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    shelby - That is some awesome nap time.  Don't forget to take care of yourself...you deserve it!


    jmmiller - I would love to have people bring me wine to use our property...too bad we don't have any.  That would be fun too, to be able to try all the different kinds.  I want wine...now!


    cx2 - Sounds like things are going well.  Yay for the STTN and the possible nanny!  I wish my MIL would watch  J at our house.  I think he would nap better, but she is afraid of cats and I refuse to lock ours up for the day.  I guess it would also be nice if MIL would take J more places.  Maybe we need to work on that for the Spring when she has him more again.


    beckykay - Yay for vodka and playdates....only if they could happen at the same time! Wink


    jen - Enjoy your day off.  I am jealous.  I would definitely nap!


    armmama - Glad the party went well.  Boo for the puking though!  You are rocking out some great mileage!

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      CA - I just looked up Rocky Mountain Soap..and apparently they sell it at a Home Hardware across town.  How random.


      jen - your comment about shea butter reminded me to look up what L'Occitane had in terms of cream...I might check out that Kiehl's one but if the smell is bad I'll try L'Occitane shea butter.


      arm - you peaked at 39 miles for a marathon? if you don't mind me asking, how did that race go?

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        Jen- I thought of you this weekend when I had to put R in two timeouts for hitting me. He does it when he demands something and I tell him know. He gets this mean look on his face and then walks over and hits me or the sofa or something, so he got a couple timeouts. Definitely something he does when he's tired.   We haven't broke ground yet, our home sale is going to hold it up a bit because we want to use the proceeds from our house toward the down payment- so we probably won't begin building until early April and then it will take 7 mos or so to complete- November?


        armama- that's awesome mileage for not training for anything! I peaked at 40 mpw when I ran my marathon (I was woefully undertrained). My grandma was a notorious dumpster diver. One time we went to her house and she was wearing this weird denim vest lined in shearling- my sister commented on it and my grandma exclaimed "Can you believe my neighbor threw this perfectly good vest in the trash?! They must have had a party because there were sure a lot of beer bottles in their trash can too."  We use a shredding service at work so I just bring my stuff in here to put it in the secure bin.


        Mer- R loves weird 80's music a lot which is hilarious. We have little dance parties Smile


        rocky- we had a really hard time with boy names too. We had a list of about 10 names that we narrowed down to 3 names by the time we went to the hospital. DH let me choose the name from the 3 when R was born. He is Reid Michael, the other contenders were Barrett Eugene (Eugene is a family thing for DH) and Marshall Walker. Our method for choosing names- I told Mike that since I was making the baby, it was his job to go through the baby name book and make a list of names. I looked at the list and culled off names I hated, and then we passed it back and forth a few times crossing more off.  R has had a bit of caffeine before, I think as long as you don't make it a habit it can't hurt.

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          jen - sounds like you are seeing a difference using the pack n play as a confined timeout area verse just placing him on the floor.  I know Em responds way better to that kind of time out right now.  I hope you start to see a change in his behavior and listening.


          Zorbs - I like L'occitane too - hope you find something that works!


            Spike - DH and I both made a list.  Mine was fairly short, DH was a little longer.  And we both veto names on both lists.  We tend toward traditional irish/scottish/gaelic names as well as some english ones.  I vetoed some boys names that were also girls names though, like Lee, Cameron, & Avery. If they had been family names they could've stayed on the list, but since they were just ones he liked, I vetoed.  We'll figure something out, obviously!  I like Dh doing most of the work on names though since I don't have any male names in my family that I'm particularly passionate about.  I think it's easier for us to pick out the middle name with is so funny to me.



            Oh other random story.  Was at the kid park with Em and it was beautiful weather so we had our jackets off.


            One little boy said to me, "You have a fat belly!"

            "I do have a fat belly!" I replied.  As his grandfather looked on the unfolding scene with horror and mortification.


            His slightly older brother, maybe 4 y.o.? said, "Did you eat it or is it a baby belly?"

            "It's a baby belly."

            "Oh that's good, because if you eat a fat belly it's not good."  Continues running and playing.


            I just had to chuckle at it.  I love kids.  The grandfather of course was apologizing profusely.  I wasn't upset at all though.  And the kid is right, baby belly = good, food belly = not good.


              rg - I agree the weekend went way too fast!  I was bummed yesterday afternoon when I realized I needed to start packing lunches and getting backpacks together.  How often do you take a day off from running?


              zorbs - L will hold up a tennis ball and walk fast toward me and then throw it at me when he is like 1 foot from me.  He's smacked me in the head pretty hard before!  Honestly the marathon wasn't as bad as it probably should have been.  My time was 5:05 which isn't great, but my only goal was to finish so I was still happy.  It was Chicago and I had so much fun.  Hoping to do another one someday with a much better time!


              ernie - your FR sounds delicious!  I feel like I rotate between chicken and ground turkey all the time, I'm sure DH would like more red meat.  Sorry about the hangover!


              eh - they cancel school buses without canceling school?  Seems strange.  All this talk about running with strollers is motivating me to run with mine more often! I usually cheat and take L to childcare so I can run solo.


              bermy - when do you move to Nashville for good?  You do not even want to know the amount of time I spent researching everything when we built our house!  I think I spent the better part of that year in Home Depot, the appliance store and the lighting store.  I'm glad marathon training is going so well!  Is it an 18 week plan?


              mer - I love planning for races too.  I wish the NYC marathon would hurry up and figure out what they're going to do with the 3 strikes people (me) this year so I can plan my whole year!  Wine is fabulous.


              mrszm - congrats on your 5K!!  I had wanted to make chicken noodle soup this week but I'm not sure when I will get to the store.  Sounds good though!


              shelby - great job on 15!  I'm pretty sure I am never undernourished, I have a problem with eating too much!  I think I feel best on LRs if I have something before (like a banana or some chews), then something every 45-50 minutes.


              jenni - love that you have to bring wine!!  Sounds like a fun race.


              cx2 - aww, I bet C will make a beautiful flower girl!  L is supposed to be the ring bearer in my brother's wedding in September.  He'll be almost 2 but I told my brother not to have big expectations, I don't really see L walking calmly down the aisle!


              becky - I could have used an extra day too.  I was so tired last night but then woke up after I had only been asleep an hour and couldn't fall back to sleep. Grr.


              spike - was going vegetarian a January goal?  What will you do after the end of the month?  lol about your grandma.  My dad is kind of the same way.  If he sees a bucket on thd side of the road he has to stop and pick it up.  He can't have too many buckets!  I was tempted to take my other neighbors wrapping paper they were throwing away.  There was still plenty left on the rolls!


              CA - did she sit nicely at the table?  We always tell our girls we never take them out to dinner because they're so wild at dinner at home.  It's so irritating!


              rocky - how many weeks are you now?  I hope you get the names narrowed down a little more.  Smile  Boy names are hard!!


              jen - yay for a day off and for DH being home!!  OK I must be hungry, everyone's FRs are sounding so good!


                Spike - (sorry for multiple posts)  DH had lots of versions of Barrett, Bennett, Beckett, etc.  I think a lot of the names he picked he did so because you could shorten it, like beckett to "beck" or something.  And then he put some beer names at the bottom, like Porter.  I teased him that we should call baby boy Avery Porter (avery is a brewing company, porter is obviously a style of beer).


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                  armama- yes, the veg thing was a january goal to get me to eat more veggies. After Jan, I'm just going to try to keep meat to like 3 days a week and hopefully include more fish. That's the tough one because DH is not a fish eater except for canned tuna.

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                    Eh - ugh, sorry about the long wake up with DD2 last night. I would not want to get up for 4:30 after being up like that either! School buses are cancelled here too, so the community centre was a total zoo.


                    Bermy - I didn't realize you had started TTC already. As for feeling preggo while running, I ran what was a 5k pr at the time when I was 4 weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet, so you never know! Your post reminded me that I need to make myself a dentist appointment.


                    Mer - Yay for the cheering squad at your half! Nothing sad about not cheering up until you split a bottle of wine with DH...wine makes everything better!


                    Mrszm - Nice job on your 5k run! You'll have to do a race soon as you'll surely blow your old pr out of the water!


                    Shelby - Wow, 5 hours of naps is quite impressive. Hope your growth spurt ends soon too so ds doesn't keep waking up to eat. Good luck at the DMV!


                    Jmmiller - Not sure how big your 50k is, but sounds like that property owner will get a nice haul of wine if everyone brings him a bottle!


                    cx2 - Hope the nanny works out for you. Writing a wedding speech is so hard! I was a friend's matron of honour last summer and kept getting stressed out trying to write my speech, so I just ended up thinking of a few general ideas and then winging the speech. it turned out pretty well. The only bad part was that I was pregnant so I couldn't down a drink for liquid courage beforehand!


                    Beckykay - Weekends should be at least 3 days long! Weird about the cancellation for rain - or is it freezing rain there?


                    spike - Your food from yesterday sounds really good. Hope the deal with your house works out!


                    CAR - Too bad small group was cancelled but nice that you got to go out for dinner. Was M good for you at the restaurant?


                    Rocky - You had a very active weekend! I found thinking of baby names hard, but fun.


                    Jen - Nice mileage over the past few days! And lucky you with another snow day! Sledding looked like fun - your pictures were super cute.


                    Arm - Wow, pushing a five year old in a stroller for five miles sounds like hard work. I think you get to count it as a 10 mile run Smile Sounds like the girls had fun at the birthday party but what a rough night for you! Strange about the garbage, although I have seen a guy going through people's recycling looking for liquor bottles, which seems like a ridiculous amount of work just to return a few bottles to get 10 cents a bottle.

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                      RR: just got back from coaching session. We did 4x1000s and she said go crazy. It was hilly trail and long grass which she described as "running through syrup". Great. Thanks coach. Anyway... my times per 1k were 4.04, 3.55, 4.15, 4.15. I was shaking after the 3.55. I was pleased to break 4 but I couldn't hold it for the set. She was cunning as halfway through the second she shouted "you're 2 secs off your 1st" and of course she knew I was going to make it up. I just made up 9 seconds instead. Legs are like jelly. DS didn't nap AT ALL today. It was weird. He has a ton of energy and has not stop running around all day. He has learnt a whole big pile of new things and I think life is just too exciting. We have spent since 2am together (minus my 45mins at the dentist having mh teeth picked at until they bleed and scraped to bits - is there anything worse? - when he was with daddy).


                      Hoping to get back for personals. If not, you know where I am - i.e. snuggling persuading my toddler that sleep is a lovely experience.

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                        DS went down for the night super early, out like a light. And for TTC questions – I am probably not going to post too much about it as it will take probably 2 full marathon training cycles for me to ttc or not even ttc as you all know I have one ovary that only works when all the stars are in alignment. Shelby – you might have many months of disappointment. However, my running is going great!


                        Rg – when are you starting your fm training? Please be careful in the crap weather.


                        Zorbs – can’t even begin to give advice on skin. It is so humid here that mu hair is curly. In Nashville it was pin straight! I couldn’t imagine having cracked skin. Poor you. No final date on permanent move as we are still waiting for final interview for green card. We are going over to set up and then come back. Repeat.


                        Ernie – you are really selling your home town to me with “freezing rain”. Sounds  abso-freakin-lutely miserable. Total respect for you getting out and running esp with stroller.


                        Eh – you asked about coaches – find one! Mine is a gem and she is more like a true friend. We are going to do craft projects one weekend. Find a mom – they have an understanding which really helps when you *don’t sleep through the night/ can’t concentrate cos your LO is sick/ have to rearrange last minute *pick one – or pick em all. Told coach about tempo. She said try 7.55s now.


                        Mer – we dtd a lot and all over the place. Who knows. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. My cycles are 33 days and I am not sure if I ovulated this cycle, nor does it really matter to us. We’re happy just bobbing along. I am very excited you have your best support team ever. And I should tell you that dog hair makes the best baby blanket even better – gives it that lived in feel.


                        Mrszm – SO exciting on knocking off 2.10! How cool! Any 5k races near you? Pic please of ice skates!!!! Still waiting on call from national visa centre for interview date. We’re on the last few steps. I didn’t even need an xray as I had them 6mo ago so I felt like I caused unnecessary gossip at the dentist.


                        Shelby – if you don’t post tomorrow I know it’s because you are in jail for punching the lady at the DMV.


                        Jm – I will cross racing and pg bridges when I get there. Until then I plan to continue to train like a beast. When is your 50K? I looked up a North face schedule and it seemed easier than some fm training?


                        Cx2 – I have never posted this to you until now but I am jealous of your LO sttn. Can you please pass that along to my LO?


                        Becky – you ROCK for that 17.25m! On a TM! I showed my DH and he was in awe. Great job Becky! In my drinking life I would have asked you to post your marshmallow cocktail to me.


                        Spike – I am so proud of you for your miles last week. Wonderful work! So impressive on the Japanese food. You are really adventurous.


                        Arm – WTG on pushing 5 yr old. That gives me hope that I will still be out running with my DS then. Yes to 18wk plan. Waiting on green card interview (and a medical before that). It’s the last step and we will get notification of the date any day now.


                        Rocky – hope you are feeling better soon.


                        CA – Did you see my 1k times? They were almost as fast as my 800s! Thanks for posting your times on fb. Really helped me.


                        Jen – hope you enjoyed your run and I am very excited for you with all those 4 day weeks. Nice job on your high miles for the past 3 days. Wonderful training.

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                          It's late, but I made it back.

                          Bermy - I hope you find that competative edge in you for your marathon, I'm excited to see how fast you can run it, you're 800's and 1000's are amazing! My parents are driving from Canada to Florida and my mom said today that they are travelling through Nashville - thought of you.

                          Ernie/arm - yup, M did pretty well in the restaurant, she said 'scuse me' when she finished eating and we had to explain that she couldn't get up from her chair.

                          rocky - that's an awesome story about the boy... oh the honesty of kids!

                          spike - nice work on your running! That's awesome that you have a deal on your house, how exciting!

                          mer - yup every kid is different, O's been a muuuch different baby, as in she sleeps.

                          Jen - nice mileage!! Awesome that the pack n play timeout is working! It's so frustrating to feel like nothing is working, and so great when it does.

                          arm - good running plan! I really want to get my mileage base nice and high before I even attempt another marathon.

                          RG - seriously your running is so impressive. Love the good night hugs and kisses! I always get hugs from M in the evening while I'm nursing O.

                          zorbs - O's dr told me that after we have a bath our pores are all open so that's the best time to load up on the moisturizer. I did a number of nights in a row of bath, then lube/grease her totally up, and put on jammies. It really helped all the little patches of ezcema, maybe it'll help your skin also. I just used base cream and olive oil on her.

                          ernie - so fun that you have a playtime at the community center! Do you have to pay? we have a community moms group but it is pay, and I don't know anyone, so it seems like a lot of bother to pay when I don't know if I'd even like it.

                          eh - I would find 4:30 hard if I had STTN, so can't blame you bailing on the early morning!

                          bermy - i had a root canal at 7-8 mos preggo w/ O and had to have xrays for that. My mom had a pelvic xray when she was 9 mos preggo to see how big I was compared to her pelvis - no u/s then - oh how things change!!

                          mer - a couple times M has turned my alarm on, and woken us all up at my old used to go to work time, ugh, sucks!!

                          mzm - awesome job on the 5k!!

                          shel - nice job getting through the 15 miler underfueled! According to Greg McMillan, that's good training for your body to use it's own reserves, not that you want to plan to feel bad, but yay for a hidden benefit! You are fast! Smile

                          jm - that race sounds super fun!! I hope it goes great for you.

                          cx2 - I never ever STTN, so I always reminded myself of that when I wanted M to, if I can't do it, how can she, lol. A inhouse nanny would be awesome!

                          becky - lol I always laugh at all the cancelled school and delays in the US.. school never gets cancelled here. As a kid it was cancelled twice - yup twice in like 13 years of school.

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