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    Good Morning Supermoms~


    RR: the usual 5-6 on my break. Slipped and slid through 5 yesterday, as it had snowed, then freezing rain on top of that to make things icy. It's going to be ridiculously warm here today and tomorrow (45-55*), so i'm anticipating a few muddy leg runs- in shorts!


    TR: decided last night at dinner that he LOVES pomegranates! so cute. Took him to the park yesterday afternoon, even though everything was snow covered he stil had a blast running around.


    NRR: freezing fog this morning made for an interesting drive to work. random icy patches.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 5 miles with Sam.

      TR - asks me to play Twinkle Twinkle, either on his toy piano or the real one.  On Sunday he interrupted me playing Les Miz with "Mommy sing twinkle star?" yah I have to sing it too.


      FR - frozen pizza, salad.



      rg - I don't know whether to wear screw shoes or not this morning.  It is supposed to get ridiculously warm here too, but not until this afternoon, so hopefully I am not overdressed.  Do you just let R eat the seeds?  I have always put the arils in my mouth, chewed out the juice and spit the seeds back out.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - 10k. I'll throw in some strides provided it's not too slippery out there.


        BR - She is so chatty, just babbling away all day long. The only real words she says are Mama and Dada, but the constant stream of gaga goo goo, lala, etc. is so cute. Library program today. Last week she had a cold and was very lethargic during it, but I'm sure she'll be back to her maniac self this week.


        FR - Roasted parmesan chicken and brussels sprouts, mushroom risotto. I am eating spaghetti for breakfast right now and it's delicious.


        NRR - My sister is pregnant (due Apr 20) and she really wants to find out the sex but the baby is totally not cooperating. She had two regular ultrasounds and the baby kept its legs crossed so she paid for a 3D u/s and went twice to that place and they still couldn't get a visual! She is so mad. Meanwhile, when I was pregnant with S, we did not find out the sex but I ended up getting NINE ultrasounds because I was measuring really small and every time the sonographer was laughing, saying, "When people want to know the sex, sometimes we can't see it. You don't want to know, and this baby keeps flashing it right in my face."




        rg - It's going to be really warm here, too, the next couple of days but I think it's going to pour rain the whole time. Do you have a park really close to your house? We have one at the end of our street but I haven't taken S much yet because she wasn't really mobile yet before the winter came.


        zorbs - Just reading your TR made me get Twinkle, twinkle stuck in my head. I'm not sure what to wear for my run, either. It's warmish, but calling for mixed precipitation this morning and the pavement looks suspiciously shiny


        CAR - You asked yesterday about the community centre - it costs $65 per year per family to become a member. That includes drop in play, kids programs, adult fitness classes (while they babysit your kids for free!), special events and holidays parties and daily coffee and tea for the parents and snacks for the kids. I love it.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      

        running eh

          RR - didn't get my run in yesterday, but I will run today - maybe 7-8?!


          NRR - DH had some work get cancelled, so he is home today - so nice!


          FR - pasta with leftover pork


          KR - DS was complaining about a sore tummy before bed and in the middle of the night.  He seems okay this morning, hopefully it's nothing.


          RG - way to slip and slide through that run yesterday!  I bought a pomegranate once and was not impressed.  I think I should try it again.


          Zorbs - Does B sing along too?  Hope you kept upright during the run!  Was all the snow melted by the time you got outside?


          Ernie - Spaghetti at any time of the day is delish.  Your FR sounds great too.  Great deal on that community centre, WOW!!  The place here has a pool, workout room, and gym, but it costs about $70 per month for a family and it doesn't include the kids programs, just babysitting and drop in swimming.


            r-eh: poms are in season thru the end of Feb, so now's the time to try another one. i hope your DS is feeling ok. Does your DH still get paid even when work gets cancelled? Hope you have a great run today, wish I had time for 7-8miles!


            ernie- have fun at the library this morning! i'd love to start taking R once i'm done with full-time work. spagetti for breakfast?! enjoy it. mmm, i love risotto, maybe i'll make some this weekend. we have two parks on he bike path that runs near our house- each about half a mile away. they are both kinda small, but convenient. the one we went to yesterday is about a mile away and we typically walk or run to that one too.


            zorbs- he spit the seeds out the first couple of times, but then ate them the whole thing. um yeah, i wasn't expecting the ice this morning. hoping its' gone by the time i run, as i didn't bring my screw shoes with me today.

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



              posted late last night, but I made it back!


              RR: 8m weekday semi-long run with stroller. Legs feel a little used after repeats yesterday but I did a really long warm up and cool down so I am super glad about that.


              Problem: I have a 5k on Sunday which my coach said would be a good race for me. I am due to run 16m on Sunday. How do I work that around?


              NRR: playgroup, shopping and cooking.


              BR: sttn. Of course I was up at 3.30 peeing and v. thirsty.


              FR: kale, pasta and poached eggs. Sounds nicer than it reads. It's one of my fave meals of all time as it hits the spot.

              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                rg - Enjoy your run in shorts...hoping to get the same in today.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be back in the 20s so I am hoping I can get out today!  Stay safe on the roads!!


                zorbs - Can you sing it for all of us...LOL...that is cute.  Have a great run!!


                ernie - Congrats to your sister..sad about the u/s.  Good thing DH and I wanted to know because as soon as she put the u/s on I looked at it and knew it was a boy...it was very obvious.  Cute about S being so chatty...love baby babble.  Have a great run today!


                eh - Yay for DH being home.  I hope DS feels fine this morning.  I hope you get a good run in!!


                bermy - Yay for DS STTN...sorry you couldn't....hmmmm...the reasons you were up sound promising!  Have fun with playgroup and shopping.  Good luck with the longish stroller run!


                RR - 5-6 hopefully outside in shorts....it is pouring, thundering, lightening right now...boo.  Supposed to get super cold again tomorrow.  Ugh...hate when it changes 30 degrees in 1 day.


                TR - Was better at daycare yesterday but still tipping chairs over.  Cried through dinner last night and refused to eat and then threw his food...grrr.  Still cute though.


                NRR - Back to work...at least I got Monday off.  Hoping this week goes fast but they moved our staff meeting from yesterday to tomorrow...boo.  There goes my run!


                FR - Had beef roast and carrots in the crockpot last night and it was delicious.  Thinking DH will grill out tonight...have turkey sausages and will do some steamed veggies.


                  Morning, just flying by for now... I lurk during the day but can't seem to find time to sit down and type responses..


                  RR - maybe 4 on the TM when C naps... got in 5.5 yesterday and she woke up right when I finished.. looks like i'll be TM'ing it for the next couple of weeks unless I want to run at night...

                  BR - getting more adventurous with furniture walking... thinking she's going through (another) phase since she refuses to nap for me in the afternoon... she took a long afternoon nap yesterday but it took forever for her to get to sleep...

                  Was pretty tired yesterday, being trapped in the house, and DH didn't get home until an hour before C's bedtime.  Looks like we'll be indoors again most of today thanks to rain and wind..


                  NRR - started a nasal spray to see if that helps with my throat issue (doc says drainage from the sinuses is causing the throat pain)...



                  ernie - I had 5 u/s with C... towards the end I was almost sick of seeing the baby on the screen..


                  jen - we figured out when C starts throwing food, she's usually full... she doesn't throw very far just drops it over the side so at least it's not all over the place..


                  bermy - glad DS is STTN!


                  rg - my DH loves pomegranate juice... i think it tastes gross..


                  zorbs - have a good 5!


                  eh - have a good day with DH at home... i love when DH is home, not just b/c he helps out with C but it's nice to have company..


                    Good morning!  Upo at 5am this morning for some reason.  Shortly after I woke up, DS did but after a quick nurse he went back down.  Now I have some time this morning to catch up on chores.


                    RR:  9 miles with 4 miles at HM pace.  Might be on the TM since it snowed last night and I have some tv shows to catch up on.


                    BR:  Doing better at daycare everyday.  He still cries every morning when I drop him off which breaks my heart, and I think makes his teacher sad.  She made a comment yesterday that he always cries when he sees her Sad.  I hope it stops one day.  Yesterday the started crying and one of the little boys ran up to hima nd gave him a hug.  They are so darn cute.


                    Also felt around last night, and he got a new incisor on the bottom, has one more about to pop, and two molars just dying to break through.  Poor baby.


                    NRR:  No clinic today so it is my last Tuesday off for a while.  I still plan on taking H to daycare for a half day so I can run some errands, study, and because I think he really enjoys going.

                    NRR2:  Went back to the horrible DMV yesterday to renew the registration again.  Despite bringing everything they told me I needed Friday, the lady looks at the form and goes "I don't know how to fill this out.  We don't do these".  I almost lost it on her.  Instead I told her how long I spent there on Friday and that I was told to bring all of this paperwork.  She asked someone who I guess gave her the ok.  She didn't even look at the paperwork (awww) and then I had to help her fill out the form.  I guess I am qualified to be working at the DMV.  Good news is I now have my stickers!


                    RG:  pomegranates are my favorite food!  When they are in season I buy tons.  H loves them too.  I haven't seen them for a while though...I didn't know stores still had them.


                    zorbs - Very cute about the twinkle.


                    eh - Good luck getting your run in today.  Nice to have DH home for the day!


                    bermy - Hmmm, your symptoms sound very promising!!  As for the 5k, I don't really have any advice.  If it were me, I would probably just try and run some more miles that day but I am guessing that wouldn'e be the best plan.  Will you still run if you are pgr?  What and about 1/2?


                    cx2 - It is so hard to be trapped in the house with a newly mobile baby!  Hope you guys find something fun to do.


                    jen - Poor DS.  Sounds like he is going through a phase.  Does he have any teeth coming in?

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      RR:  After work today.  Not sure about the distance depends on the time I get out there.


                      TR:   Had fun at art class.  I think his attention span is increasing a little bit.  They made dream catchers with contact paper and tissue paper, painted with water colors, and played with play dough.


                      NRR:  Just a lot going on.


                      FR:  I have been really thirsty lately.  Nothing seems to quench my thirst.  I do worry about drinking too much water and having to pee during my run!



                      rg - I miss warm weather and going to the park.  I think there are quite a few of us excited to run in shorts!


                      zorbs - Just think of it as B being exposed to mulitple forms of music....realistically, who doesn't think of Twinkle Twinkle when hearing Les Miz.


                      ernie  - Your FR sounds good.  Have fun at the library today!


                      eh! - That is great that you get a bonus day with DH around.  Enjoy your run.


                      bermy - I only peed in the middle of the  night when I was pregnant! Wink  I would do some warm up miles before the race, race, and then c/d miles.


                      jen -Grilling sounds awesome.  I am going to mention that to DH.  Glad you had a good day off yesterday!


                      cx2 - I hope the day go fast for you.  Its hard when you are stuck in the house.  Can you go to a store and just walk around for a while, just to get out!?


                      shelby - Glad you got things figured out at the DMV.  That would be really frustrating.  Enjoy your half day to get things done!

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                      Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                        Mer:  hugs for having a lot going on.  Not sure if that meant you have a lot to do or a lot of personal stuff, but their way Smile


                        from yesterday...


                        jen - The undernourishing is definitely by accident.  In the past, I would do it to lose weight and it always impacted my marathons negatively.  I think I could have taken tons of time off if I had been eating right in the beginning.  But now, I am at a happy weight and it is just forgetfulness.  I get busy and forget to eat.  Or I plan a run during the midst of running errands and being out, and forget to bring a snack.  Dh always recommends I put snacks everywhere and I really should listen to him.  I have a huge book on nurtirion for the endurance athlete, now I just need to find some time to look at it again.


                        CA - I was thinking the same thing during my run.  I may be starving, but at least my body is working on using fat reserves.  I read a plan once in RW where you run once a week on an empty stomach to encourage your body to use those reserves. Long run is probably not the right run to do it with though Smile


                        bermy - Great job on those 1000's!  Do you just measure them with a gps watch?  I might try and throw a few of those into my workout today because just running at HM pace will get boring.  And as for the TTC, I was try to stop bugging you Smile, sorry!  You are just such a wonderful mom and I hope you are blessed with many more children.  If not, DS is one extremely lucky dude to have you all to himself.  Also, selfishly, I would love to be pgr right now but since I don't even live with DH it is not an option, so I need someone to live vicariously through.

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Running eh - Nice to have DH home today! This community centre doesn't have a fitness centre and pool (if it did, the $65/year/family would be the best deal in the world!) - it's basically a big rental area on one floor and then the kids' playrooms and program rooms on another, so for the fitness classes, they bring in an instructor and do them in the big open room.


                          Bermy - I saw the 1k repeat times you posted yesterday. Way to go, esp with the sub-4 kilometre! I know some people will make up the miles for their long run later in the day when they have a race, but my legs are always way too trashed from racing to even think about it. Can you switch your long run to another day? Hmm, I am with Jen - getting up in the night to pee and drink sounds promising!


                          Jen - Ooh, good idea to bbq to take advantage of the warmer weather. Does J cry at dinner because he hates his high chair? S hates hers...she is so much happier and eats so much more if I sit her on my lap or feed her on the couch, but neither is really a good solution.


                          cx2 - Hope the nasal spray finally gets rid of your sore throat. The weather is so messy right now, the TM actually sounds like a good option. I was the same way with all the ultrasounds! People kept saying I was lucky to get to see the baby so many times, but I was stressed out and annoyed!

                          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                            CTimes - Why do you have to run at night?  Sorry about being trapped in the house. I hope you can find something fun to do with C!  Do you miss work yet?  I was ready for adult interaction after my mat leave...but it is hard to leave your LO!  Are you feeling any better?  Yes, I definitely think J starts to throw food when he is done so I quickly remove his tray before it flies too far.


                            Shelby - I think H is just having separation anxiety but it will get better.  J has been going to daycare since before he was 3 months and he went through that phase at 13 months and cried everyday when I left...it only last a few weeks.  Yay for FINALLY getting your stickers.  I HATE the DMV.  I think it says must be a B to work here!!  LOL.  Yes, J does have his two bottom incisors coming.  One is poking through and the other is swollen.  I wish I had a problem of forgetting to eatSmile  Definitely pack snacks in all your bags.  I usually have my workout bag with me whenever, wherever, because you never know when you might get an opportunity to run...I usually throw a snack in there.  DH used to keep a snack and a water in his (that was when he actually worked out!)


                            mer - Have a great run today...hope you wear shorts.  Glad J had fun at Art Class.  Sorry you have a lot going on.  I hope it slows down soon once lots of the work decisions are made.


                              RR - had planned on doing 8 today but DD is still home with me so I'm not sure.  I'm supposed to have tennis clinic this morning and if she's up for it might see if she wants to hang out on the grass at the tennis courts so I can go - it's nearly 70˚ already!


                              BR - helped me unload the dishwasher yesterday by handing me one piece of silverware at a time and saying "thank you" each time.


                              KR - DD3 couldn't eat anything yesterday without throwing up.  UGH.  She seemed like she was feeling better Sunday and then was worse again yesterday.  She's attempting to eat a piece of toast now, I just hope it stays down.


                              FR - planning on making chicken noodle soup.


                              NRR - just disinfecting my house.  So paranoid someone else is going to get sick.


                              rg - I can't imagine running in shorts with snow on the ground.  Smile  Hope it's not icy!


                              zorbs - now I'm singing twinkle twinkle little star in my head!


                              ernie - I wouldn't be able to resist finding out the sex if it was flashing right on the screen for that many ultrasounds!  You have good restraint.


                              eh - nice that DH is home!  Hope the sore tummy is nothing, there is a nasty bug going around.


                              bermy - do you still get AF every month if you only have one ovary?  From yesterday - my DD went through a period where she wanted to walk a lot, like when she was 2, and it was hard to get her to stay in the stroller very long.  Once she started preschool and then school I didn't need to take her in the jogging stroller as much but now that she's older she's a lot easier to bribe to stay in there if I do need to!  Of course when she's healthy she'd rather ride her bike alongside me which is fine.  When I was marathon training I ran a 10K on Saturday and then did my 18 mile run Sunday.  I usually switch up my days if need be, but maybe in your case I'd continue running after the race to get a LR in.


                              jen - L has hardly eaten anything for dinner lately.  He used to be such a good eater but now he just throws his food to the dog.  Ugh.


                              cx2 - I hate being trapped inside more than a couple days.  I hope you are able to get out sometime soon!


                              shelby - your DMV workers sound like a piece of work!  Glad you got your stickers finally.


                              mer - toddler art class sounds adorable - and messy!


                                ernie - We definitely went through a phase of J hating his high chair and fed him at his little kid table or on my lap.  But now he tries to climb in his high chair and he is ok in there if he is hungry but when he is tired he has a meltdown.