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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 8K with Sam.  My legs are sore from the ST.


    TR - looooooooooooved the tree all decorated.  Of course the ornaments are all clustered on a low area at B height.


    FR - chinese stew.


    NRR - last night of piano.  The world better not end tomorrow because I just negotiated a sweet new phone for cheap and I'm getting a bunch of beautiful indie nail polishes from DH's cousin on Saturday.

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      morning patty- oooh, i forgot about the end of the world tomorrow. is it just your last night of piano for  the year, or are you done teaching? have a great run today. i've always found the running to help ease some of the ST soreness.




      RR: planning to run longer today, hoping for 10-11 miles this morning after i get back from training at the gym. Also have to teach circuit class again, kinda wish i hadn't offered to pick up that class today.. oh well..it's extra money.


      TR: my mom gave him the leapfrog My Pal Scout interactive dog last year for xmas, along with a dvd. i put the dvd on for him last night while i was making dinner, and he started clapping and pointing to Scout when he saw him on tv. then he ran to get his stuffed Scout and sat on the floor with a huge grin on his face.


      NRR: DH got home early from work last night, so we wrapped all the xmas presents together. it was great to have him here. we put chrismas music on and talked.

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR: SRD.  Got 4 in after work yesterday.


        TR: It's 6:05 and he is waking up.  In for a treat today.


        NRR:  Snow Day!  I've been awake since 4.  Up since 5.  Principal called as I was walking out the door.  Better than being in my car driving down.


        FR: what else on a snow day but hot cocoa band toast!

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          RR: 6x1000m. Hope my legs are ok given my last srd was Friday. Srd tomorrow which I am SOOOOO looking forward to. Just get through the speedwork out…


          NRR: food shopping for xmas meal as most of the stores will be closed or empty by Monday (remember that’s the day when the boat with the food on arrives in the afternoon… sigh). A lot of places will close very early on xmas eve and will don’t open Sundays so Saturday will be CRAZY busy. Going to try to get as much as I can today or tomorrow and then go to farmer’s market on sat. I say farmer’s market but it is one stall by the road side next to the field where they grow the veggies.


          BR: 15mo today! And of course it’s the 15mo doc check up and shots. Hope it goes well.


          FR: will start cooking a few bits for the xmas meal as posted on fb – I think I might start making soup and the lemon cranberry sauce.

          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


            --ZORBS--: yay for tree decorated and new phone. Hope the world continues! --RG--: C has the interactive Violet dog. I'm guessing it's the same one. Yu can plug it to your computer and it will say your child's name (kind of in a creepy way). C loves it! --MER--: enjoy your snow day and cocoa!

              ER: we shall see. ~~TR: still haven't seen Santa, but I don't think we will. She has no idea, lines will be long, and it's not like she would tell him what she wants. She is still a snotty mess. ~~PGR: if you didn't see on FB, I am dialated to a 1 and 30% effaced and I lost my mucus plug last night. My husband asked what that meant. Well it means I could have the baby is hours, days or weeks...haha. ~~NRR: SNOWMAGEDDON! We have about 2-3 inches (haha) and everyone is freaking out! Schools are closed. The bad part will actually be the wind. It is super windy and cold. I hate walking in to work when it is so cold...brrr! C and I will leave early.

                zorbs - Glad you guys got your tree decorated.  LOL on the world ending...I am not holding my breath.  My birthday is Saturday so it better not end.


                rg - Too cute about R and Scout.  We have Scout too but I guess we never played the DVD...frankly I don't even know where it is.  Have a great LR today.  I am jealous I wanted to try to do mine today but who knows if that will happen.


                Mer - Enjoy your snow day.  I hope J is good for you.  My J was up at 4:55 with a nice poop and then wanted to play...um...ok.  At least he was in a good mood but he will probably be a crank tonight.


                Bermy - Have a great run and good luck with the food shopping...you have quite the menu.  Is food a lot more expensive in Bermuda then in the US?  Good luck with the 15 mo checkup and shots.  I am sure he will do great.


                cmg - Yay for dialating and losing the mucous plug...any day now!!  Stay warm and safe today.  Where are you that people freak out about 2-3 inches of snow?  


                RR - Hoping to actually run today.  I haven't run in 3 days...I don't remember the last time I took more than 1 day in a row off.  MUST RUN.  It was supposed to be my LR day but I will just have to go by how I feel.


                TR - Woke up at 4:55 a.m. with a nice big poop.  At least he was in a good mood.  He doesn't seem sick yet but I am still worried.  It hit me really suddenly so I know the same can still happen to him.


                NRR - I am now starting to get a runny nose and sore throat...seriously cannot catch a break.  I NEVER used to get sick!  GRRR!  DH comes home today...as long as he can get in with all the weather issues around.  We have a winter storm watch in effect tonight into tomorrow.

                FR - I ate a little yesterday and woke up hungry this morning...guess that is a good sign.  Although, I was feeling skinny...time to get fat againSmile


                  morning!  I have been scarce, just so busy and no time to sit at the computer lately.


                  RR - I guess srd today.  Was hoping for 6 but I'm not feeling great this morning - upset stomach and general body aches.  Hope I am not coming down with what the kids have had!  DH and I ran a 5K Tuesday night and I PRed by 2 minutes!  23:37 finish time, 3rd in my AG.  I'm feeling so good with running lately.  Ran 13 miles last Saturday in 2:02 so if the hills (or the flu) don't kill me I am really hoping I can break 2 hours in my half coming up.  Finding time to run this week will be hard though so I hope I don't suffer from lack of running.


                  BR - super fussy and out of sorts lately.  Hoping it is just his last molars coming in which are about to break through, and not that he's getting sick.


                  KR - all girls have their Christmas parties at school today so I guess I will be hanging out at the school for most of the day.


                  NRR - have DH's Christmas party at his boss's house tonight.  Still need to find a dirty santa gift for it, ugh!  May just get a bottle of wine, who doesn't like wine?  Getting my hair cut this morning, then off to the school, then hoping to have a little time to do some shopping this afternoon.  Almost done Christmas shopping!  Mostly just stocking stuffers left.



                  Zorbs - wait, what?  The world is ending tomorrow?  Damn.


                  rg - sounds like a really nice night last night!  I'm excited to have today over with so I can start wrapping presents tomorrow.


                  mer - enjoy your snow day!!


                  bermy - whenever I picture you running I imagine you running on cliffs and jumping over fences.  Your runs never seem to be "normal" runs.  Smile  Hope the appt and shots go well!  We have ours next week.


                  cmg - there is no line for our santa in the morning but I still probably won't take L.  Perhaps a baby this weekend??


                  jen - uh oh, you too?  My girls have all been sick, started with a low grade fever and feeling tired, then the fever got higher for a day and then they were just tired/had runny noses & coughs.  Ibuprofen was the magic drug for them!


                    RR - Heading out for 10k shortly


                    BR - Only one wake up last night but man, she was crying hard. DH got her all wound up and then she turned into party baby and didn't want to go back to sleep for an hour. It was better than the crying, though. 


                    BR/NRR - Potluck and kiddie Christmas party today at the community centre. S will get to see her 2 boyfriends. They are about 3 yrs old and always point at her and shout her name. Then she crawls after them and they run away. All three of them think it's hilarious. 


                    FR - For those who wondered about the butter chicken lasagna from yesterday, it was meh. The butter chicken sauce was actually quite tasty but there wasn't much filling, so it just seemed like butter chicken sauce on noodles. S loooved it though. I suspect there will be a horrible diaper change in my future...


                    CARunning (from yesterday) - What a great deal on gym daycare! I think the gym around here is $5/kid per hour. 


                    Bermy - I try to do my 400s in 1:42 ish. I don't have a track nearby, though, so it's not an exact science. Good luck with your speed workout today. Sounds like you a have a busy day of shopping and cooking, too. 


                    Zorbs - I forgot all about the end of the world! Apparently people are quite freaked out about it in Russia. What's in the Chinese stew?


                    RG - Sounds like you get a nice built-in workout with the classes you teach at work. Does your DH usually work evenings? Mine works 2-10 pm, although it's often more like 12-12, and often Saturdays as well. 


                    Mer - Have a great snow day! Good timing for the SRD. 


                    CMG - Sounds like baby is coming soon. Funny that people are freaking about a couple inches of snow. Do you normally not get much where you are or is it just the first snowfall of the year?


                    Jen - Way too early of a wakeup for your little guy! Glad you are starting to feel better from the flu. Hopefully you're not getting too bad of a cold. I guess you've been getting sick a lot since J started daycare? I'm sure both of you will have killer immune systems soon. 

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                      arm - I wondered where you had been.  I hope you aren't getting sick...healthy vibes to you.  Sounds like a busy day for everyone at your house.  I would definitely get the bottle of wine...I would LOVE itSmile  Have fun finishing up your Christmas shopping!  I am so happy to be done.  I did hit the mall yesterday to return a couple of things and got J 2 cute Christmas shirts on clearance at Old Navy.  He is supposed to wear one to daycare tomorrow for the Christmas program.  I had a stomach bug Tuesday and soooooo pray J doesn't get it.  I half think I got it from him or daycare...or it could be from teaching a bunch of sick high school kids...although I have taught high school for 11 years and have never gotten it.  


                      Bad Ass Mother Runner

                        Morning. Quick post from my phone while O eats. RR - not sure, my back is a bit sore, I'm sure it's from tight glutes. I e been rolling and stretching and it's better but still there. My parents are taking M this afternoon so I'll just have O which makes it more tempting to run. TR - had 2 #2 accidents yesterday. I think she must have a bug or the other day I had a pack of ground beef out and she was fingering it trying to steal some so maybe she are some raw and her tummy isnt right. BR- slept till 6:30! No night feeds. NRR - taking M to school today while my parents watch O then after her nap they are taking her to my brothers for dinner. I'm excited to have my parents here if for nothing but childcare lol.

                        5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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                        beskirted & manicured

                          rg - it is the last teaching day of the year, but of course if the world ends on Friday, it will be the last teaching day ever..hahah


                          mer - I'd be so mad if I was already in the car..


                          carly - you'd be surprised to know that the first snowfall of the year here ALWAYS causes a snowmaggedon..you'd think people living in Canada would know how to drive in snow..nope, everyone forgets every year.


                          bermy - are you really making all those dishes for 3 people?


                          omg I just found the cell phone case of my dreams, it is in stock at the mall and on sale! off I go, back later!

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                            Morning ladies!


                            RR:  TM run tonight, legs are starting to get sore but I've made it this far - I might as well finish out the last 10 days Smile


                            TR:  Watched the Lorax with him last night.  He loved it.  Made cookies and had a floury mess. 


                            NRR:  Going to talk to bossman today, I can't handle more of yesterday.


                            FR: Pork chops.  I haven't had pork chops in forever.


                            Be back for personals - bossman is wrapping up a consult so he'll be at my desk in two seconds Smile


                              rr: something on the mill today. Easier to get in since dh is home. 


                              nrr: snow day! even dh stayed home!


                              tr: dd1 cried bc she wanted to go to school bc she had a new dress to wear. dd2 is missing her christmas party but i don't think she realizes it.


                              br: napped like crap again.  afraid he is ready for just one nap. he is still sleeping now.


                              fr: chicken crokpot chicken was so good last night. avocado, tomato, grilled cheese tonight.


                                Zorbs - yay for the last day of lessons!  I think your nail polish swill be safe.


                                rg - sounds like type had a grenight ghat.  Enjoy your day.


                                bermy- good luck with the appointment.  I hope you have a productive day.


                                cmg - sounds like your body is gearing up!  Yay!


                                jen - get healthy!  I am addicted to germ x at work.


                                armmama - great job with the pr.  Good to see you again!


                                ernie - hope you had a good 10k.


                                CAR - O sounds like such a great baby!!  Enjoy your parents visit!


                                becky - your night last night sounDS wonderful.  Good luck with your talk with bossman.


                                mrszm - j is still napping twice a day.  I feel like he is a little old for it, bit also think that it is working so why change it.  Enjoy your family day.

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