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    jen - have to run when DH is home b/c I can't take C in the stroller ... i've been trying to stay indoors b/c the doc thinks the cold air is making my sinus issue worse... the weather isn't too bad for stroller pushing but i feel like i'm never going to get better if i'm constantly breathing in the cold air ..


    shelby - glad you got the DMV stuff straightened out... it's funny how something so small like getting stickers requires so much effort and paperwork!!


    mer - maybe your body wants different liquid other than water?  juice?  coke?  And yea, we'll probably head to the grocery store just to walk around... our grocery bill is always high b/c i'm there so often, just to get out of the house and I end up shopping..


    arm - sorry to hear DD3 is sick, hope she gets better soon!


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      ernie - I like to eat non-breakfast foods for breakfast and it seems to gross people out for some reason.


      alison - yes B does sing along, and sometimes he makes up his own words for the tune. The sidewalks were terrible but any time we could run on the roads it was fine.


      bermy - is the pasta just "sauced" with the runny egg yolk? I would run a couple of easy miles as a warmup, race, and then finish your long run.


      jen - I keep meaning to do some kind of beef in the crockpot and never get around to it.


      cx2 - I refused to look at the screen during any of my u/s.  I HATE U/S!!!!!!!!!!


      shelby - were you trying to do something simple at the DMV?  We used to have these self serve kiosks that were located in malls, etc. for renewing stickers and it was GREAT - no human (or sub-human, ha) contact necessary.  Then someone managed to hack into the kiosk database and the government took all the kiosks offline permanently.


      mer - I wish daycare lady was more interactive with the kids, crafts, games, etc.


      arm - hope DD feels better!

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        holy page 2 at 7:45am cst!


        rr: ended up doing a broken 3.25 yesterday. part outside/part on the tm. not sure about today. may hit the tm at some point.


        br: woke up with boogers every where. i could tell it was coming yesterday; no fever though.


        tr: dd1 found her report card with just the first trimester filled out, so she spent the rest of the morning following dd2 around trying to "test" her for what she knew.


        nrr: playdate yesterday was fine. i don't see her often so it's nice to catch up. only annoying once she talks about how "advanced" her daughter is and how she has to teacher her to not brag about it or call other kids out for not knowing as much as she does.


        fr: chicken noodle soup today, i think.


          ARM - So sorry that DD3 is sick and really praying no one else gets it.  How long has she been sick now?  That is horrible.  I hope she is on the mend.  No one else is sick yet??  I hope you can get out for some tennis especially since it is so nice out.  Too cute about L helping with the dishwasher.


          mrszm - Ugh to boogers!!  J started coughing yesterday morning AGAIN and again this morning.  Didn't hear anything during the day so we are hoping it is just the dry air.  Glad the playdate was fine...I hate bragging moms.  Be proud of your child just don't brag constantly.  LOL to DD testing DD2.


            Boooo! I had to call of my entire run. It is freezing rain again and the roads and sidewalks are total skating rinks. I am thinking that once our basement is finished, it is time for me to buy a treadmill.


            Shelby - That quiet time in the morning is so nice. I wake up at 5 am every day during the week. It sucks when my alarm goes off, but once I am up, I love the peace and quiet and would never get any work done later in the day. Aw, the hugging kids at daycare sound so cute. Sorry that drop off is still so sad, though.


            Mer - I hope you are able to get a good run in - you need it if you have a lot going on right now!


            Arm - Your weather sounds gorgeous. I'm jealous! So cute on ds with the dishwasher. Ugh on the continued throwing up. Stomach bugs are the worst.


            Zorbs - YES! I hate u/s, too!!! I am glad to find someone else who feels like this, because most people love them. Even for my very first u/s I found it stressful and even a little bit creepy. By the 9th one, I was losing my mind.


            Mrszm -   Ha! Love the story about dd1 testing dd2 on the report card. ugh, the woman talking about her "advanced" daughter sounds super annoying.

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              rg: your ice sounds like ours. i attempted to run last night as temps were dropping and it was not very successful. even screw shoes were of no help as the patches were glare ice. warm temps means that everything is a slushy mess this morning. should hit 50 here today though!!


              zorbs: we played some les mis in high school band. nearly positive i could no longer play that.


              ernie: too funny about your sister!!! does she have other children? i cannot wait until my sister has kids. my brother and sil asked me to babysit their baby. i said no because i'm holding out for my sister's baby (if they every have one). i asked dh if that was mean, he said, "nope, it's your sister."


              eh: yay for dh being home!!!


              bermy: do the race and warm up and cool down. rock that 5k! i've been looking for one around here. there's one at the end of february but the entrance fee is a lot. you get a sweatshirt but i really have no use for a crappy race sweatshirt. wish i could pay less to not get it. when are you testing?!


              jen: sounds like our lovely weather. when it looked at the weather last night it said scattered thunderstorms. yup, in january. boo to the staff meeting!! maybe you need a dog to pick up the food that j throws! Wink cash is very good at feeding our dog.


              cx2: hope the nasal spray helps. we have to use a nasal spray with dd2 because she has a persistent cough from drainage. speaking of that i have to call the dr back today to give an update.


              shelby: don't you hate when you go somewhere and know more than the person working there and you just want to say, "isn't this your job?!?" c's molars are dying to break through as well. they are just HUGE bumps!


              mer: gatorade always works for me. that or a cherry coke! what's the age bracket of the class at the y?


              arm: c loves to help unload the dishwasher too! 70? oh man. what's your average there in summer?!


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                RR - Have to check my schedule, 7-8km probably, on the treadmill.  It's super cold again here.


                TR - super weepy this morning.  Tired maybe... she's going up the stairs now saying she wants to sleep some more... putting herself back to bed, nope back with a book.  And more weeping...


                and quickly


                BR - still sleeping.


                FR - must shop....


                NRR - was thinking of taking M to a playplace with gma this am, but it depends on the roads, I don't want to spend an hour in traffic, DH is texting to report what they are like.

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                  RR: Rest day last night, planning on 4 with the stroller tonight- maybe a tempo if I feel like it. Made an appt with my chiro on Thursday for some ART on my calf, might see if he wants to do some graston action.


                  BR: Had a glowing report from daycare yesterday- no hitting, no timeouts! He did pretty well without his binky. Daycare lady said he kinda whined for his NiNi a bit, and last night he insisted on searching the perimeter around his crib for one, and asked for it again this morning.  Knows the names of many dogs now- our dog Hallie, and Bear, Gus and Momo at daycare.


                  FR: Last night was spaghetti with mushrooms and olives. Not sure about tonight.


                  NRR: Sold our house! We will rent the house that our friends that are buying it are moving out of while ours is being built. I'm excited and a little anxious. I'm going to do like Bermy and start packing and sifting right away- I will put the majority of our stuff into a storage unit. The buyers are cool with us leaving our enormous and ridiculously heavy old sectional and old school rear projection big screen TV there since they are moving from a 700 sq foot house to our 1600 sq ft house and need furniture anyways.

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                    Just went out to the car to take H to daycare and it was dead.  Accidentally left the lights on...oops.  My car has lights that automatically go off when you turn car off.  I have DH's car now and his has auto lights which turn on when is gets dark enough and turn off when you turn the car off.  But the problem is the auto lights don't come on in overcast conditions so I manually turned on the light.  Turns out you have to also manually turn it off....  Got it jumped and H to day care.  So thankful this happened on a day I didn't have to be anywhere.

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                      mzm- sorry about your mombie experience during your playdate.  R wakes up with boogers everywhere pretty much every morning.


                      CA- weird about the weeping, toddlers experience a crazy range of emotion LOL. Hope the roads are decent!


                      runnergirl- someone told me its supposed to be 45 here next week, woot! That would be amazing!  I cant get past the seeds in pomegranates.


                      zorbs- The only song I remember my mom knowing how to play is the theme song from Dr. Zhivago.


                      Ernie- How old is your baby? Boy or girl? I can't remember. DH was really paranoid that they would tell us the sex and then it would come out the opposite. My Dr did a second ultrasound just to take a picture of R's junk for me to reassure DH with.


                      eh- what kind of shifts do you work on the ambulance?


                      Bermy- that dinner sounds good- a runny egg yolk is probably one of my favorite things to eat.


                      Jen- I love potroast carrots better than the actual meat, nom nom nom.


                      cx2- sorry you've been so sick, that's frustrating.


                      shelby- glad you got the DMV figured out, I guess you always have a fallback career :P  Sorry DS isn't adjusting well to daycare, I made sure to get R used to other people holding him before I started taking him at 8 weeks. They all have a hard time at first, no matter what age because Mama is the best.


                      Mer- That's awesome that J is so good with the art stuff already. I let R scribble with crayons, but have to keep an eye on him with those and playdough because he eats them. He took a big ol bite of an orange crayon this weekend then started fussing and wanted me to pick crayon bits off of his tongue.


                      armama- R does the same thing with the dishwasher. He says "thank you" when he hands me stuff too- so cute! Sorry your DD is sick!

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                        shelbyjo- Sorry about your car!  I have auto headlights and whenever I take my car in for service they turn them off, then I'm driving around and thinking "why is it so dark?!"

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                          NRR: I caved into peer pressure... I POAS and BFN. I am gonna rock my run this afternoon!

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                            CA - Sorry M is so whiney...I hope she snaps out and you can get out of the house.  Glad O is sleeping though.


                            Spike - Yay for selling your house!!  Sounds like you have a good plan of action for the move.  How do you think you will all adjust to the small space for awhile?  Glad R was so good at daycare yesterday.  I feel bad for him for his nini...I want to give him a hug.  Way to go for staying strong with that.


                            shelby - Ugh to the car!!  Glad you have a good attitude about it though.  At least it all worked out and H is at daycare.


                            Bermy - Hugs!!!  Maybe too early still?  I tested on 11 DPO and got a BFN with J and then test on 13DPO and got a BFP!    Have a great run!!!


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                              Jen- I feel like a jerk for taking his nini away. So when he asks for it, I give him a big hug and look in his eyes and say "Your ninis are all gone. You are a big boy now and don't need them anymore"- he has been cuddling with his blankets (Gubby and the lion blanket) I made for him a lot more.   Our plan is to move pretty much everything non-essential into a storage unit- Our rent is going to be $750/mo inc w/s/g and the storage unit will cost about $60/mo which is pretty much a wash from our current mortgage payment and utilities, so we should still be able to build our savings while we live there, even though we will have to make interest payments on the construction of our new house.

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                                mrszm - what instrument did you play?


                                CA - wow, B has never put himself back to bed.


                                shelby - my new car has the auto lights and is exactly the same as yours - have to turn them on manually in overcast/foggy conditions and I think the auto lights are making me so lazy.  At least the car still yells if I try to turn it off without turning the lights off.


                                spike - last time my mom was here B asked her to play twinkle twinkle and I was shocked to discover that she knew how.

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