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Winter Wednesday DIVAs (Read 179 times)


    Pretty sure I used this title really recently... Oh well. Post!


      Good morning! I hope everyone had great Christmases!


      RR- 5 miles today says my plan. I may switch it with tomorrows 3 in the interest of time. Not sure yet.


      NRR- I'm back to work today. Hoping for a quiet day. Yesterday was nice, we went to my moms then to DBFs aunts. DBF definitely spoiled me! I got a really nice pair of boots I had been wanting.


      Have a great day! I'll check back at work.


        Hmmm... It's "feels like" 16 degrees out. I might run on the tm on my lunch break. I've never done that before, might be an interesting idea to try out.


          Good morning ladies!  I hope you all had fabulous weekends with family!


          RR: I had a great EMINEM on Sunday and a four miler on Christmas day.  Today is USRD because it is raining.


          RR2: I think I'm going to hit m goal for 500 miles for the year!!  The only way I can do it is if I do my LR of 9 miles next Monday instead of over the following weekend.  So I will.  Smile  I'll be in PA visiting my inlaws, and having to leave the house for 90 minutes is something to look forward to!


          QOTD: I made a SmartCoach plan for a half on March 17th ... It has three 10 milers, two 11 milers and two 12 milers.  Is this normal or in your experience will I get burnt out?  Most of my half training up to now has just been building mileage, this is the first time I've trained when I'm already at the mileage and am training for speed.  Anyway, I'd love everyone's thoughts.  I don't want to get injured since I am doing so well!


          NRR: Had a  nice weekend with my mom, then Christmas Eve and Day were just the three of us, which was so nice. I'm getting this whole week with G!  His naps and bedtime are completely off, so we're nap training and putting him to bed early to make up for his sleep debt.  I have to go in to work this afternoon for a bit and take care of some things.  We might also hit up the kids museum to get G out of the house.



          Jewel - have a good day at work!  Yay for boots!  Big D spoiled me as well, he got me ALL clothes.  It was a Christmas miracle!


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


          MA runner girl

            Morning ladies! This working on the day after Christmas thing is tough...


            RR: 3 miles yesterday in the fresh fallen snow! It was beautiful and my favorite thing, esp on Christmas day. Now however, the inside of my left leg is really sore. Also, when I'm running lately the outside of my lower legs are SO SORE. I'm sure it's because of the extra weight and my gait changing. Not sure what to do today, maybe just a walk to stretch things out.


            NRR: Had a wonderful Christmas with my family. I feel so lucky. DH spoiled me with some REALLY beautiful diamond earrings. Smile We went over to my parents house and relaxed with my brother, SIL and grandparents all day. Today I'm working at home and hopefully doing some cleaning tonight, my house is a disaster!


            Jewel - I hope you have a quiet day at work! Good luck running at lunch, sounds like that would really work out if you ejoy it.


            Sassy - I spent the first half of 2012 running between 12-14 miles every weekend, with a cutback to 8-10 every 4th week. It worked out great for me, and I don't think I've ever been in better running shape. Enjoy your week with G, sounds like fun!!


            Have a great day!

            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


              Hi girls. That was a really quiet commute! I think most people are off this week! Oh, and I was running late this morning and left my gym bag on the bedroom floor. Blah. I got 2 miles in, I may do some more after work or just add it onto tomorrow or Friday.


              Sassy - woo for your mileage! So proud of you! I second MA's training plan, with the cutback week every 3rd or 4th week. Ive done a similar smart coach plan for a half and it was ok. As long as you have the cutback week you shouldn't be burned out. Enjoy the week with G!


              MA - Yay for diamond earrings! that sounds like a wonderful Christmas day run! I hope with some rest you feel better, also running in snow can have you change your gait a bit which can make you sore.


                Good morning divas! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!


                RR: Ran my final preggo miles on Sunday when it was 60 degrees. My whole body was sore until Monday night. I've been saying I feel like I could still run, but thats a lie, lol. My pelvis seems to hurt now all the time, running or not. I would have liked to run to 40 weeks, but I knew I wouldn't, so running to 30 weeks is awesome! I'd like to go to the gym today but I probably won't, the 6+ hour traveling yesterday took a hard toll on my body I think. My back and pelvis hurt really bad right now.


                NRR: Umm, yeah, six days with the inlaws is too much for me and definitely too much for a 3-year-old. They have their quirks that really started irritating me by about Sunday. But considering other in-law stories I hear, I know I'm lucky. They're not bad at all and we get along well. We had a nice Christmas together and I got my new cookware that I picked out when they were here in November! A really enjoyed spending so much time with her grandparents and followed them around constantly, which they loved. We went to SIL's for Christmas Eve and that was good to get a change of scenery. A didn't mess with presents at all until just before it was time to actually open them, I think after staring at them for almost a week the wait was just too much and she tried opening one that wasn't hers. It was cute. We had a good trip home yesterday and were all happy to sleep in our own beds... in fact at almost 9, A is still sleeping! She didn't nap at all while we were gone... she's either going to sleep for a week now or she's never going to nap again. I'm SO glad I took today off work, I think there's not much I'd want to do LESS than go to work today (other than drive 7 hours again). Today we're giving A her presents from us (told her Santa was coming last night for her since we weren't here on Christmas Eve) and making a little Christmas dinner.


                  Hey-o.  A blizzard is blizzing here in the heartlands.  No snow this morning when I went to the gym, but it started when I was going to the drug store/grocery store afterward.  As I got out of the shower, the federal courts finally wised up and closed.  Woo!


                  Jewel:  Congratulations on committing to marathon numero dos.  You're the inspiration!  (love that song)  What kind of boots did you get?  I need to get some cowboy boots for next summer's move to OKC.


                  Sassy:  Forgive the idiot not understanding your Eminem reference.  I assume it's something quite clever.  Smile  My opinion (which, of course, you shouldn't take) is that your SmartCoach plan might be kind of aggressive if you've been mileage-building lately and not maintaining up at that level.  But like I said, I KNOW NOTHING.  You know yourself!


                  MA: Hope you continue to be as healthy as can be and that you get plenty of time to honor your needs as well as the baby's.  I always worry about the mom-to-be; maybe that's just my adult-centric perspective.  Obviously I hope THE VERY BEST for little MA!


                  Monk: You're a soulja for putting up with that much in-law time!  Now you know you earned some great karma points.  Hence, you can give yourself a break later when you are tempted to get down on yourself.  Smile



                  RR:  10 Monday in 77:09, rest yesterday (UGH), 10 min. bike and then 10 miles (78:44) this morning.  Year to date:  2281 miles.


                  NRR: Mr. PF was siiiiiick as a dog yesterday, so I played "take care of my better half" all day.  He is doing a touch better today, but I don't think he's out of the woods yet.  We aren't sure if he has the flu.  I got the shot; he did not.


                  Other news:  I'm having a colonoscopy on Friday, so tomorrow is the "clear liquid diet" and prep.  Ohhhhhhh boy.


                    Morning Ladies! I am back at work today and it is so slow here!


                    Jewel- new boots! fun!! I would be switching run due to the fact that I have no energy today!


                    Sassy- way to go on hitting your goal mileage this year! I am very impressed!! In my case those 90 inutes away from the in laws would be all the motivation needed to switch the run! ha.


                    QOTD- I am probably not the best person to ask and i think training depends on where you are now, your goals, etc., but that seems like a lot of running to me! I am not a huge fan of the SmartCoach plans because i feel like they always have a lot of long runs and not much during the week. I usually do one to see what it gives me and then mix it up with HH's plans or something. I just did one for a marathon and it had be me doing long runs of 20 miles and two 5 milers during the week which seems crazy.


                    MA- don't you just love running in the snow?!? I ran this weekend a couple of times in flurries and it is so relaxing for me. Glad to hear that DH spoiled you rotten!


                    Monk- running till 30 weeks is amazing! and you are smart to listen to your body rather than push through when you can't and be in pain. I am sure if you keep up with some walking you will be back out there running shortly after the baby is here!


                    Pumpkin- your miles always amaze me...teach me how to be like you woman! sorry to hear about Mr. Pumpkin! Hope he is feeling better. and hope that your colonoscopy goes smoothly...that does not sound like any fun


                    RR- had some great runs while I was at my parents for the holidays. It is so nice to have time during the day to run and do the runs outside! I ran with my parents dog and she definitely helped with speedwork! I think my arms hurt more than my legs do from the runs! Today is a rest day for me.


                    NRR-had a rough Christmas with DH. There is a lot going on that i prefer not to get into here...but my runs sure were theraputic! Just when I thought things were getting better his mother had to add her two sense into things and her two cents were incredibly negative and hurtful to the point that I think she ruined any chance that her and I will ever have any type of real relationship. Yeah, so, needless to say, good times this Christmas!! On the bright side, in my four weeks of doing my clean eating cleanse I lost 9 pounds! It was actually the easiest 9 pounds I have ever lost. I am going to try and stick with the receipes and way of eating for 95% of the time going forward to see if I can lose another 9 or more


                      Klmcdona:  Big not-hug from the not-hugger, but so much love.  I'm sorry that Christmas brought a cartload of stress for you and hope you have the support you need to deal with it healthily.  On that note, ROCK OUT on your habits paying off!  I'm so happy for you!


                      P.S. No one should want to be like me.  Trust me; I read it in a law book or something.


                        Hello ladies!!! I haven't posted recently because I once again fell off the exercise wagon and my anxiety was rearing it's ugly head again, so I was feeling sorry for myself. I still haven't hopped back on the exercise wagon, but I figured it's OK to post...miss my DIVAs!


                        RR: Like I said, nada in about a week. I am hoping to at least do yoga or something tonight...Oh and CRF got me a Shake Weight for Christmas, maybe I'll utilize that! LOL. He's the king of gag gifts...


                        NRR: Whirlwind of a holiday weekend!! I did a happy hour Friday night, we left early Saturday morning to go to VT to be with CRF's family, hung out with them until 6 a.m. yesterday, at which point we left and drove 3 hours back home to spend Christmas day with my family. We didn't get home till after 9 last night and we were both exhausted. The 3 nights we spent with his family we stayed up late drinking, playing games, and chatting, so I got maybe 8 hours of sleep over 3 nights combined! I made up for it last night by getting about 10 hours. It was hard for me to put down my new toy and go to sleep though, because CRF finally gave me his non-gag gift last night, which was an ipad!!!! YAY! Of course he had to "gag it up" a little and used the free engraving on the back to write "Look what my fiance bought me. I owe him big time." LOL. He also got me a really pretty necklace. Our families spoiled us like crazy too! I'm going to post on FB what my sister got me as it's health and fitness related and would make an awesome gift for other people if anyone's interested!


                        Jewel: Don't you love it when you get spoiled? I'm glad DBF came through for Christmas! Feels like 16?? Eek! I haven't checked the temp here yet!


                        MArunner: Diamond earrings?? NICE! That pic DH posted on FB was so crazy adorable.


                        Sassy: Christmas with just the 3 of you sounds relaxing! I think if your mileage is already up there then that plan is OK, but when you get into it if it feels like too much or your legs are shot you can always modify it by dropping 1 or 2 of the longer runs or shortening them.


                        Monk: I totally feel you on being exhausted and happy to sleep in your own bed. I hope A enjoys her presents!


                        Pumpkin: Your mileage is insane! In a good way. I wish I had that dedication and motivation! Sorry Mr. PF was sick yesterday. Tons of people were posting about stomach bugs making the rounds, I'm hoping and praying I don't catch one! The flu is apparently running rampant too. I hope you don't catch anything!


                        KLMC: Awww I'm sorry you had a rough Christmas. That makes me sad. And sorry about your MIL. Gotta love MILs. I hope things smooth over soon. 9 pounds!?!? Wow. You go girl!


                        OK...time to head out to work for a few hours. I'm hoping to get enough done that I have from tomorrow to next Thursday off. Fingers crossed!!!!


                          Afternoon, DIVAs! or Magandang hapon, DIVAs! in Filipino. I'm in the process of learning some basic Filipino phrases to practice on my family...a little late than never. Happy day after Christmas! It's been a while since I've posted, and I think this is my first post on RunningAHEAD. Anyway, I hope many of you are having a wonderful wednesday.


                          RR-Strength training today. Probably back and biceps. Registered for the half marathon here. Whoohoo! It's not until next Fall, but at least I have a big race on tap for 2013, unlike 2011 and 2012.


                          NRR-Christmas was simple and sweet. Exchanged gifts with DH while he made us breakfast. DH got me some awesome running gloves and all the little things I wanted. It's the BESSHT, as our favorite indonesian waiter would always say about the day's special. Then I spent the afternoon cooking dinner and baking his favorite sugar-free, gluten-free pumpkin pie (it taste much better than it sounds).  This little tradition we're forming of having a small,intimate Christmas and going to visit family in the Spring/Summer instead is working out okay so far. Little to no stress about presents and traveling, but I do miss seeing my folks and sister.


                          Pumpkin-Sorry to hear Mr. Pumpkin is sick. Sending him healing thoughts and positive vibes. I hope Dr. O had fun playing in the snow.


                          Dona-Tons of positive vibes your way about Christmas drama with the in-laws. Please don't hesitate to vent to us any time you need it!


                          monk-Good job to you and A handling the in-laws like champs!


                          Sassy-Great job on hitting your goal for the year! I always thought SmartCoach suggested too many miles for my preference, but I've never really stuck to their plan.


                          Lucy-Great gift by DF! I love the engraving.


                          Going to finish my coffee and get started on errands. Have a wonderful Wednesday, ladies.