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    MrsZ: congrats on your 5k! That is awesome!!

    ctimestwo: 12 hours of sleep!! I miss those days

    5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


    Honorary Old

      RR: Rest day today. I did 3.5 yesterday and my legs were totally dead. I ran 21 miles last week and did 14 of them on the weeked (F,Sat, Sun). I think I'm going to make an appt for graston on my calf. I have been fighting this tightness and compromised range of motion for almost a year.

      BR: Binky weaning is going ok. Only 2 bouts of pitiful wailing in the middle of the night last night. When he woke up this morning he sat on my lap and asked for his NiNi and I told him they were all gone and he doesn't need them anymore. He knows how to say Movie- he grabs the remote and says "moomee!"


      FR: made japanese food for lunch yesterday- vegetarian sushi, yakisoba, and panko tofu. Fried eggs and homefries for dinner. Not sure about tonight.


      NRR: Think we made a deal on our house. Going to meet with the friends after work to look at their house (see if it would work for us to rent) and sign papers. Now I need to start packing and look for a storage unit!

      2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07



      running eh

        bermy - I need a FB break.  I can spend way too much time on there!  Hope your recovery run goes well.  Great job on those tempo miles!!  I saw the pace on FB.


        mer - too bad about the early wakeup!  what half did you sign up for?


        shelby - hope you can get the eating thing figured out  you really need to fuel well for those long runs, I guess.  I don't think I will even have trouble with eating enough - my problem is usually the opposite.  Hope it goes well with the car stuff today!!  Are you going to a different office?


        mzm - enjoy your snow day!  My kids are playing school instead.  We have already been outside to make a snowman as well.


        jm - hope you survive the week!  thanks for stopping by.


        cx2 - hope the 12hr sleeping becomes a habit!!  Sounds so lovely.


        "Mommy Pirate" - cancelled for rain - nice!!

        running eh

          spike - great job getting that mileage up - but that is tough that most of it was in the last few days.  Hope you can get the calf figured out.  YAY on the house!!


          Honorary Old

            runnergirl- I have to say, even though it can be incredibly frustrating sometimes, I really enjoy the toddler stage because they can communicate more and you can see them becoming this awesome little person. You are a rockstar with your running- any races coming up?


            zorbs- I'm in the same boat. I'm crawling out of my skin. I have really sensitive skin w/ eczema so I'm using liberal amounts of Alba Botanica Unscented Very Emollient lotion and cortisone cream. I don't know if I'm winning the battle or not. I'm sure part of it for me is not drinking enough water in the cold months. Cute about B playing catch- I try not to have R throw stuff because Miss Jody's daycare has a hard and fast no throwing in the house rule.


            Erniegirl- sounds like a fun visit! Your FR sounds delish.


            Eh!- how many kids do you push when you do a stroller run? I've been sucking some serious wind with the single stroller lately, I don't know how people like Alissa manage a triple!


            Bermy- I am bad about posting on the weekend too, the FB posts are hard for me to follow so I'm usually spotty doing personals. Your move is coming up quickly, how exciting! I didn't feel any PG symptoms until I was about 8 weeks along.


            Runninmer- R loves to dance too- he also likes explicit music like Fergie LOL. I turned on Pandora on the tv yesterday so MIL & FIL could watch him dance via skype. Kiddo will dance to anything with a beat, I love it. Sorry about your early wakeup yesterday- I just use the alarm on my phone so I can set which days it goes off. DH's schedule is so wacky that his is always going off and then he snoozes instead of turning it off. Drives me crazy!  DH went on 3 different EMS calls last night so I kept getting woken up.


            mzm- I told the daycare lady that he is going cold turkey, no binkies and she was very happy. Her grandson is over 2 (his family lives with her) and it drives her nuts that they haven't taken his binky away yet. R has been asking for it, but doesn't cry when I tell him its gone. I hid them, but I think I will actually throw them all away today. Good job with your 5k, that's awesome! Make a pair of screw shoes for the ice, they rock!  The mental aspect is the part of racing I am struggling most with lately. Ever since I had R, I'm totally off my game.


            shelby- the only people that assume I'm really fast are couch potato types. I'm really up front about my pace (11 min miles) and sometimes people don't want to run with me because its too slow.


            Jmmiller- that's kinda weird about bringing wine to a race, is it a pretty small race? Or is the RD a big wino? LOL  My kiddo wakes around 6- 6:30 am no matter what time he goes to bed.


            cx2- I had a really hard time adjusting to R STTN. I ended up taking allergy medicine for a couple of days to help me sleep.

            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




              zorbs - I use aveeno if I want something "cheap" for christmas I got some Kiehl's body butter as a gift...OMG it is the best stuff ever.  And I don't go all gaga over lotion either.  Emily's face was chapped so badly that daycare was asking if she had some sort of rash or something.  I put this stuff on her cheeks two days in a row - applying 1x a day and her cheeks are 100% smooth.  That sh!t is amazing.  As it was a gift I have no idea what it cost, but can only imagine it was pricey.


              beskirted & manicured

                ernie - my mom loves the Body Shop hemp and I agree that it moisturizes well but I don't like the smell of it.  Your dinner sounds good!


                alison - alcoholic friend is working in your neck of the woods today for RIM and asked me last night about rush hour in your town at 5 am.  I didn't bother messaging you because I knew the answer was, "ha ha!"

                bermy - when are you actually moving to Nashville?

                mer - DH's birthday was fabulous.  I got him a DVD that he was dying for, he got a nice dinner (and bonuses) and he is not into dessert generally, but this particular brand of carrot cake is very addictive and I bought one of those.

                mrszm - wow on your 5K! at my normal easy pace I run 4K in the time that I ran my 5K PR and I wonder how the hell I managed to ever run that fast.


                shelby - yes people think I am faster than I am but I think it's because of multiple factors: the fact that i'm a trainer; because I run a lot (to them) and my general physique.  A LOT of people also think I do tris (especially Ironman) and are totally shocked when I tell them I can't swim or ride a bike.  I did write back to RP, she had said in her email that she could still run Sundays with me when I'm doing my recovery run and the only thing I said was that my Sunday runs are 5 miles or shorter.


                jmm - a bottle of wine? I'd love to be that property owner! does the race take place solely on his property?


                cx2 - right now I'm using St Ives something and hydrocortisone & the Body Shop stuff for the really scaly parts.  Occasionally this glaxal stuff that was originally prescribed for B.


                beckykay - I used to get this aveeno cream with menthol, I should go back to that stuff.


                spike - I had this horrid itchy spot on my stomach while pg, and now it's back..

                5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                beskirted & manicured

                  rocky - there is a Kiehls at the mall here.  Is this the body butter? last summer I bought this tiny but amazing bottle of facial sunscreen from Kiehl's, stupidly left it in B's reach and he squirted a bunch on the floor.

                  5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                  Honorary Old

                    zorbs- I use my eczema cream everywhere. I have a horrible crusty itchy spot right in the middle of my forehead right now. Thank god for bangs.


                    Rocky- my friend who works at Nieman says she uses Kiehl's and she only buys it when she has her big employee discount days a couple times a year.

                    2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                      Zorbs - YES!  That's exactly it! My belly started getting all itchy and tight skin from pregnant + winter and I only have to put this on every other day at the most and I've had no problems since.  I actually like the smell because it's not overpowering.  Em likes putting it on her hands too when I tell her it's time for "lotion."  I hope I'm not creating a monster with beauty products and her.  haha.  I guess not, but you never know!  It really does work though and I don't have time to reapply several times a day, I have stuff to do!


                      Bad Ass Mother Runner



                        RR - meeting old RP at the gym after O's nap.


                        TR - took her out yesterday to a play place, that ended up being geared towards much older kids, but she still had fun.  Then we went for dinner, we hardly ever go out for dinner anymore and I'd like her to get more experience going out and sitting nicely etc.  Our small group was cancelled and she was sad to not see her BFF.


                        BR - cute, happy Smile  loves to giggle at her sister.


                        FR - dh is working long/late today, so I'm eating leftovers from dinner out last night and will come up with something for M.  I need to shop and meal plan... I'll probably shop w/ both kids tomorrow morning.


                        zorbs - hand cream, I loooove loooove loooove rocky mountain soap products.  Not sure if you have a store there or not....


                        r-eh - they had that aveeno oatmeal eczema cream at superstore (lablaws) here...


                        bbl for the rest.

                        5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

                        Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                          spike- i don't doubt it.  I told DH that I don't even want to know what it costs.  In Colorado if I can get to thanksgiving without my knuckles and cuticles cracking and bleeding it's a win with our dry climate so that fact that it's January and I can still do dishes without gloves is amazing.


                          PGR - whiny whine whiner.  My neck hurts, I have a headache, my eyes are dry, my back hurts, i'm tired, my house isn't clean.  wah wah wah.  On good news though DH and I talked about names and narrowed it down to about 20 options.  That is saying alot.  We both agreed that we hadn't heard the "perfect" name yet though.  Baby boy is a mover and a shaker.  I'm been so hungry and he's been so active.  I told DH last night that I think this kid might be more active than Emily!


                          ER - Weights this weekend + 3 mi walks with stroller + dogs both days, + dogs to dogpark, + Emily to the playground.  This momma is tired.  Seriously, I'm exhausted.

                          TR - Following instructions beautifully.  Knows so much more than we give her credit for.  Accidentally gave her caffeine on Saturday night at dinner and we were up running around with her until nearly 10pm.  bad momma!  She loves when we put our straw in our water or drink and then feed it to her baby bird style.  So I did that a few times with the very end of my iced tea and DH was like, "you're giving her caffeine?"  D'oh.  Literally she ran around the hosue for 2+ hrs after we got home, and then crashed for 11hrs of sleep.  Again, bad momma!  oh well, i guess there are worse things.


                            I'm quickly falling behind....


                            For those who asked...I am doing the Gazelle Girl Half in Grand Rapids.  I am going to skip out of work an hour early.  DH and J will pick me up and we will head over Friday night, race Saturday morning, and come home on Sunday.  I think I am more exctied about the company that then race itself! Smile


                            becky - Is the rain supposed to turn to ice?  Are the roads slick?  It is normally the bus company that makes those calls not the schools.  I would love a delay...or day off.  I hear ya about a longer weekend.  I could have used some more sleep.


                            mrszm - I've already been thinking about which Toms I want for summer.  I am going to buy J a pair for his birthday.  Smile  Great job running Saturday.  It was cold out there.  My hands were frozen by the time I got back.  


                            CAR - Yay for a cute and happy baby.  Gives me hope that if we have a #2 that baby won't have J's temperment!


                            spike/mrszm - All this pacifier weaning has me thinking.  I really don't know if DH and I are ready to endure that quite yet.  J gets his when he naps, bedtime, and in the car.  Otherwise he doesn't have it.  More than anything, we just don't want to listen to any more screaming.  Bad, but true. 


                            spike - I love baby dancing.  I would have J rock out to my music all the time...DH doesn't like what I listen to so that is why we changed it.  Its cool though, I can dig Mickey Mouse for a while! 

                            Upcoming Races: 

                            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                              Rg – Nice runs!  Cute about R and his hugs and kisses…those are the best.


                              Zorbs – I would use something with Shea butter…I bought some pure homemade shea stuff…it smells terrible but works.  Cute about B playing catch.  J loves to throw the ball but then starts throwing all his toys.  Ugh.


                              Ernie – Yay for friends with food and beer!  Have fun at the community centre.  Enjoy your run…we got the freezing rain here and I can’t even walk in a parking lot with out falling.


                              Eh – Sorry DD2 is sick.  I hope you are able to get your run in tonight.  I hope your kids leave you alone and let you have some computer time!


                              Bermy – The guy on the radio was talking about Bermuda this morning saying that he watched a story about it on tv and said that it is acceptable business attire to wear Bermuda shorts with a sport coat and tie?  LOL…made me think of you.  Fingers crossed for a BFP for you!!!  Man…I haven’t even had a chance to try yet.  Nice job on the runs!!


                              Mer – Love that you and J were dancing to Pandora!!  DH just told me about the Pandora app…um…why does my 42 year old husband know about this but I don’t?  Sorry about the early wake up yesterday.  Have fun at Art Class!


                              Mrszm – Great job on the fast pace Sat!!  Yay C for doing great without the paci!!  I am jealous…yep!!  I hope your friend can make it over.


                              Shelby – Great job on the 15 but probably time to make a new fueling plan.  Why are you not eating enough?  Just not hungry or underestimating your needs?  I underfueled for a long time and ended up with stress fractures…so definitely be sure to eat enough when running high miles!  WOW on the naps for H.  You are FAST!!!


                              Jm – So excited to hear how your 50K goes…are you getting nervous?  Sorry about the busy week but I hope it goes fast for you.


                              CTimes – Yay C for sleeping!!  Maybe you just need another baby so you don’t need to STTNWink  LOL…once you start STTN yourself you will LOVE it!  Great job on your LR!


                              Becky – Yay for C having a play date!  I have a snow day due to ice!  I’ll take it!  Now it is just raining but I almost fell on my butt 3 times in parking lots…it is more tolerable when I don’t have to work!!


                              Spike – Glad you are making progress with the nini weaning.  It can only get easier.  Yay for a deal on the house!!!  That is super exciting.  How long until the house you are building will be ready?  Great job on the weekend running!


                              CA – Have fun with RP at the gym.  Glad M had fun at the play place despite it being for older kids.  O is so cute I your pics…I just want to hug her!


                              Rocky – I don’t even think I know 20 boy names…glad you have options.  Sorry you are a sore pg lady!!  Take care of  yourself.  Great job on getting out and walking and lifting.  Toddlers are super smart I think more than we ever realize.


                              RR – Did 28 miles the past 3 days—12 Sat, 8 yesterday, and 8 this morning.  Did some weights yesterday too.


                              TR – Is cute but still a pistol and doesn’t listen well.  We have now converted his Pack ‘n Play to his timeout area.  He knows now when he is in trouble.  He pushes our buttons and knows he is doing it but is getting better at stopping and doing what we ask.  Had so much fun sledding this weekend.


                              NRR – DH is home this week which is nice.  I have today off for a snow day (ice day) which is even nicer!!  I am hoping to get some cleaning done and I already ran errands.  I made myself a chiro apt for this afternoon and want to try to get my bangs cut too.  Love a day off!  I had a 4 day week last week, this week, 4 days with kids next week, and a 4 day work week the following week…I can get used to this!


                              FR – Beef roast and carrots in the crockpot thanks to New Leaf Wellness cookbook!!


                                RR - just finished 5 miles with my 5 year old in the jogging stroller.  L is at mother's morning out, and she's home sick from school.  She weighs twice as much as L so I was definitely feeling it!


                                RR2 - I was looking through my running log last night and realized I peaked at 39mpw when I was training for the marathon I ran.  Decided to make it a goal to get up to 39mpw without being in marathon training.  Ran 33 last week so I'm getting close!


                                BR - seemed in good spirits this morning so hoping he was just tired this weekend and isn't getting sick.  I'm paranoid everyone is going to be sick.


                                KR - posted on FB over the weekend, but DD1's b-day party went fine Friday night.  Had to tell girls to stay in the room after they went running all over the hotel, and had to tell them repeadedly to keep their voices down at midnight, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 etc etc.  Luckily I don't think anyone was staying in the rooms next to us.  Thinking the hotel people did that on purpose.  Worst part was DD3 who was sleeping with me threw up all night long so I was up with her too.  Took me all weekend to recover.


                                FR - think I'll pull a pan of stuffed peppers out of the freezer for tonight.


                                NRR - saw a guy going through a neighbor's garbage can this morning.  Pulled out a bag of kids toys.  Weird?  Thinking I need to be better about shredding stuff when I throw it away.