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Bad Ass




    It's always hot in Miami

    Bad Ass

      Finally feeling much better.  In fact, I felt OK yesterday but was so dehydrated and still had some stomach issues, I didn't feel like running.


      Heading to work and taking some imodium just in case.  Ha. 5 and weights tonight.



      It's always hot in Miami


      Mighty Mouse

        Damaris, I hope you get completely better soon. Bummer being sick. We need Spring!


        Friday I did 2.5 hours of volunteer work at the library.

        Saturday I did the stairs here at home, then did 50 minutes on the TM downstairs.

        Sunday DC and I went to the gym. I did a light, easy 45 minutes on the track.

        Today I’m off to have my GYN check early. I plan to run later on.   

        Safe and happy runs, All! 



        Cupcake Connoisseur

          8.2 speed work miles for me. I did 14x 1 min/1 min rest. Gym tonight for some abs.


          Not my best run today. Had a hard time catching my breath on the intervals - maybe because it was 67 degrees with 64 dewpoint. AWFUL. My body was like, WTF IS THIS? Haha. Temperature dropped to 45 by the time I left for work. Cold for the next 2 days, then 70 again for 2 days then snow this weekend?! THIS is exactly why I worry about March weather for race day. These kind of "swings" are normal for us this time of year.


          Not only did the temperature drop on my way in, but also there was a downpour. A downpour with wind. There goes my good hair day. I was rushing to get into the building and of course dropped my coffee all over myself. Sigh. Is this how this week is going to go!?


          I have a busy day today..hoping it flies by! At least my outfit is cute.



          Run4kupcakes – This weather is crazy. Hmm..time to buy some new shoes!


          Laura – Hope you can get through the day today!! Smile


          Docket – Glad you are feeling a bit better! Stomach virus is the worst. Imodium is part of my daily routine.


          Judy – Nice workouts this weekend! Good luck at the GYN. You just reminded me I have to make my appointment. I am going to put that on my to-do list.


          I have been thinking about PTO'ing  Wednesday and going down and surprising HCBF at the beach Tuesday night. Hmmm..have to figure out what to do with Ruger though.


          Have a good Monday everyone!

          April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

          November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2

          Bad Ass

            Judy, thanks!  I had a lot of chicken noodle soup this weekend, that's for sure.


            Lizzie, that's called Winter, haha.



            It's always hot in Miami


              Sorry to hear you were sick again Damaris.  I've heard that the Airborne stuff helps with that but have never tried it before flying anywhere.


              Lizzie, that's the week I had last week...hope it's only for today.


              I finished my "cutback" week of 26 miles on Sunday.  This week is supposed to be 30 but we'll see how that goes. I'm trying to be consistent AND cautious...do not need an injury with 40 days to go.  I gave Karma a nudge this morning....there was a car broke down and a person standing beside it just about where I hit the deer...not sure why but I pulled up behind them and found an older lady who's car had a split hose.  I gave her a ride back to the convenience store so she could call some one.  There were quite a few of the local ranchers there so she had plenty of help.  When I hit the deer a lady had stopped and asked if I was OK and if she could help...I was in such shock that I said no I was fine but never got to thank her for stopping.


              Lizzie our weather is crazy too...ice storm this weekend then 70 on Wed.


              Hi everyone.


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              Heartland 50k - Apr 27-Cancelled my entry

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              Bad Ass

                Airborne is more for colds and stuff like that and it has never worked for me.  For this stomach virus I wish I had not eaten what I ate that made me sick.  Nice cutback week.



                It's always hot in Miami

                  Wow--the weekend is over already????? I blinked and "poof!"


                  DS2 and his GF came for the weekend.  Her first Mardi Gras weekend. They went to a ball on Friday, a parade on Saturday, and recovered on Sunday. LOL. The local parade was fun. It was a little smaller than last year, due to the crazy amount of rain!!  It stopped raining just before the parade, thank goodness.  I think we were supposed to get 5-6" of rain this weekend. Enough!!!

                  Image may contain: 2 people, including Susan Melde Linn, people smiling, sky and outdoor

                  We managed to catch a few beads.


                  I did nothing all weekend.  Back is better, so I am going to run in the morning. Need to do core this afternoon.


                  DF just left for Panama City for a couple of days for a meeting.  He should be home in time for Valentine's Day Dinner.


                  Happy Lundi Gras!



                    Susan, with that many beads, you don't even need a top on!


                    Damaris, feel better. Yuck on viruses.


                    Liz, right, it is winter. Can the doggie daycare suggest overnight places or dog sitters? He needs to be let out and walked and fed, right?


                    Judy, sounds like your usual productive weekend.


                    Diane, thank you for stopping to help the lady. I'm sure she was grateful.


                    3.6 this morning, hoping to get to the gym for the first time in a while. This may be my only opportunity this week.


                    And catching up after being out!


                    Cupcake Connoisseur

                      I decided to PTO Wednesday and come in late Thursday. I am going to surprise HCBF Wednesday morning.. Smile He always makes the effort to come back to RVA..its my turn!



                      Diane – Very nice of you to help the woman out this morning!! I would say that is some good karma Smile Good luck on the 30 this week. Mother Nature is drunk obviously.


                      Susan – We are getting tons of rain, too! Annoying. Glad that DS2 and hi GF had a good time! Glad to hear the back is better, too!


                      Tessa – I thought about it and the doggy daycare does boarding. I think I will just board him there. Hopefully you are able to get a lunchtime run in! You must be busy busy this week!



                      OH..I applied to a job back in November..same position just on a different account. They emailed me today and want a phone interview tomorrow. Very random. We will see how that goes!


                      Have a great afternoon/evening everyone! Quiet here today Smile

                      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

                      November 16 - Richmond, VA - 26.2


                        Lizzie...sorry it wasn't the best of runs, but you still ran.  So what was this cute outfit you wore today, I need ideas.  I am so jealous of your 70 degrees and humidity....please, please send it here and I will send you all the cold and snow you want, I will even throw in some freezing rain!


                        Damaris...glad you are feeling better, stomach virus is the worst.


                        Sue...sounds like a fun weekend!  Like Tessa said, you hardly need a top with all those beads.


                        Wow Diane you are racking up some mileage!  Good for you.


                        Judy...you are so consistent with your running.


                        Tessa...nice 3.6


                        4 miles yesterday on the TM and leg day with trainer this morning.  I am considering registering for the Glass City Half in Toledo  in April....just considering. locals have said it is a nice race.





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                        Anonymous Guest

                          Not a whole lot going on here. Groceries this morning, ran 7 easy this afternoon. I think my wonky foot/ankle thing was from cycling. I went from not doing it at all to doing it a bunch and that's when it started acting up. It never hurt when I was running so of course I kept running, but sometimes would when I was walking. I haven't been on the bike since last Tuesday, and it's not bugging me at all now. So I will ease back into the cycling.


                          Liz, yes, if they have room at daycare to board Ruger, that would be best. You know he likes it there and he will get plenty of playtime, where somewhere else he may just be stuck in a cage a lot of the time. Riley is the first dog we've had that likes going to the kennel, and I'm pretty sure it's because it's his daycare place so he's already comfortable there. Vey sweet of you to go down and surprise HCBF. Wow on the out of the blue phone interview, that's awesome.


                          Damaris, glad you're feeling better. No more getting sick!!


                          Judy, you are keeping busy as always.


                          Diane, nice consistent mileage for you lately. And nice of you to stop and help the lady with car trouble.


                          Susan, cute picture, looks like you guys had fun.


                          Tessa, glad you're back home and getting back into your routine.


                          Ginny, hi! I have a friend that lives in the Toledo area that runs Glass City every year and loves it. I signed up and was going to run it a few years ago since my MIL and BIL live in the area but between moving down here and PF at the time, I blew it off. It's supposed to be a good one.


                          Lots of rain in our forecast and I am getting tired of it. Even on days it doesn't rain, like today, it's cloudy and gloomy and damp. I guess I won't complain too much though, even on a yucky day like this it's still in the 40s.

                          Coaching testimonial: "Not saying my workout was hard but KAREN IS EVIL."


                          Upcoming races: Huntsville 10 Miler - March, Vintage Park Half, Glass City Marathon - April......decide what to do in the fall.

                          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/


                            Well the Buddha love has helped me be more thoughtful and think of others first.


                            I so, so want this 50k to be a good one with no terrible pain.  I want to get back to running across the finish lines darn it.


                            Lizzie, I have to second others...let Ruger go where he's comfortable.


                            Lake McMurty Virtual 25k - Apr 6

                            Heartland 50k - Apr 27-Cancelled my entry

                            Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                            Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30

                            LC Runs

                              Hey Friends!!


                              Last day of work until next Tuesday whoo hoo!!  Tomorrow will be a long day but by this time tomorrow night I should be sitting by the beach!!


                              Ran 2 on the TM this morning and 2.5 after work outside.  So glad I went, it was cold (20) but the sun was shining and there was really no wind.  I'm hoping to keep up my streak on vacay, will prob just run a quick one on the TM tomorrow morning but hoping  for some beach runs the rest of the week!!


                              Damaris - ugh on the  stomach bug and travelling, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better today.


                              Judy - busy weekend, sounds like a good one!


                              Lizzie - ugh on the downpour and coffee spilling. Awesome idea to surprise HCBF whoo hoo!!  Hope you find some someone to watch Ruger, we're taking our dog to BF's mom  to dog sit.


                              Diane - nice of you to pay it forward!!


                              Sue - ugh on the rain, but such a cute picture!!!


                              Tessa - nice 3.6!  Did you make it to the gym?


                              Hi Ginny!!  I am so with you on this weather, I am OVER IT!!!  I really hope this means we'll have a mild winter next year but probably not LOL


                              Karen - glad the ankle feels okay when runnning!

                              Half Crazy K 2.0

                                Upper body weights and core.


                                AnonymousGuest, do you use clipless pedals on the bike? If those suckers aren't perfect, all sorts of stuff hurts.


                                LCRuns, enjoy your vacation!