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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 4 miles yesterday outside, in shorts! It was a good run. I tried run/walk for the first time. I had been doing mostly running with an occasional walk break when I needed it but I decided to try walking for about a minute at every half mile to see if the end of runs were less difficult. It seemed to work pretty well. I've never liked run/walk but I think mentally it's a good option for me. Heading to the gym after work for 3 miles.


      NRR: Not much here. DH worked last night and I was lazyyy but it felt good. No guilt here! Baby boy was very active last night, probably because I wasn't! I could feel him moving nonstop for about a half hour. It's so fun to feel, and reassuring too that everything is good. Smile


      Have a great day girls!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning Ladies!


        MA: It was pretty warm yesterday! Smile Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!! <3


        So, surgery is going to be December 21st. Can't wait to just feel better! Smile


          Happy Birthday Sassy!


          MA; yay for lazy days... enjoy them!


          RLTW: That's great news! Hang in there until then. *hugs*



          RR: did 6 yesterday 4 tempo. 5 or 6 on tap today


          NRR: M slept through the night again. We gave her a dose of pain meds and some numbing stuff for her gyms. Its pretty bad. She has all bumps on her upper gums, she may have her two front teeth for xmas (Haahaaa) then 3 back from that on each side. Its insane. But, maybe this sleeping through the night is a new trend **fingers crossed** 5 days and my baby girl is 1 years old! I'm starting to get torn about when to wean M.  We (her and I) seem to so much better not having dairy, so most likely we will have to do another alternative to dairy milk. I do like my time with her, but I would like to reclaim some independence.  My max is 2 years.  She is just on breast milk and water. Loves her water, too Wink

          MA runner girl

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY!!!!


            RLTW - So glad you have your surgery scheduled. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Can't wait to see you either Smile


            GSD - Almost 1!!!! How'd that happen!? So cute that she may get her 2 front teeth for Christmas! LOL I'm sure it's gotta be tough deciding when to stop BFing. Bummer that M seems to have issues with dairy.

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Happy Birthday Sassy!!! Clown


              Happy Hump Day!!!!


              RR: Running 3.5 after work. Going to start an abs routine and push-ups again too.


              NRR: Our terrazzo floors are done being refinished and look great! DH had some friends come over to help lift all the heavy dining room furniture and living room furniture into the house, so we can finally fully unpack! The sunrise over the water this morning was beautiful!!!! Another crazy work day to get through, but only 28 days till I start the new job!


              MA: Great job on the 4 miles! Glad that you can still run while pregnant, and run walk will work for you.


              RLTW: I’m glad you at least have a date now!


              GSD: Way to go on the tempo! Glad M slept through the night.


              Have a great day ladies!


                happy birthDay sassy!!!


                RR: did a great 4.75 miles this morning on the TM. Needed to get home and get ready for work otherwise, I'd have done 5. Felt good though. cold this morning! it was 20 degrees, but the wind was blowing already at 20 miles p/ hour.


                NRR: busy work day. going to a meeting here in town then a site visit out of town, then back here for another meeting. going to try and be productive in the midst of it all. tonight, need to shop for a few items then home to do some more work... it's becoming a theme...


                MA: yay for no guilt for your night! hope you continue enjoying the run-walk routine. I've done it and still do it when mentally I'm not "feeling" my run.


                rltw: yay for your surgery being scheduled.... now start a count down!


                gsd: poor m. I wonder what it would feel like if we adults went through teething.


                  Morning girls!


                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY DEAR!


                  Ma, glad you had a good run!

                  GSD, a year already! Wow!!  That's great you're still bf!!!! Whatever decision you do will be great for M.

                  Po, yay for floors ! Come help me unpack!

                  Cara, hope you feel better today.


                  TriR, spinning after work.

                  NtriR, Xmas decos tonight since last night we came home later after the run and I was asleep by 10.


                  Outwest, I'm doing 1/2 marathon (local one) end of January. A 1/2 ironman either first week January or first week February still have not decided in which one as it depends on my travel docs for residency since January is same day as baptism. If I have travel docs I go to baptism if not probably racing that day.


                  Have a great day.


                    Lizo wow it's coldddddd!! Great job on your run!!!


                    RLTW, yay for having a surgery date!


                      RR: Resting today.


                      NRR: I found out what happens when the refrigerator door accidentally gets left open all day. We ordered pizza Monday night and left it in the box in the fridge, but the box was big. I kept making sure the door was closed when I opened it until I grabbed my lunch out right before we left yesterday morning... I noticed it was open after work but I thought that was from when A had gotten her milk. I started warming the pizza for dinner and noticed the pork chops that had been at the top of the fridge were warm on the bottom... they were right at the top and the light on them all day had cooked them! Ewwwww! So disappointing, it was a family 10-pack that I hadn't gotten around to dividing up and freezing yet. That was $10 wasted! Also had to throw away butter, eggs, yogurt and some older leftovers, pretty much anything perishable. So I'm not even sure how much money was wasted from my mistake. Luckily the milk at the bottom of the fridge stayed cold so we could keep that. So much more disappointing too that it was my fault!


                      DH and I are taking Friday off for a date day to celebrate my birthday on Saturday, but we have to cut it short because daycare asked if we could pick up early. Boo that, but we can still have the day, so thats good. Will go to a super early movie, but thats a bonus because its only $5! And then lunch at my favorite restaurant and if we have time some Christmas shopping for A.


                      Not much else, yesterday was frustrating at work so I hope today will be better. I think I need to get my desk adjusted but I'm not sure how. I'll have to email and see if theres an ergonomics person... but I know whatever is done will take awhile. Uggh. Oh and today is my one-year anniversary at my current job!


                        Good morning, ladies!


                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SASSY!!!!


                        RR: Got in 7 crappy miles. ugh. It's raining, so I was on the road again on a route I already feel like I've run too much, there were puddles everywhere, my hips felt tight, I woke up with a headache, I was hungry 1/4 of the way into the run, and then I got completely splashed by a car, like I saw this big wave of water coming right towards me. Ugh.  But it's over, and this is probably the crappiest run I'll have for a while.  Nothing on tap for tonight.


                        NRR: Work work work. DBF and I are running errands after work so while it will be hectic but I will be glad to get everything taken care of. This time of year is always so crazy.



                        MA - That's great the run/walk combo is working. Maybe you can up your mileage now?


                        GSD - That would be awesome if M kept sleeping through the night. I bet it's the pain meds.


                        PO - And now the fun part..unpacking!!


                        Lizo - I love how it's so warm everywhere else and you're having 20 degree temps.


                        Mel - Nice racing plan. It'd probably be hard to stop all the training after ramping it up for so long.


                          Morning ladies!


                          RR: Yet another morning of skipping a run. Blah. I have such a hard time getting up in the morning! I'll go tonight if my meeting doesn't get too late, otherwise I'll just save it for tomorrow. I've been pretty consistent getting back into working out, so I don't feel too badly about 2 days off.


                          NRR: Loooong day! Doing an interview at 10, writing lots of stories on deadline, and a meeting tonight at 7:30. Fun, fun, fun! Stupid AF is still kicking my ass. CRF and I got into a spat last night because I was being totally irrational and throwing a tantrum - I completely recognized in my head that I was throwing a tantrum, but I couldn't stop myself! Luckily we made up this morning, but, come on AF, I gotta have cramps and be a bitch? LOL. 


                          MArunner: Glad the walk/run helped. That's so cute that baby boy was moving so much last night! Can't wait to see you and your baby bump this weekend!


                          GSD: All M wants for Christmas is her two front teeth!! Adorable! Is she eating solids yet?


                          POrun: I might have more of an incentive to get up early in the morning if I had a view as nice as yours!


                          Lizo: Nice run this morning! Ahhhh the lovely theme of work...story of all of our lives, it seems...


                          Meli: Enjoy putting up the Christmas decorations tonight!


                          Monk: I have totally done the fridge thing before and ruined meat, milk, cheese, yogurt...such a waste! Bummer.


                          Outwest: Sorry the run was so crappy, but at least you got out there and got it done! That's got to feel good. 


                          OK off to do an interview...I hope this day flies by! Have a good one ladies! Big grin


                            Lucy - I've been there, too.. the "I'm picking a fight with you that I know is stupid but I can't stop myself from saying the words."  And yeah, I told DBF I'm glad I did it, because it's not like the run was absolutely miserable...I think I haven't had a crappy run in a while so I got it all at once.


                              Morning ladies!  I am 30! Cannot believe it.


                              RR: Maybe some ST tonight.  Had a really nice 3 miler last night running thru some neighborhoods, looking at Christmas lights!  I love this time of year for evening runs!  I was going to do a birthday 3.0 miles but we’ll see how the evening unfolds.


                              NRR: Seriously can’t believe I’m 30.  My parents are quite young (just turned 50) and so I remember their 30th birthdays … I think that’s why this is hitting me harder than it should J.  Anyway, going out to lunch with coworkers, and then dinner with Big D and G.  I have a busy work day so I’ve got to get to it!


                              MA – enjoy the laziness, seriously.  I hate to be the person who says it but you won’t have it again for a while! Run-walk is what I did…. I joked that pregnancy was like a reverse Couch to 5k.  By the end I was walking 1 minute and running 2 minutes!


                              RLTW – so glad the surgery is scheduled!


                              GSD – glad M is sleeping more often lately , hope she finishes with those teeth soon!  I’ve read that hemp milk is a good dairy alternative for toddlers. And if she’s eating good healthy fats in her solid foods, you might not even need to give her that much.


                              PO – so glad you are getting closer to having the house settled.


                              Lizo – great job on a longish run this morning


                              Monk – way gross about the pork chops! Sorry about that L


                              OWR – I can’t believe how much you can run before work!


                              Lucy – I’ve been enjoying my dark runs lately – I’m so over waking up early after doing it all summer.  Good luck with deadline day!~


                              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                                Sassy - Thanks! Although I know there are other ladies who've run more than that. I get up at 5:13, and usually get into work around 8:30. Some days (like today), breakfast takes longer.  



                                I decided to go with "comfortable" over "nice" today, and am wearing cargo pants and a hoodie to work. Sometimes dressing nicely helps but today is not the day.