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Where's the Weekend Wednesday - Preggos! (Read 286 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Nada since Sunday... ugh!! Will run 3 or 4 tonight... I will!


      PGR: 29w3d. I think I'm about over this cold. A little bit of congestion, but I slept like a rock last night again and woke up refreshed, instead of still tired! Yay! Midwife appt tomorrow, and feeling really anxious about the scale. I know it wont be pretty with the holidays and this cold/lack of exercise this week. Oh well...


      NPGR: Nothing other than work. It's insane right now, my to-do list keeps growing faster than I can cross anything off it. Sigh. This time of year is always nuts because we are setting up the new year's reporting and this year the structure has completely changed for all of them. Last night I worked until 9pm because I had forgotten to do something that needed to be done for today so I had to keep working until I got it done. Hoping today is better...


      I apologize in advance for my lack of personals in the next few weeks!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

      Laura G in Idaho

        Good morning!


        MA:  So glad you slept well and that you are starting to feel relief from this cold.  It's always better when you feel you are on the mend.  Work sounds so stressful and busy for you right now.  The run will feel good, if you are up to it tonight, just for stress relief and clearing of your mind.  Don't worry about the scale.  With breastfeeding and exercise, it'll melt off afterwards.


        RR:  Planning to run 1 mile, do my strength training, then run 1 more mile today.


        ER:  Did 30 min on the bike yesterday, and 15 min swimming.  My swim went better this time than last time.  I have a fear of water and it is worse the longer I'm out of the water.  Last week was my first swim in months, and I was choking and coughing and swallowing water the whole time.  Yesterday, I only got water up my nose once, and I didn't let it freak me out.  I also did better on turning quickly (I don't do flip turns), rather than stopping every 25 yds to cough and sputter and catch my breath.  I felt like I was in more control this swim than my last one.  Swimming takes so much concentration for me.  It's probably just my fear of water.  I had some round ligament pain during my swim, but it went away before I finished.


        PGR:  24w5d.  Finished reading Exercising Through Your Pregnancy yesterday.  Good read.  If any of you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it.


        NPGR:  Didn't get quite enough sleep last night, and that makes the 3rd night in a row of being just shy of the amount of sleep I need.  So, I'm hoping I don't get one of my lack-of-sleep headaches.  I've got a small twinge of one coming on right now.  Maybe I'll take the tylenol before it gets bad and try to get to bed earlier tonight.  It's supposed to warm up to 39*F today!  I'm so loving the reprieve, even if it is only for a day.  After this temporary thaw, we are expected to have highs only in the low 20s all through the weekend, lows in the low double digits.  Well, at least the lows aren't going into the single digits.  Lots of people had frozen pipes when it got down to 1*F a few days ago.


          Morning all.


          RR - Still feeling it from Monday and Tuesday's workouts. I'd like to get to the gym at some point but I don't know what I'll do. Maybe the bike.


          PGR - I had a solid nap of around 2 hours yesterday afternoon and then went to bed around 10 and stayed in bed til 7. Feeling my appetite, and with it desire to make food return. 16 weeks today, seeing the midwife this afternoon.


          NPGR - Not much going on other than this house needs a good cleaning. That's my goal for today.


          MA - Glad to hear you're about done with the cold. I wouldn't sweat the workouts, your body has been going through a workout enough beating this cold.


          Laura - We're also enjoying a bit of a heat wave. Hope you avoid any frozen pipes, it was my concern when we went away on vacation. Hope you can catch up on sleep and avoid a headache.


            MA: Happy to hear the cold is leaving the building! If the scale isn't good tomorrow, you have many reasons to point to - I hope you don't worry about it too much.


            Laura: Amazing job swimming despite the fear! I too am a bad swimmer - I simply can't get the breathing down. Enjoy the warmer temps!




            PGR: 38w3d. LO has been moving a storm. We have a doc appointment today to go over the birth plan. We went over what might happen during an induction yesterday with our doula.  Feeling a little better about it IF it comes to it, though I live in the province with the highest number of inductions in Canada - mainly because of a miscommunication between the doctor and patient. Now I know what to say!


            ER: May not have time to do the DVD today, but we'll see. Already had a nice walk with the dog


            NPGR: Almost got hit by a car yesterday walking the dog. I was crossing the street and right in front of this guy's car - directly in his headlights - with a dog who was wearing a light up collar that blinks - when he starts moving forward to turn left. Clearly, he was looking left and not ahead. I was SO ANGRY and yes, very much brought up the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant.  The 10 people waiting for the bus on the corner probably never heard a pregnant woman swear so much. Afterwards, I had a contraction too, but it was just a BH one-off it seems.  So, that was fun. Normally, I would think it was because he didn't see me because it was dark, but I was in his headlights - he just wasn't paying attention.


              Good morning! I slept all night last night! I am in SUCH a better mood!


              PGR: 32w5d. I think I've turned a corner with my back pain! I felt good after the adjustment last night and still feels good (well, better, its still not great) this morning. When its at its worst I feel good right after the adjustment but then it goes back to feeling bad. So the chiro said since it is improving now hopefully it won't just be sore for the next two months. I hope so because we've got too much to do for me to be immobile! I don't really enjoy wearing the support belt all the time. It was great for running, not so great to wear all day. But I can tell the difference it makes when I take it off at night. Also, I got up to pee last night and didn't stay up for an hour coughing, though my brain was on for about 20 minutes. I guess I've gotten to the point where no matter how early I limit the water, I'm going to pee in the middle of the night, so I guess I'll just have to deal with that.


              DH got the first of a couple payments he's getting from ending his job (we cashed out his retirement, would have preferred to leave it but we need the money) so that means we can start getting stuff for P! We also are discussing what we need to do to prepare the house. We need to get rid of a bunch of stuff and rearrange furniture in both bedrooms. I'm debating if I want to go to a store to buy a new dresser for A or just order something online. Its hard to tell from pictures online if the finish will match (current furniture is a chocolate finish and some of the stuff that says chocolate doesn't look like it will actually match). But we're getting a toddler bed from a coworker and its white, so I might just get a white dresser too and not worry about it. Even once we have the furniture I'm not sure how to arrange it in the room though! There's a lot to do and its going to be very helpful to have DH home doing some of this stuff during the week.


              NPGR: Not much else to report other than continuing progress with potty training. I'm also very excited because with the money DH got, I get to order my new stove in the very near future and I also get a pick out a new camera as a late Christmas present. DH and I didn't exchange gifts before Christmas but decided to wait until he got this money. We're also considering a little overnight babymoon in town. We couldn't travel earlier because we bought our car and now even if its before 36 weeks when they tell you to stay close to home, I'm not sure I want to travel anyway. So we're going to have A spend the night with my sister and we'll get a nice hotel downtown and do lots of fun stuff... OK so that was partly PGR. But I think we all get to a point where everything is PGR! Its also very stuff-focused too. I'm not usually like that!


                MA - Good luck with all the work projects - I'm glad you got some good sleep!


                Laura - Great job on the bike and swim! I think it's very impressive that you swim despite your fear of water.I don't know how to flip turn, and i think that is part of what discourages me from swimming laps - so it's nice to hear someone else just turns without the fanciness, too Smile


                schmett- 16 weeks for you already? Jealous of your 2-hour nap.


                yjpm- Yikes to the inattentive driver - I now generally will NOT cross in front of a car in the dark - just seems to risky with poor visibility/inattention.  Glad you were okay!


                monk - Glad your back is feeling better - good luck with arranging the furniture - we have to fit our babies in a 10x10ish room that has one solid wall of closets, so I understand completely about not knowing how to arrange - my dad has offered to make a dresser for the babies' room (he's pretty awesome with woodworking) but I still need to get him measurements - I'm thinking it can't be too huge.


                PGR: 21w1d. Not really anything new - feeling whale-ish though - I'm where most of the guidance says I should be with twins, but  that doesn't stop me from feeling enormous. It doesn't help that I received some maternity pants in the mail last night that were too small - I guessed on the size of my hip measurement, and either their sizing is off or my rear has grown that much already...I don't feel like my eating habits have changed at all, but I'll going to pay more attention to what I eat and make sure it's healthy.


                RR: Eh, probably a walk at noon or after work if I have time.  Haven't decided yet.


                NPGR: I have a haircut tonight, it seems like I just had one, but also desperately need one at the same time.


                  MA - You might be surprised how much energy getting rid of a cold uses up when you step on the scale? Nice work on resting through most of it, hopefully you can get out running soon. Good luck with keeping work under control and manageable, no problemo on the lack of personals, we understand!


                  LauraG - thanks so much for the advice yesterday; I bought some hibiclens and there are some interesting studies on it (esp from Europe) particularly with regard to avoiding quite a few different types of infections (e-coli). Nice work on pushing through the swim fear; where does the fear of water come from? I find breastroke often soothing to calm the mind as you can keep you head up if you choose...good luck getting more sleep tonight.


                  Scmett - a 2hr nap sounds rather divine Smile  Enjoy the cleaning (can you come and clean my place afterwards????)


                  YJPM - I hope the m/w appt goes well, I'm finding some of LOs movements take me "by surprise" they are so strong! Boo and hiss to the silly driver not looking despite the fact you are lit up; so glad you gave him a serve of angry preggo woman!!


                  TN - At some point i think most women's hips expand in pg to prepare for birth? I thought i was getting away with it for a while but 3 weeks ago noticed that i couldn't brag about my butt fitting into my old pants anymore - and I don't think it was any overly drastic changes in diet/weight gain other than baby stuff...enjoy living up the "larger" experience as it won't last that long really, less than 20 weeks to go for you!!




                  PGR - 37w2d  Feeling a bit better about my D (so far) after reading up and appreciated LauraG's and Sashas advice. I am still a little concerned that despite testing negative (apart from GBS which was a swab, not urine test) I am still waking in the mornings feeling a bit like i have a UTI. The negative urine test means that the GBS shouldn't actually be in my urinary tract so...any other ideas? Cranberry juice, garlic, apple cider vinegar are my "friends" (gag) of the last few days, normally they work really well!  M/W appt today to discuss things more. DH will support whatever i decide re the a/bx as long as I clear all the "risk factors"...problem is, i think the m/w consider a +GBS test a "risk factor"...so...I hope I can clear that test next week but for some women GBS is always there as part of their system...it seems to me that there are so many "odds" that come into play once you are pregnant/have a child...I'm not a fan of the "fear culture" which our society tends to present and find myself fighting it...but nervous if something goes wrong (which is exactly what the fear culture wants...agh!)


                  PGR2 - My friend and I went to pick up the rest of the cloth diapers I was getting as part of a shower gift yesterday; got talking to the owner and turns out she has done lots of research when it comes to raising her kids and she recommended a good homemade infant formula (I had a few from the Weston A Price Foundation but haven't bought anything yet in preparation) as well as a local co-op i should join for discounts and advice, it was so nice to actually MEET someone who is doing things I am still reading and hopeful about implementing myself!


                  ER - Only managed 40mins on the elliptical yesterday - and it was hard work even going easy! Today headed back to the pool for a swim and water run hopefully.


                  NPGR - Our new carpets look good; DH and I started moving furniture back last night, today i can finally set up the LO's room!


                    YJPM - Yikes about the driver. That sounds so scary. Glad you're ok though. I wouldn't worry too  much about the induction especially if you're already dilated some, I had to be induced for medical reasons and still was able to have a med-free birth. Just not the water birth I wanted.


                    Monk - Yay for sleep and chiro visits! Sounds like you have a lot coming together, that sounds good.


                    TN - I know what you mean about the haircut situation. I feel I was just in but I want to try and grow my hair out a bit longer. Enjoy some pampering.


                    Ozzy - Don't know if you missed my post where I asked it but are you on probiotics? That can help, and also benefit your baby once the baby's here to prevent thrush and other nasties. I used the Weston A Price formula for DS for a few months. If you have any other questions about natural ish stuff give it a shout, maybe I or some other moms I know have done it.


                      PG: 23w3d. Nothing to report really. Going to do the Target registry with DH on sat. RR: Last night’s run was good. I ran 1 mile w/o stopping then walked/ran the last 2. The band really helped no back or belly issues. I haven’t run in almost two weeks so I didn’t want to push too hard. I’ll attempt another run on Thursday. Hit the gym tonight for some weights. NPGR: Hoping to see Les Mis on Sunday. Oh and I should probably get around to taking my xmas tree down….lol. MA: Good luck on your run Laura: Great job on the swim and enjoy you the warm day. Sch: 2 hour nap! Sounds awesome. You: That’s scary about the car. Stupid drivers! Monk: Glad you’re feeling better and yay for babymoon!! Ozzy: hope the m/w has some good advice for you.


                        Ozzy: the feeling of a UTI could very well be based on where the baby is resting. I'm occasionally feeling like I too have a UTI but it then goes away. Does yours go away?


                        Monk: That in-town babymoon sounds great! Have fun furniture shopping!


                        TNesq: I've been finding the maternity sizing is a little weird. It's likely not a reflection on what you've gained.  You're staying active and healthy, and that's what matters!


                        Schmetterling: Thanks for the heads up on the induction! So good to have women with experience on these boards Smile


                        Mann: Nice job on that run! Happy to hear the band helped.




                        PGR update: Everything is measuring normally and I'm luckily not GBS positive. I was also up just half a pound from last week, so we celebrated by eating at Five Guys (oops. ha). OH, and I'm still waiting to hear from the government if I qualify for maternity leave benefits - over a month since I applied. Any Canadians with similar stories?


                          Ozzy - well, as I am currently at the 20 lb gain that is widely recommended for twin pg, I think it's mainly just "maternal fat stores" at this point Smile Kudos to you for considering homemade formula - it never even crossed my mind that someone could just make formula, but obviously, that's a possibility.


                          mann - great job on the run!  GL with registering at Target.


                          yjpm - Yum, DH and I had Five Guys on NYE - I love that they put fresh jalapenos on their burgers, instead of the pickled/canned ones - such good flavor. I hope you get an answer soon on your benefits - what a frustrating wait!


                            Midwife appt was good. Scheduled my 20w ultrasound, Feb 5th! So excited. This works out well too since my next m/w appt is the 6th so hopefully she'll have a chance to review the images. I'm up a whole pound. I'm sure that will change now that I'm in the 2nd tri and eating more. I just hope it's a slow steady gain. :/ Off to walk outside, it's too nice to go to the gym!


                              scmett - thanks, I am taking probiotics, have been for a while. Which WAPF formula did you use? There are a few but I'll going for the non-dairy...


                              Mann - nice work on getting out for your run/walk!


                              YJPM - yeah, the UTI feeling goes away maybe 10mins after I get up in the morning? It'd be reassuring if it was just the baby's position! Glad to hear your m/w appt went well Smile




                              PGR - Just back from the m/w. LO has moved to the "wrong" side, brat! So now I'll be doing more stuff on my hands and knees to help (but i told DH I will not be scrubbing the floors...though come to think of it, they do need it...Scmett - you nearly finished cleaning your place? Ha, joking.) Good news is the scales didn't change as much in the last week....now up 24lbs...um, yay?


                              In the not as good news, I told the m/w I would prefer no a/bx unless other risk factors cropped up in labor, that I'd read good things about the Hibiclens....but after the appt DH was in silent fume mode, eventually saying he feels like he gets steamrolled on everything medical, that I am always trying to "fight the system" (well, no I am just cynical and don't like to swallow everything western media/pharmaceutical companies feed us) and that he is just plain scared about that 1 in 200 chance when a/bx improves the stat to 1 in 2000 chance of GBS infection. Sigh....Anyway, we aren't going to discuss it for the next 24hrs but I can see myself caving...unless that next test comes back negative....I'm not feeling very good about myself today, it feels like my body has let me down at this last stage after doing so well the rest of the way...and I really don't like to fight DH on things like this either, it's tiring and stressful.

                              Laura G in Idaho

                                schmett:  So far, so good on the pipes.  Why not a swim tonight if you are still sore/tired from previous workouts?


                                youjust:  Thanks for the encouragement on the swim.  I hope you can avoid an induction, if possible, but if you do have an induction, I hope it goes smoothly.  Scary about the near-miss while walking the dog.  Obviously, some people need to pay attention to their driving better.  So glad you and the dog are okay!


                                monk:  YAY for the sleep!  and for the back pain improvement!


                                TN:  Yeah, I'm too chicken to do a flip-turn.  I'm afraid of water getting up my nose and becoming disoriented under the water, then accidentally breathing in before my head is out of the water.  But, you can manage a decent turn if you pull your knees forward as you touch the wall and then push off.  I suppose the beached-whale stage comes earlier with a twin pregnancy.  I'm so sick of maternity pants that don't fit my big fat butt anymore.  I'm getting rid of most of the jeans and just going with stretchy yoga pants from here on out.  They seem a lot more forgiving than most pants.


                                Ozzy:  You're welcome, and I hope the hibiclens comes in useful for you during labor.  I'm glad you had some time to research it a little more.  Knowledge is power.  There's tons more out there to learn, but I figured you could research to your heart's content on the internet.  Wink  I'm sorry your DH isn't of the same mindset as you are.  I am a lot like you, in that I don't just swallow everything that anyone or any agency (or government) tells me, hook, line, and sinker.  I want to see real research to back things up, and I want the care I am receiving to be backed by sound research.


                                My fear of water comes from two sources.  When I was little, my brother was on the swim team at a local gym, but I was too young.  I never got a chance to do any swim lessons for whatever reason, and so my mother wanted to protect me from falling into the pool, so I distinctly remember her saying to me, "You're not a strong swimmer.  Stay away from the water."  She repeated this advice several times as I grew, and I never did take swim lessons.  I barely learned to float on my back when I was 8ish.  I also learned to ride a bike without training wheels that year, so I guess you might say I was a late bloomer.  I still wasn't a strong swimmer, so mom reminded me of this when we visited the ocean, or whenever we went swimming anywhere.  When I was 9 years old, we spent a summer waiting for our new house to be built, living in a pop-up camper in a fairly nice camping facility (I will never stay in a pop-up camper by choice again, and once I explained that summer to DH, he understood why).  This campground had a pool, so I visited it practically every day.  There was no lifeguard on duty, but Mom said I could go as long as my older brother (the strong swimmer) was with me.  So, we went swimming a lot.  I did a lot of headstands in the shallow end, and somersaults.  I liked to dive for coins on the bottom and swim back up to the top.  Well, one time I decided to dive for a coin in the deep end, and didn't reach the surface again in time.  I inhaled a bunch of water, but I was conscious and okay, just really freaked out, and coughing a bunch.  So, I learned by my own experience that I truly wasn't a strong swimmer, and that water could kill me.  So now, as an adult, I barely learned how to swim with my face in the water 3.5 years ago, and I will jump off a diving board, but not really dive, because I am afraid I'll go too deep and won't be able to take my next breath when I need to.  That's why I have a fear of water, and why every swim is an accomplishment for me.


                                Mann:  Glad the support band is helping so much.  I love mine.



                                I just have to report how awesome today's workout was for me.  I did a strength sandwich (run, strength with cardio bursts, run) and I needed heavier weights for my biceps and my hamstrings!  This really made me feel great.  But, then I went and re-read how the quadricep/hamstring ratio is supposed to be 3:2 and realized I'm moving in the wrong direction!  My hams are getting stronger and my quads are pretty much the same.  I've had issues with runner's knee in the past, so I really do have to pay attention to my quad strength to help stabilize those knees.  Guess I should scale back on the hams a little while I work my quads more.  Maybe more repetitions until I get stronger with those quads, then move up to a heavier weight?  Anyway, I felt stronger today, and that was terrific for me.  After that great workout, I went and ate at Wendy's.  Guess a person can't be perfect all the time, right?