my work so no one really talks to me either.  They definitely have cliques formed and are not open to newbies.  I totally feel you.  It is just 1 semester...you can do it!!


            mrszm - Way to get out there in the cold...I admire you for that.  It will be a tad warmer here and I am still debating the TM vs. outside.  If you talk to the doc let me know what they say.  We have J's 15 month well check this Friday so we will deal with it then.  However, if he is sick I am not sure they will give him his vaccines?  Recipe please?  You need to make a cookbook so I can buy itSmile


            arm - I hope you are able to get your run in today.  I am glad AF showed for you so you don't have to guess about it.  Your dinner advice sounds delicious...I am going to get those things and keep them on hand for the future.  DH is going to be 43 in a few weeks.  He has read all kinds of studies about older dads are a link in autism.  It makes him nervous.  Also he wants to be able to have energy to enjoy the kids.  I am getting worried to as I am 34 so it is now or never.


            bermy - Did you guys decide on a house?  I guess I hadn't heard.  I hope you find some time to hit the TM and get to Panera.  I am thinking of doing Panera for dinner for us tonight since I have nothing to cook...nor time.


              rg - Ugh.  I despise running in the wind. It is the worst.  Hope you have better weather than yesterday!


              zorbs -  B doing that in the tub makes me think of the kids that sit on sprinklers!  I see you found your way back from your run!


              eh! - An hour on trails sounds like fun.  Go for it.


              ernie - Wow!  That is a lot going on!  At least you won't be bored!


              jen - Sorry J is still sick.  It is hard wiping their noses when they are screaming bloody murder.  Ah, the things we realize when we are parents.


              shelby - I am impressed with your mileage and everything else you are juggling.  I hope tonight is a better nights sleep than last.  Zorbs once said to me, with one bad comes one good...and she is SO right!


              mrszm - Great job with the run this am.


              armmama - Only 2 TMs?  That is crazy!  Boo on AF coming back.


              bermy - Have fun today.  I, too, Googled the development and the houses are beautiful.  Its so nice when kids are good at a restaurant!  Makes for a much more pleasant evening!

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              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                RR - 5 miles on the TM, probably this morning while O naps and M watches netflix.  There is a yoga class at the gym at 4pm this afternoon and if the stars align I want to try to go to it, my hips need me some yoga.


                TR - going to gmas tonight.  This is part of the alignment of the stars - gma is picking her up after her nap, so hopefully that is early enough for me to get O and I to the gym.


                BR - sleep regressing, was awake by 12:30 to eat... it's been months since she's had a sleep that short.  I'm still blessed by a very good sleeping baby so I'm not complaining.  Hoping she goes back to her old habits fairly quickly, without having to CIO with her.


                FR - dh and I are having a at home date, making prime rib, drinking wine. I think we might actually watch a movie also.


                I'll post personals later, have a good one ladies!

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                  RR: did 3 miles with stroller, dog, RP in the bitter cold. We were both underdressed and miserable. Right now temp is 18*F but feels like 7* with windchill, so I think I might bag it today and just run longer tomorrow after I drop off R at daycare and before I leave on my trip.


                  BR: Thank god for daycare because I would have sold him to the gypsies today otherwise. Ornery little butt woke up at 5:15 and when I went into his room at 5:45 he was jumping on the bed. One meltdown after another as I got ready this morning, throwing food and screetching. I went to put him in the car and learned the hard way that he had smashed about 1/4 of a banana into his crotch and I had to take him back into the house to change his pants- he flipped out big time. Redeeming factor- he is now calling me "mommy" and its really cute.


                  FR: Last night was fried eggs over cheesy polenta with garlicky asparagus. Tonight will be a lean cuisine or something random from the cupboard.


                  NRR: DH made it to Vegas, and our room is a renovated one! Yay! I was a little scared that our room was going to be a crapshack since we only paid $297 inclusive of taxes for a Monday-Saturday stay.  R's godmother is going to watch him while we are gone, but we are going to pay the daycare lady for the whole week so she can use daycare services as much as she wants. Need to pack up R's stuff and take it over to her house tonight and install the carseat.

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                    zorbs - when is your marathon?


                    mer - Did you decide you want to go for the job


                    mrszm - Yep, my parents pick H up from daycare so he doesn't have to be there for more then 6-7 hours a day.


                    jmmiller - Sorry to hear about the redness.  Maybe she needs an oral med.


                    CA - enjoy your date.


                    spike - As alwats your dinner sounds delish.  WHen do yo leave for Vegas?

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                    Honorary Old

                      NRR2- I forgot my best news. A friend of the family wants to come look at our house on Sunday- if they are interested, we will just let our contract expire (it was actually supposed to expire today but we signed a 3 week extension to get us past our vacation and busy-ness). They have a teenage son and a 5 mo old baby and are living in a 700 sq ft house. They want something bigger but still affordable and our house is right up their alley- 4 br, 1650 sq ft, and we are only asking $137k.


                      Mer- J is sounding like he's kinda chilling out and you can enjoy him more Smile  Where did you go to dinner?


                      jmmiller- ouch on the rash/infection Sad


                      CA- DH and I do "at home dates" pretty often. Ours is usually Pizza and a movie though Smile  Sorry about the sleep regression, that blows.


                      ok, back to page 1

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                      Honorary Old

                        runnergirl- I need to clean up the dog poop out of my yard so R can play back there. In some ways I'm jealous of how active your job is, but I'm also curious how you keep up the energy for that all day?!


                        zorbs- R loves baths too, except for the, you know, washing part.


                        Ernie- I am so over weddings. I told DH I don't want to go to them anymore unless its someone we are REALLY close to. Just send a gift and spare myself awkward small talk with random Dbags.


                        Jen- Good luck TTC!!! Smile  I don't think I would do interventions either. Didn't you say you had to have IUI with J? Or am I thinking of someone else? I always cry when I have serious talks with DH and I hate it- I wish I could separate my emotions from my rational thought, so frustrating. Plus it makes DH feel really bad when I cry.. I do spaghetti  or breakfast for dinner when I'm short on time.


                        shelbyjo- I'm sorry about the school situation. How many years do you have left? You have plenty of time to meet people, its only the second day after all. My best friend went back to school (she's 31 next month) and she was able to make friends with the more serious students. She didn't have time for immature games, so she was able to keep her nose to the grindstone and work with people with a similar intellect and work ethic.  I found the boot, dang kid set his black boot on the black vinyl seat of the dining room chair and I couldn't see it.


                        mzm- I haven't done a CSA because the farmer's market is 1/3 mile from my house, but I think the nice thing about the CSA is you get what you get so it forces you to try new things. LOL at the campout for 4k registration.


                        armama- It was really nice going 2 years without AF, I didn't really miss her. I have paid off all of my cars early. I was hoping to pay mine off around the time we move into our house, but not sure if that will happen now.


                        Bermy- have fun shopping for appliances. Do you guys have a subscription to Consumer Reports online? it would be a good place to start. I asked yesterday on the FB thread, but do you get to choose the final finishes since the house is not complete yet? Like carpet, cabinets etc? or is that already decided?

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                        Honorary Old

                          shelby- tomorrow. I have a 3:30 flight, will get there around 5:30, but I'm taking the whole day off since its a 2 hour drive to the airport.

                          2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                            Shelby - Sorry you had another rough night with ds. I'm amazed at the mileage you are running between the sleep deprivation and school!


                            Mrszm - I often overdress for cold weather runs, too. Yesterday when you asked about what you should wear in those temps, I started to type a response and then erased it because my advice would have likely been terrible. Chilli sounds perfect for a cold day!


                            Arm - If the thunderstorm ends, even a run in the pouring rain will probably be better than the treadmill. Yay for paying off the car loan - so satisfying!


                            Bermy - Think of how fresh your legs are going to feel after your running break. It will be great. Good luck with your shopping!


                            Mer - Great sleeping from DS! You guys went out for pasta last night, right? Maybe all the carbs knocked him out cold Smile


                            Jmmiller - I wonder if kids can take the oral yeast medication. I think it's more effective than the cream. And less messy. Ugh, DH must be exhausted with the late night working/early flight.


                            CAR - Mmm, your home date night food is going to be delicious!


                            Spike - Sorry you had such a rough morning with ds. Was the banana inside his pants or outside? If it was on the outside and I was in a hurry, I probably would have just left him in his banana pants. Lol. Your dinner from last night sounds delish! I love weddings when I know the people well but, yeah, if it's all small talk with people you barely know, it's a waste of a babysitter and a boring ass night. One of the weddings we're going to is for very good friends of ours and we're both in the wedding party so I think it will be a blast. The other is for a former co-worker of DH's. It may or may not be fun. We'll see.

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                              Good Morning!

                              I feel like a sham posting here since my RR is almost non-existant.

                              RR: Maybe a few miles tonight if I can hack it.


                              TR: His voice is SO hoarse.  He sounds horrible but seems to feel ok so far. We are going skiing with 3 other families on friday and I am so worried he will end up sick and we wont be able to go.  I am thinking bringing a sick toddler to share a condo with 3 other toddlers might not be so nice of us.  But we have already paid for the place so we better be able to go!!


                              NRR: Tomorrow is dh's 35th birthday.  I feel so bad that I didnt plan anything.  We are going to have pizza and cupcakes at our house.  Just us.  I know 35 should be a big deal birthday but I just have had no energy or brain power to plan anything.  Leaving friday to drive 6 hours to the snow.  Stay healthy, kid!!


                              Runnergirl: Seriously, where do you find your energy?  I think I was just not made with the ability to store or generate energy.


                              Jen: I'm glad you had a good talk.  Hopefully you wont have troubles ttc this time.  Sometimes people who have lots of trouble the first time, can get pg on their own later on.  I will be routing for you!


                              Shelby: Sorry about not loving your class.  That can make such a difference.  Hopefully you will grow to like them or the semester will go by really quickly : )


                              ZackMorris: Brrrrr! I cant believe you can overdress when your hair froze.


                              Arm: 16 months is a long time!  I remember being so nervous every month after ds was born, not knowing if I could be pg.  For some reason the idea of getting pg within that first year TERRIFIED me.


                              Bermy: When the little ones can sit politely at the table it is like a whole new world opens up!  Enjoy day 5!  Fun shopping!


                              back for more soon. . .


                              Honorary Old

                                Ernie- the banana was on the outside, right where the carseat buckle comes up between his legs so I couldn't leave it unless I wanted to scrape petrified banana bits out of my carseat in the freezing ass cold.

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