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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      This has been the longest week ever!


      RR: Ha, next!


      PGR: 29w5d. Lots of stuff here.. So the appt went well last night. I am feeling better about the scale. It was only up 8 pounds per the dr scale because I was only up 1 during the day and after the difference last time it balanced out. My midwife was not concerned, so I'm not either. My bp was higher than it's EVER been (125/80, usually 115/mid 70s, so not "high", just for me) so I need to stop stressing out! I know it was due to work, so hopefully next appt its back to normal. I passed my GD test... yay! One less thing to stress over Wink I guess my nauseaus feeling was really a good thing because it was my blood sugar dropping fast. As far as my back pain, it's SI joint (Monk, OMG I feel your pain!!!!). She said to alternate heat and ice and gave me a couple stretches (butt stretch and pelvic stuff). Last night DH went out to get me a heating pad and I fell asleep on it... it felt so good!! I'm definitely still in pain this morning, but it's not as severe as yesterday so hopefully spending the day icing and heating will help and I wont have a wasted weekend! As for baby, he's head down (Yay!!!!!) and I'm measuring right on target.


      I'm in a much better place mentally this morning. I think having appts every 2 weeks from here on out will help me stay sane.


      NPGR: Just work. I am going to focus on not getting stressed out. The first week of reporting is all sent out so there isn't so much of a time crunch for me to get things done now. I have no plans this weekend, except maybe to go to my parents while they are babysitting my nephew to hang out with him. I could use some baby time right now Smile


      Thank you all for putting up with my whining the last few days!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Hi everyone-


        Sorry guys, I've been reading but haven't had time to respond.


        MA - Glad you are feeling better today. I saw your post yesterday. I struggle with this, too, as it seems like we all do. Glad that your caregivers reassured you that you are on the right track. Your running has been so awesome! And from your pics, it looks like you were pretty tiny pre-pregnancy. I think your body does what it needs to do, and some people need to gain a bit more to support baby. Sorry about the back...hope the heating bad works.


        I know there is tons more to respond to from the past couple days, but just no time! Hope all of you who are getting so close are feeling well! Thanks for your thoughts a couple of days ago on the visitors question. That was helpful. I think we are getting closer to figuring it out.


        RR - yesterday "ran" 4.5 but really had to walk for about half. Ugh. Today ran to bootcamp, did bootcamp, and then mostly walked back. Running has been pretty uncomfortable this week. Hoping for a hike this weekend and maybe swim or run on Sunday.


        PGR - 28wks6days. Also passed my GD test (actually my result was slightly below the range...not sure if that matters). 11 more weeks feels both soon and so far away.


        What do people think about buying a carseat/stroller combo used? I am thinking of getting the B-agile/B-safe combo from Britax and saw one on craigslist that is apparently a year old. But a bit nervous about a used carseat?


        NPGR - not too much to report...dh has been working really long hours, so looking forward to weekend.




          Good morning and happy Friday!


          PGR: 33 weeks! EEEE! My outlook is much better than it was last week at this time! I'm in a much better mood when I'm not in constant pain from my back. I must have been walking funny with my back because my body was getting strange fatigue yesterday. Hopefully that gets better quick. The sciatic nerve is still acting up, but at least so far its not nearly as bad as my SI joint was. I've had a bit of swelling in my legs the last few days, so I'm really trying to chug the water. Its NOT easy! The doctor I met last time said I should be drinking two gallons of water a day. Thats over 200 oz... not happening. I got about 80 yesterday and 70 the day before. I figure 100 is a better goal. It must be doing something because the swelling isn't as apparent right now. With drinking all this water I'm up twice a night now to pee... but I can usually get back to sleep even if the second time my brain tends to turn on for a bit. This weekend I'd like to get a dresser ordered for A (going to put her stuff in the new one and P's in the old one since thats the changing table) and take a load or two of stuff to goodwill in hopes of getting the furniture rearrangements done within the next week or two. DH and I decided we're going to take a little in-town babymoon next weekend! A is going to spend the night with my sister/BIL/nephew and we're going to spend the night at a nice hotel, have dinner at a nice restaurant and go to the Badgers hockey game. So excited for that! Now we just need to get tickets and reservations. Oh and tomorrow we have the hospital tour!


          NPGR: I got my new camera last night! Its funny, I got the one I'd been researching online because they had it in the store, but I didn't expect it to be so small! Its smaller than my phone (one of the Canon Powershots). I didn't get to play with it much though because I had to charge the battery. I took a few pictures this morning and, at least on the camera, the pictures look much clearer with much better color. Yay! So now I need to find excuses to take pictures. Looked at stoves too and determined I don't really need to see the stove in person. I can pick one out and buy it online... just need to figure out how our stove space is configured (need to see if we have a gas line and/or if the electric is three- or four-prong?) and decide what we want. I can't wait to get a new stove... I've hated my current stove almost since we moved in almost six years ago.


          This weekend will be busy. In addition to baby stuff we have going on, my parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night. This is the dinner we were going to have two weeks ago but had to cancel because of DH being sick. I'm excited to cook for them! Still haven't quite finalized the menu yet though.


          MA: I was icing hourly for at least 20 minutes at a time for mine and I think that helped a lot because when it first flares up theres the swelling. I LOVE my heated car seats, thats the only heat I get. My chiro gave me stretches but I still haven't done any. Are you going to the chiro every couple days? I've been three times since mine and will go again tomorrow. He said if its still stiff we shouldn't space out the adjustments too much just yet. Hope you get relief!


          liz: I think the concern with used car seats is you don't know the integrity of the seat, if its been in an accident/etc. You can ask the seller, but who knows if they'll tell you the truth? I personally wouldn't buy a used car seat, but thats me.


            Forgot to mention this in my first post and now I have more to add... DH got a call for a job interview last night with the state... in my unit. And its next Tuesday! We didn't expect it to be this soon! Our weekend just got a whole lot busier. We decided we are willing to work together if it gets him a job sooner. Wish us luck!


              MA: What a successful appointment! Everything is going as planned. Congrats!


              Liz: Where I live, it's actually illegal to use a 'used' carseat (though I'm not sure how they would monitor things like that). The concern is that, even though it may look new and great, you have no way of knowing if it was part of an accident. That said, it can be an expensive purchase so I'm sure many people are buying and using used seats.  I'm using the Maxi Cosi mini - I got it off Amazon for a DEAL.


              Monk: Two GALLONS?!? Wishing you and your DH luck with the job!




              PGR: 38w5d. Still preggo. Ha. No acid reflux last night, which was great. Still wake up early, but I'm lucky I'm not up at all hours going to the washroom. Have a preggo massage today. Oh, and I spoke too early about the benefits yesterday. Because I took a job during my freelance that was 3 hours a week for next-to-nothing an hour, they want to base my benefits on that rather than the full time, 40+ hours a week I did earlier in the year. So, I just need to work with the employment insurance contact next week to see what i can do. It's a difference of hundreds of dollars each week. He recognizes it isn't fair, but at the same time, it's the law. I feel a little pissed because I'm investing in this insurance - and have been for over 20 years - and if I had known taking that crappy job would have cost me in the long run, I wouldn't have taken it. Believe me - it wasn't worth it.


              ER: Did the DVD yesterday and will do it again today! Maybe will have a nice walk later today too. My doula suggested climbing stairs to help open the hips and get the baby into position, so maybe I'll do that as well.


              NPGR: Having lunch with a pal today, then will think about what to do this potential last weekend before the LO arrives. It's super warm here and rainy. I have the windows open. In January! In Canada!


                MA - You made it to the end of the week, nice Smile  I'm glad the m/w appt went so well too, must have been a good positive to your week. Sorry about the SI pain but I'm glad the heat helped.


                Liz - still doing an awesome job on the workouts!  I think being below the GD range simply means your body handles blood sugar well (better than average even) and is very stable? It's good anyway. I did get my carseat used, it is only a year old (carseats are "valid" for 5 years here) and I tend to hope that people selling stuff second hand will be honest (call me gullible!) plus I am trying to not buy anything new...DH met the seller of the carseat and she seemed straight up. I wouldn't buy one second hand and not meet the seller though (ie get it mailed)...


                Monk - so neat to have a babymoon planned for next weekend! I have a Canon Powershot too and whilst at times I have thought of getting a fancier SLR type, it is just so compact for taking hiking with me and takes such reasonable pictures that my next one will likely be a Powershot too Smile  Oh and fingers crossed for DHs job interview! What line of work are you in again?


                YJPM - I read somewhere recently that apple cider vinegar can help the stomach produce more acid and reduce the reflux? I'm guessing you'd take it immediately before a meal...? Ugh on fineprint with the EI, that is very frustrating, i guess you at least have those freelance options (you were hoping to not take) as a backup? I have my windows firmly shut today, in a rare switch it's kinds cold here today out west - but clear (and i will take clear and cold over grey and rainy anyday). Enjoy your (possibly) last preggo weekend.




                PGR - 37w4d. Some light contractions and more mucus this morning. Am thinking if i DO go into labor early I'll reluctantly take the a/bx but what bugs me is that 30% of HEALTHY women have this GBS bacteria, and if it is a part of my body as a heathy person then that will mean DH will insist i take a/bx next pg too???? If only they did things like Europe here - ie. IF you show risk symptoms (premature labor, fever, or 18hrs between waters breaking and labor) is when they put you on a/bx, not simply because you test positive for GBS. Ugh, sorry, I know you're all probably sick of me talking about this and probably think i'm crazy for fighting it so hard but 1. i hate taking unknown antibiotics, i am nervous about a reaction and 2. a/bx completely debilitate my immune system's gut flora which to be honest i have paid a lot of attention to and believe is in a pretty good state. I take probiotics and eat fermented foods and loads of vegetables daily...(okay but maybe the chocolate over Christmas did me in?) Anyways...if i can hang in til next Friday and at least hope for a negative test result things might be okay...if it is positive I'll be bummed as it will mean i could have just given in and accepted the darn a/bx and have happily continued eating chocolate in the meantime. I'm now on Day 4 of no sugar (zero, zilch, nada) and it is do-able but...it sure would be nice to have an icecream!!


                ER - waterjog/kickboard at the pool for 40mins yesterday plus a 45min walk w DH. Today will likely do an elliptical/strength workout at the gym.


                NPGR - Ummm....I guess I'll finally scrub those floors this morning ready for tomorrow's baby shower...?  It is SUCH a beautiful day here today though so I might find an excuse (not involving icecream or mochas) to walk into town....


                  Morning all.


                  RR - Didn't do anything yesterday but am hoping to get to the gym. It's "warm" here but rainy and windy so not really that warm.


                  PGR - I think the abdominal stretching I'm feeling is normal, just earlier than a 1st time pregnancy. I'm looking forward to it going away, such an unpleasant feeling (I say that til the cervical ice picks begin at the end of the 3rd tri lol). Monk you were asking what aggravates diastasis, any twisting motion, like if you did twisting crunches to work your obliques, or twisting to get up and out of bed instead of pivoting your legs first and then standing up, and just crunches in general would aggravate it. There's a whole bunch of info out there on moves to avoid and moves that help, the perfect pregnancy dvd acknowledged it and had ways to check and modify the workout in case you had weak abs. And yes, the tupler technique is supposed to be worth the money but I haven't watched the DVD yet (a friend copied it for me).


                  NPGR - Last night was kind of an emotional rollercoaster, and I half jokingly posted that DS was for rent, so my MIL picked him up and he had his first overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's. So cue more tears (for me) but I guess he did great. And they even coslept with him which is like 10,000 bonus points amazing for my ILs bc I know that's not a really traditional practice especially with the older generation. He did really well so I'm super relieved this morning. It was so quiet in the house! I could eat breakfast without having to share and shower without worrying what he was getting into. But I'm glad we're back in our usual routine today. His first request when he saw me this morning was for a banana.


                  MA - Glad your appt went well and you passed the GD test! Heating pad sounds really good!


                  Liz - We bought a used convertible carseat for a secondary seat so we're not always swapping out our other carseat but I bought it from a friend I know well and they weren't involved in any accidents. That's the only way I'd buy secondhand, otherwise you just don't know.
                  I'm still crazy impressed with your workouts, I don't know I'd be in a bootcamp frame of mind that late into pregnancy.


                  Monk - Also wow at the 2 gallons of water. I'd be up way more than 2x to pee a night. Yay for babymoons, interviews, new cameras. What fun stuff going on for you.


                  YJPM - Isn't it crazy to think you have maybe a baby-free weekend before the baby comes? Enjoy the nice weather and lunch with your friend.


                  Ozzy - think of the endless chocolate you can eat holding your baby (I know, that's well after Friday lets hope!) but since I have a giant sweet  tooth I totally sympathize. And I totally get where you're coming from with the antibiotics. I hope your baby shower goes swimmingly tomorrow.


                    PG: Nothing new.


                    RR: Rest day yesterday.  Today undecided.  I’m having a bad day.  Ughh


                    NPGR: Woke up to a broken fridge.  I think it went out sometime in the night.  Its less than a month old!  I’m going to lose the food in the fridge.  The food in the freezer hadn’t started to defrost yet.  So I ask DH to take the frozen food to his parent’s house in the meantime and call to find out about the warranty.  Its his day off and he had a bad attitude because its not how he intended to spend the day.  I understand that but no need for a bad attitude towards me because this was out of my control. So we left on bad terms this morning.


                    And I’m really annoyed with my coworker.  Yesterday as we were walking to our cars afterwork she commented she cant believe how big I’ve gotten with all the exercise that I do and that it will be interesting to see how big I get.  It’s the remark about the exercise that really bothered me.  She’s overweight, doesn’t exercise, eats bad and always says she want to lose weight but doesn’t try.  I’ve worked out more in the last 5 months than she has in her entire life.  Maybe I’m just being extra sensitive but it really got to me.


                    Sorry for being so grumpy especially on a Friday. I needed to vent. Hope everyone is having a better day.


                    MA: Glad you’re in a better place mentally.  Its always nice to have reassurance.  Sounds like the heating pad is helping Smile


                    Liz: Overtime the carseat material can break down and is less effective.  If the carseat has been any type accident even minor it should be replaced.  So you’re taking a risk if the seller is not being completely honest.  I would feel better about getting a used carseat from a friend rather than a stranger. As for the britax combo it got good reviews.


                    Monk: I love my canon powershot.  I’ve had two over the last ten years.  Great pics and easy to use. Sending good vibes your way.  Yay for the interview!


                    You: enjoy your massage and lunch date.


                    Ozzy: no sugar!  Keep up the good work.  I wouldnt last.


                    Schm: Nice you had some quite time to yourself.


                      ozzy - I am sorry your GBS+...I was too.  I only ended up with 1 dose of the antibiotic because my labor progressed so quickly.  That meant an extra night in the hospital so DS could be monitored.  Just because you are GBS+ now does not mean you will test + with other pregnancies.  I have had many friends who tested + with their first and not their 2nd.  Hang in there and try not to stress too much.  I know it goes against your birth plan but I hope you find peace with your decision.

                      Laura G in Idaho

                        NPGR:  After skipping yesterday's workout so I could sleep late yesterday morning, taking a nap yesterday afternoon, going to bed early last night, and then sleeping late again this morning, I finally feel like I got enough sleep.  I can't believe how much sleep I suddenly needed, but I'm glad I was able to get it at last.  I feel like myself again.  Now I am very hungry, so that's next on my agenda.


                        PGR:  25w today!  I'll post a belly pic on the FB group page.  I think I can feel baby's head right under my ribs.  <sigh> Another breech, for the moment, anyway.  Only one of my babies remained breech all the way to the birth, and I was able to give birth just fine.  I just prefer to do it the other way around, if possible.  Wink


                        RR:  Tomorrow I'm going on a group run with some local moms.  I think we're aiming for 3.5 to 4 miles.


                        ER:  Skipped yesterday's workout.  I might make it up today, along with today's planned workout.  That would mean about 12 miles on the bike, and 750 yards in the pool.  I'll listen to my body and stop if it's too much.




                        MA:  So glad you're in a good state of mind.  About the blood pressure... it's not "high" so that's good, just be sure you are eating enough protein and other nutrients to grow a baby and keep your active and stressful (work) lifestyle.  www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com


                        Liz:  I have been feeling the same way... not enough time to respond to everything everyday.


                        monk:  Wonderful to see another motherbaby in a good mood today!  Wow, 2 gallons is a lot for anyone, pregnant or not!  Use your urine color as a guide to check your hydration.  Cameras are so much fun.  Hope DH's job interview goes well!


                        YJPM:  Enjoy the massage and the lunch!


                        Ozzy:  I can relate to your concerns about taking abx.  Don't discount mama's intuition.  You've done your research.  Listen to yourself!


                        Schmett:  Cervical ice picks?  That sounds terrible.  I don't think I've ever had that sensation.


                          Mann - sorry for the bad day. I hope the fridge gets fixed quickly and you weren't out too much. Ignore the co-worker. People love to hear themselves talk and it sounds like she's probably coming from a place of jealousy that you're doing so much and pregnant. I've been impressed with how much you do!


                          Laura - Good luck with the workouts. Yup, cervical ice pick I think can be common with first pregnancies. When I finally caved to go to the chiro at 36w last time for sciatic/SPD problems, I think that added to it. Plus the lowering of the baby so it feels like you're balancing a bowling ball, everything stretches out weird. I am curious to see how my pregnancy is different this time, but I would imagine by baby 11 your body responds very differently than the first 2!


                            yjpm: YAY for no reflux! Sorry about the benefits. I had a similar problem when I was unemployed and had worked briefly at a temp agency. That eventually got fixed, but took a long time. Hopefully you will come to a good solution! Climbing stairs sounds so awful to me! I feel like I've lost a lot of not just fitness, but basic mobility with my back thing. I'm looking forward to getting back into it.


                            ozzy: Yeah, I was looking at two Canon point and shoots, one of them was point and shoot that looked more like SLR, with the bigger lens sticking out and stuff, but ended up going with the smaller one because it was cheaper and I like to be able to stick my camera in my pocket. I work in tax collections for state of WI unemployment insurance. Employers have to pay taxes on employees wages into the general UI fund and I collect delinquent taxes. It sounds awful, but is pretty interesting most of the time. So DH would be doing the same thing as me. The hiring process is going to go quick, but the timing should still be good for him to start after P is born, should he get the job of course.


                            schmet: Earlier in the second tri I was still doing ab work and felt what I thought was a gap in my abs, cut thats not there right now. So I don't think i really have diastasis... thanks for the info. I'm glad DS had a good overnight and you had a nice break!


                            mann: Oh no on the fridge! That sucks. Did you get any good news on the warranty? Sorry about the coworker. People are just stupid, but that doesn't keep us from getting upset when they show it. I'm happy with the good reviews on the powershot! Now I just need to find an excuse to take pics, but thats not usually hard with A.


                            laura: YAY for getting enough sleep! I need to get some extra sleep, but my bladder and my daughter don't really allow that to happen anymore unless I got to bed at like 8, which would never happen. I always try to get to bed at 9 but have been closer the 10 the last couple nights.


                              Super late again! I just can't make myself get up early enough to post before work. I value my sleep time too much!


                              ER: Walked 3 miles yesterday. I have been having a lot of BH throughout the day, so I think that sticking with gentler movement is a better idea for now. I miss the cardio, but it makes me less concerned. I did get a fairly good abdominal workout b/c if I hold my abs in the whole time it helps keep my SPD from flaring up. So I got a good 40 minute or so ab workout as well. They're a bit sore today! I may do some yoga this afternoon. I'm super tired for some reason.


                              PGR: 31w1d. I had to call the midwife and reschedule my appointment. I was supposed to go on Tuesday, but then I realized that DH will be out of town and he will have the car so I will have no way of getting there. So I changed it to the following Tuesday. I'm a bit sad about it. I like to go, but it is easier to put it off a week instead of trying to get a ride or borrow a car. I've been eating badly the past few days. WAY too much sugar! I have to consciously cut back or the scale will be a horror next appointment. I've been craving sweets so badly.


                              NPGR: Last night DH and I were both super tired and ended up going to bed at 9:45. I didn't have to get up til 8 and I slept really well, which was wonderful. I did have to get up once to pee, but the rest of the night was delightful. I'm not sure why I'm so tired right now, since I had so much sleep. Maybe I have catching up to do from several nights of not great rest.


                              MA: So sorry about the SI pain. Hopefully the icing and heat helps a lot. Yay for baby being head down! I'm with you on being happy about every 2 weeks appointments. I tend to forget the questions I am going to ask when there is a ton of time between appointments.


                              Liz: Don't get too discouraged with the running. Your workouts are still super impressive! I feel like 28 weeks is the point where I started growing a lot more and felt like my exercise ability took a nose-dive around that time. So don't be too hard on yourself.


                              Monk: Holy crap! 2 gallons sounds a bit excessive! One gallon is hard enough for me. I just don't love water that much and it's hard for me to make myself drink it all day. I'm so glad your SI pain is so much better. I was hurting for you!


                              YJPM: Yay for a better night's sleep and no acid reflux. Wow, that benefits thing is SO crappy! I would be super frustrated. Your weather sounds awesome though! It's been warm here too, and supposed to be 70 tomorrow! I will totally have the windows open!


                              Ozzy: I feel you on the sweets! I'm so craving them right now. I feel bad for you. SO hard not to eat them. I really hope your diet works and that you get the GBS under control naturally.


                              Schmett: Aww, your ILs are awesome to let DS sleep with them. That's so great! And it had to be nice to have a little time to yourself this morning, even though you aren't used to him being out of the house.


                              Mann: your coworker needs to develop a sense of proper social behavior! That is ridiculous! You know, belly size can be affected by exercise, but a lot of it is genetic. And people are so dumb about what they say about pregnant women. It's like when you are pregnant people feel like they have a license to say anything. SO frustrating!


                              Laura: Nice work on all the sleep! It's weird how some days you can feel so energetic and others it is like you can't sleep enough to feel like a normal person! Sounds like you will have a pretty intense workout! Have fun!


                                Hi all,

                                Whew, thank goodness this week is over. Felt long! Thanks for your thoughts on the carseat. Might try to go for a used stroller and spring for a new car seat.

                                Monk - glad you are feeling better and yay for a new camera. I got my dh a powershot for his birthday a couple of years ago and it has been great.

                                YJPM - wow! potential last weekend! Enjoy it.

                                Ozzy - way to go on the no sugar. I have tried to cut it out, but feel like I need something sweet at least once a day! Sorry you are dealing with the GBS stuff...will keep my fingers crossed for a neg test next wek.

                                Shmett - your in-laws sound amazing! I can see how it would be emotional, but nice to know you have that option!

                                Luna - ugh sorry about the fridge and the lost food...and dh! Hopefully he got over it. And your coworker...why are people so clueless? I had a coworker say "you're getting bigger" to me today...um, yeah. no kidding. Thanks!

                                Laura - cute pic on FB!

                                Sasha - glad you got some rest. Thanks for the encouragement on the exercise front!


                                Ugh, my tailbone was killing me at work. Sitting at my desk is not feeling great these days. I made an appt with a chiro for Monday night, so hopefully that'll help. Oh man...as I wrote that I realized I have my childbirth class that night! Guess I'll have to reschedule! Argh.


                                Have a great weekend everyone!