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Mighty Mouse

    Friday seemed far away last Monday. Approve




    Mighty Mouse

      Thursday Fast Buddy, coach and I did a fun track run for 35 minutes. When I got home I iced the foot. The outside of my right foot felt bruised, not when I ran but when I walked. Icing helped it. I suspect running longer in one of my shoes did it. I’m trying to decide which pair was the culprit.

      Today will be a track run with Fast Buddy. Smile

      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



        Morning Ladies,


        Judy - Hope you figure out which shoes caused the soreness!


        First couple hours of conf. was good yesterday...then not-so-good.  I was only staying half day, since I had a dental appointment.  I didn't get to eat all day, was STARVING at supper, ate 2 pieces of pizza and 3 cookies....Shocked.....seriously.....but I wrote em' down LOL, and then felt so guilty I climbed on the DM for 45" and did some weights, funny thing, I lost a pound....WTH...


        Off to get ready for work...have a great day!




        Fire Jumper

          Good morning, all!


          Doctor's report:  It's a bruise - a bad bruise.  The doctor said that when something like this happen a bruise occurs beneath the coccyx, in deep tissue (not muscle).  He warned me that it could take up to a year to fully resolve.  Ugh.  However, the good news is this - He said that my fitness activities (to my tolerance) would facilitate healing, not deter it.   So, February Warrior Dash... here I come!


          And... you just haven't lived until you've had a Chiro "adjust" your coccyx!  'nuf said... lol


          I went shoe testing yesterday.  I am in love with the Asics Kayano 19.  Wouldn't you know that it is one of the most expensive shoes on the retail floor!  sheesh.  Marjorie - I guess this shoe is a bit too new to be discounted much.  It's only $5 less on Running Warehouse.  bummer.  So, now I have to decide whether I'm going to spend the bucks or not.


          Good morning Judy! Hope your bruise heals quickly!


          Damaris - hope Orland is nice for y'all!


          Sue - how wonderful for you to support DS in that way.  He will never forget it.


          Karen - You've gotten lots of great encouragement from the group.  My only two cents worth is this:   Two year is a long time tread water.  We never know what doors a new opportunity is going to open for us.  I am a person of simple faith.  If God opens a door for me, I walk through.  If he closes the door, it's my job not to leave scratch marks on the back of it!!


          As for the leaf picture - If I get a chance today, I'll play around with Karnel's leaf to see if I pull that leaf off the background, or at least make the background lighter.


          Marjorie - nice 11!


          Linda - Thanks for the doc report.  I am very interested in this procedure because I have had some "work" done, myself.  My weight loss journey is a whole story in and of itself.  But, part of what I had to do after losing so much was address my poor, obesity-abused body.  I had been obese for 40+ years, and super obese for at least 15 of that.  My abdominal muscles were stretched to the point of no "natural" return and I had a great deal of loose skin. I ended up having a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).  The doc had to put mesh up the middle and on both obliques to repair the damage to my musculature.  It was the best thing (besides losing the weight) that I've ever done for myself.


          LC - ooh, a bargain on the Brooks jacket... love it!


          Tessa - lol - nerds and engineers!  I know a few of those!


          Lisa-Marie - it seems that you and I tend to be the evening posters.   I missed last night, so jumping in this morning!


          Core-meister today, outdoor run with RB tomorrow!!  Woo hoo!


          Be well,



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          Disney freak

            Wednesday– Jazzercise

            Thursday– easy 2 miles.  Feels funny typing that when only in September I could barely run a ¼ mile.

            Today– SDO


            My 5yo DD has the flu. :-( She woke up at 3:30 Thursday morning with 103 fever.  Scared the crap out of me – she was real confused for about 5 minutes, asking me weird questions.  She snapped out of it though, and it took over 2 hours to get her temp down after giving her Tylenol.  I made DH call the doctor right then because of all the stories I’ve heard about kids dying from flu.  He took her in yesterday morning and her test turned positive almost immediately.  We’ve been able to keep her temperature down to a little over 100 only with a combination of Advil and Tylenol.  To top it off, there’s a shortage of Tamiflu  around here, and they won’t have anything for her until sometime tomorrow.


            Karen – hi!   6 miles after work is awesome!

            GatsbyBird – I’m a late night poster also.  Except last night.  Couldn’t even keep my eyes open!

            Tessa – Do you sing in your church choir?

            LC – aren’t new running clothes fun?

            LisaMMR – is the weather too bad to run outside?

            Damaris – what do you do for a living?  Are you a lawyer?

            Linda – glad your procedure went well.

            Marjorie – good morning!

            Karen – I like #1, and I say go for the new job!

            Julie - good to hear it's not broken, ick on the whole year!

            Carol - the body does funny things.  My weight goes up 3-4 pounds each time TOM rulls around.

            Lisa Marie

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              Good Morning!


              It's a mess here, rain/sleet all night so back roads are bad, no school for the kids today.  Luckily, I am in town so shouldn't have a problem, provided I can get out of my neighborhood lol


              Judy - hope the foot feels better with some icing~!


              Carol - glad the conference wasn't too bad.  Great job on losing a pound!


              Lisa Marie - poor DD, hope she is feeling better soon.  I am crossing fingers that my kids are spared, oldest got her flu shot last night (rest of us went in the fall).


              Julie - good news on the coccyx bruise, glad you can do the Warrior Dash!



                Yesterday after work got my hair cut and went to yoga/pilates class.  Always a good workout.  Had red beans and rice ready (luv my crockpot) so DS2 and I actually sat down and ate dinner together.


                Swam this morning.  Yay!  Pool heater is fixed and lap pool is open again.


                Hope work goes quickly today--ready for the weekend!!!


                Julie--good that your tailbone is only bruised and not broken.  I know it still hurts though.


                Have a great Friday everyone!



                  Yesterday after work got my hair cut and went to yoga/pilates class.  Always a good workout.  Had red beans and rice ready (luv my crockpot) so DS2 and I actually sat down and ate dinner together.


                  Swam this morning.  Yay!  Pool heater is fixed and lap pool is open again.


                  Hope work goes quickly today--ready for the weekend!!!


                  Julie--good that your tailbone is only bruised and not broken.  I know it still hurts though.


                  Lisa Marie--hope your daughter gets better soon.  No tamilflu???  My friend had a guest over the holidays who came down with the flu.  The docs put the whole family on tamiflu.


                  Have a great Friday everyone!

                  Anonymous Guest


                    Morning all,

                    So we had a meeting at work yesterday and now suddenly I have a ton of stuff to do and some new responsibilities. I will still update the cover letter and send out the resume, but it's definitely harder to be down on my job when I'm a) busy, b) challenged a little bit, and c) getting out of here at noon since it's Friday. Thanks for all the advice - oddly, until it was pointed out by several of you, I was more concerned with how being at a different organization for only two years would affect them than how staying here for two more years would affect me. Thank you all for helping me turn that light bulb on!


                    Gatsby, my family all lives in central IL, so I am going back to the area for the weekend for GO! St. Louis. I fly into St. Louis Friday, but will then be going up to Springfield that afternoon, staying with my brother and running the Lincoln Presidential half Saturday morning, driving back to St. Louis that afternoon, running GO! on Sunday, then driving to my parents house about 90 miles north Sunday night and staying there for a couple days. Anyway, since you really didn't want my entire agenda, bottom line is I'll be in St. Louis Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. If my sister can stay injury-free for a change, she will be there running it with me.


                    Judy, I hope you find the shoe culprit, and quickly!


                    Carol, I used to do that when I was losing weight. I'd really want, oh I don't know, ice cream, for example, but I'd already reached my calorie allotment for the day, so I'd go downstairs and walk on the treadmill and watch TV for an hour so I could eat some! Hey, whatever works, I say. Better than eating pizza and cookies and not getting on the TM.


                    Julie, I'm taking that as good news for you. Then again, I'm not the one that may be feeling pain for up to a year....


                    Lisa-Marie, poor DD! I've heard that the flu that is going around is not actually stopped by the flu vaccine and that's one reason it's so bad this year. They have to make a "best guess" is to which strains are going to go around, and this one wasn't in that guess. I hope she feels better soon. And take care of yourself and the rest of your family.


                    Laura, yuck on the weather. I guess this would be a good day for a rest day then?


                    crazysue, mmmmm, red beans and rice. One of my favorite meals and one of the positives for moving back to Texas. I made it in my crock pot for the first time a month or so ago, and it was so good. No need to soak the beans first, no need to do much of anything except let it all sit and cook. Now I want to go to the grocery store and buy some beans and onions and peppers and celery and sausage.


                    Okay, guess I better get back to work. This afternoon I'm going to Sam's Club (can I count that as upper body strength training?) and probably a trainer ride. And laundry. There is always laundry.


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                    Bad Ass

                      Morning!  Sorry for the post and run but wanted to say hi before we drive to Orlando.  Hope everybody has a nice weekend and all!


                      Julie, hope you heal well and soon.


                      Lisa-Marie, yes.  I work with DOJ in the bankruptcy area (UST office).


                      Gotta go!

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                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                        Hi ladies-


                        I'm going to go ahead and post even though I haven't read through everyone else's posts yet. I keep waiting to post until I've read everything for the day.....then it's bedtime, and I still haven't posted.


                        No run for me today, it's an SDO. I skipped Body Flow at the gym because I had a conference call scheduled, and then the call got canceled. Feh. I'll run 7 tomorrow after DS2's basketball game.


                        Off to Target for a few things. Have a great day everyone-





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                        Anonymous Guest


                          Damaris, have a great weekend and enjoy the races! Looking forward to hearing about Goofy.


                          Hi Cindy! Can you pick me up a few things at Target? Smile If I go, I'll buy all kinds of stuff I probably don't need.

                          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                          Upcoming Races: 1/17/16 Houston Marathon, 2/13/16 Mississippi River Marathon


                          Run to live; live to run

                            My stomach woke me up going bonkers at 3 am.  But it finally settled down.  Ran 11 miles this am and it was hot outside.


                            Judy hope you figure out which shoe it was that bruised your little rodent foot!


                            Carol not good not being able to eat for so long!  I'd go crazy.


                            Julie ah yes adjusting a coccyx is, um, not for everyone.  That is for sure.


                            Lisa marie boo to the flu.  It seems so wide spread!  I'll be taking my wipes with me on the plane to wipe everything down when I travel next week for sure.  I had the shot and I haven't had flu in 30 something years but I'm careful.


                            Laura yuck to the black ice etc.  Your weather has been up and down a lot too.  We will hit 80 on Sunday.  Upper 70's today.


                            Gatsby good for you getting on earlier yesterday!


                            Karen well hope you continue to stay busy but not TOO busy.


                            D hope it isn't too hot this weekend but it looks like it will be miserable.


                            Hey Cindy.  I have several CC calls today too.  None of mine have been cancelled.



                              Good morning ladies:


                              Judy:  I hope your foot feels better soon.


                              Carol:  I love pizza!


                              Julie:  A guess a bruise is one of the better case scenerios.  I will let everyone know the results of my procedure.  It is really amazing that you were able to change your life so complete.  I know that you are an inspiration to many people.


                              Lisa-Marie:  A 5 year old with the flu is awful.  I'm sorry.  I hope he feels better soon.


                              Hi LC, Karen & Damaris


                              Sue:  I used my crockpot yesterday, and when I was washed it, I noticed bad cracks.  I had to throw it away.  I can't go long without a crock pot, so I'll replace it this weekend


                              Cindy:  Enjoy your game


                              I am sitting waiting for the plumber.  I'll check back later.

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                                Here's the idiot question of the day: if you have a flu shot and don't feel it going in, did it go in? I thought these shots went directly into muscle and hurt for a day or two. I'm not really sure the shot went in . . .