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    Liz - thanks for the words of encouragement, I thought you had done something similar and I'm pretty sure that my dr. will be supportive (unless something new pops up).  I think it was just the perfect storm of happenings between some unhelpful words from my mother and the show (which does represent a different time, although it is still a serious condition) and I'm pretty sure I will feel much better about it again by the end of the week, but hearing about your experience really helps too. Smile  thanks!


      trozy: only 12 weeks off??? I'm on week 5 and couldn't imagine going back for atleast 6 months.. not that I have a job to go back to as of next week, lol.  I don't know how American's do it.. most daycares in Canada only start taking kids at 6 months! If the new job is what you would imagine you would love for a long time, I would do it, liking your job is more important!


        Ozzy: Thank you so much for sharing your birth story! I'm so thrilled to read such a great one. Reminds me of the stuff I read in Ina May's book. So great that your DH read "The Birth Partner." Mine is too. I'm impressed with your ability to stay calm even without taking a hypnobirthing class. Great idea about the opening the mouth during contractions, and thanks for the tip on the eye cover. I think I might get myself one after hearing how it helped you. I was so looking forward to hearing how your birth went, since I'm trying to plan a similarly "gentle" birth, outside of a hospital. DH and I will be at a birth center, but their philosophy is very close to homebirth. Congrats on tearing so little. You should heal up quickly. And congrats on getting the BF going so quickly. Sounds like you are doing awesome! Big round of applause!


        MA: Glad you had a finance talk with DH. It is super important! I second the eating the right amount and often enough. Otherwise I end up walking around like a cow for hours. Super uncomfortable!


        Liz: I had several weeks where I would get up to two BH and hour for most of the day. I was concerned and asked my midwife about it and she reassured me that it was completely normal. When I work out I get them more. Once baby is head down you will definitely get them more often. Mine has been head down since around 19 weeks, but if yours recently turned that could be a reason for the sudden increase. Just stay hydrated and get some electrolytes and you should be fine.


        Monk: Yay for testing out the new stove! You are making me want cake so badly. My sugar craving is OOC, but I've managed not to eat any the last two days other than what is in my coffee creamer. Sorry about the aches. I'm feeling you there. Hopefully P will turn and stop kicking your hip!


        Canada! Hi! Glad you are having fun with Zeb. Taking baths together sounds awesome. Thanks for the epsom salts tip!


        Laura: Yay for being able to work out again! You are doing awesome. Can't believe you're still tackling 4 miles! I love the video, but the chair dips just kill me every time!


        TN: Sounds like you're making good progress. I bought a reusable water bottle to carry with me to encourage me to remember to drink more. That might help you.


        DrT: Definitely talk to your care provider. I've only heard that it is important to take a day or so to get your body adjusted to the altitude. Don't let other people and a TV show ruin the fun for you. Talk to someone who really knows. I would say that since you are planning on being there a week you will have plenty time at the beginning to get used the the atmosphere and not strain your body.


        Schmett: Proud of you for doing The Shred. It's a tough workout, especially while preggo. Level 2 is my favorite! Haven't done it in forever, but i'm planning on going back to it after LO comes.


        ER: Saturday I did a 22 minute cardio video (Denise Austin. She's way too peppy for my taste, but it was good low impact cardio). Afterwards I did my yoga DVD, Colette Crawford's Yoga for Pregnancy Labor and Birthing, and DH actually did it with me. Admittedly he was a bit distracting. He squeaked and moaned more than just breathing, but it was nice to do it together. Today we went on a three mile walk.


        PGR: Had our second hypnobirthing class yesterday. It was really funand I'm so happy we did it, despite the cost. I feel like it will be really worth it.


        NPGR: Went to Barnes and Noble last night to read magazines and drink coffee with DH. SO nice! It was relaxing and like old times. Smile


          Happy Monday everyone!


          Ozzy - Thank you so much for sharing your story.  What an inspiration and I truly appreciate the realism of it all.  I feel like sometimes we leave stuff out because we are afraid of sharing too much but I would prefer to hear it all and realize that what I might be experiencing is perfectly normal.


          MA - Nice discussion on the finances.  That can be a difficult topic at times and I too wonder about it all.  Babies are expensive and financial lifestyles definitely have to change.  Good luck with everything.


          Monk - I can definitely relate to the baby positioning.  LO seems to enjoy lodging herself right underneath my right ribcage.  We were out to dinner on Sat night and half-way through eating I could feel the pressure.  I guess my eyes gave it all away as DH started chuckling a bit.  We shifted around a bit and made it through the rest of dinner fairly comfortable.


          ER - Did quite a bit of walking this weekend.  Thinking it might be time to hang up the running shoes as I can still get the miles in walking without some of the leg/hip pain for the rest of the day.  I made it to the pool this morning and enjoyed 2 miles of weightless bliss.  Going to try and do some yoga a bit later.


          PGR - 36w.  Doc appt on Thursday but baby is doing well otherwise.  Had a baby shower on Sunday and one of my friends felt her move quite a bit.  She got so excited and I could see the baby bug hit herSmile


          NPGR - Nursery is slowly coming together but it definitely took a village.  Hoping to go through the gifts today or tomorrow to figure out what goes where and what needs to be washed.  Still on the search for some good nursing camis and bras.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  They seem so expensive!


            DrT - I'm almost 24 weeks, and I've been having BH since around 19 weeks?  At first I didn't even think they were BH, everything just felt harder than normal, but now they are a strong enough tightening that they can be uncomfortable.  I usually get them when (1) not enough water or (2) babies are really active, or (3) combo of the two - but I usually only have one - I did have 4 spaced out over the course of a day, that's the most I've had. FOr the anatomy scan - usually the tech can't answer any questions you have, but I think you can ask them what they are looking at/measuring - I'm not sure if it's common practice, but our tech did all the measurements with the screen facing away (although my DH could still see it) then turned it toward me and did a full scan of both babies and showed us spine, head, eye lenses, feet, girl parts, etc. She took several pictures and did ask if there was anything else we wanted pictures of. I do wish I had asked her to explain more fully how babies were positioned, she went over it quickly, but I'd like to understand better where they are.


            schmett - Do you want to come and do my creative stuff? haha.  I have some scrapbooks to finish(or start) and I currently have a crocheted blanket started for DH, a knitting project I started last spring, I think, and now I'm working on a crocheted blanket for one of the babies, and still need to figure out a pattern to use for the other blanket.  I told DH his blanket may be done in 20 years Smile


            Ozzy - those 20 lbs are primarily in my butt, hips, and thighs, with maybe a pound in my bra. Smile All my weight always goes to my lower half - boo.


            t-rozy - like I said to schmett- I started baby blankets, even with other projects in the works - I am somewhat obsessive about trying to get them done before babies arrive, which is silly, because it's not like I have to give them at a shower or anything, like the ones I make as gifts.  Oh well - I've made so many for others, it's nice to finally make them for my own! On the job front, if it is a good move, you should make it, but I would discuss it in detail with them when they make the offer if the leave issue is a concern - most states have a pregnancy/childbirth leave that your employer is required to provide you, although it is usually unpaid, and much shorter than FMLA (MN is 6 weeks).  If they think you are a valuable candidate, they will probably make some sort of provision to allow you to take leave, and may be willing to negotiate for a longer leave than what is required by the state.  DH is considering a job move that would be a career advancement - he has already told them he would need time off, and when he would plan to take time off (he's actually planning to split his leave - so be home for about two weeks, then go back to work until my leave is up, then stay home for 6-8 more weeks). The only downside to this switch is it will be unpaid because he won't have enough vacation time to cover, so I anticipate the second leave may be shorter than we originally intended.


            CJ - I agree that the US sucks for maternity leave.  My previous employer was too small to be required to follow FMLA, so there I would have gotten 6 weeks, unpaid.


              crossed with a few-


              sasha - The Barnes and Noble trip sounds very enjoyable.  I have a water bottle that I carry around with me, but I think that (a) I need to buy a bigger one (current one is 24oz - I feel like I am always refilling) and on tournament days, we often have games back to back, or are traveling to a different site, or I just forget to drink water/refill.  I even told DH to remind me to chug water, but he was no help Smile


              yogi - congrats on the nursery coming together - how exciting for your friend to feel baby move.  DH asked DSD if she wanted to feel one of her sisters moving around yesterday, and she was not really interested - she said it would be weird - I sort of get where she's coming from, I've had people ask me if I want to feel their babies move, and I feel obligated to feel it, and I'm a bit weirded out touching them in a place I would not touch them normally....


                PG: 26weeks. FIL went to Buy Buy Baby all by himself over the weekend and bought LO a 49ners football outfit. It was so thoughtful of him! MIL was upset because he didn’t tell her or invite her to go along….lol. Are you ladies stocking up on diapers already? Any tips for best sales/coupons?


                ER: Sat gym time. Yesterday 3 mile walk with the dog. Today I have to work late so I’ll miss my bodypump class but still planning on the gym and just winging it since January Mondays are so busy I don’t know what equipment will be open.


                NPGR: Didn’t work on the nursery but did other small projects around the house and ran a bunch of errands so it was still a very productive weekend. I have a busy weekend coming up 4year old twin bday party and superbowl. I could care less about football but DH is excited about it.


                Ozzy: Congrats! Thank you for taking the time to share your story. I hoping for a natural birth and hearing different stories makes be believe more and more that I can do it too.


                MA: Your runs are amazing!! Eating out is definitely our worse over spending.


                Liz: Yay for the city mini! I’ve heard great things about that stroller. Monk: busy but productive weekend!


                Laura: how annoying not getting a response from the m/w office! T


                N: good luck to your BB team. Hope they win!


                DrT: Sending good vibes your way about the babymoon. Do what you feel comfortable with.


                Sorry I didn’t get to make through all the post today. Everyone has so much going on. I’ll try to come back this afternoon. I’m always so late being on the west coast.


                  Liz thanks for the great information. If I get any further in the process I may have to reach out to you with some additional questions in a message. Would that be okay? This would be a lateral move for me, but would hopefully have some better opportunities for growth than I have at my current employer. The pay will likely be less than what I make now (part of what makes the decision so hard) but will eliminate the long commute (and expenses both time and financial that go with it) so those are things I need to consider in my decision. But for now I just need to get through today's interview. Also I do not plan to tell them that I'm expecting, but like the idea of telling them if/when they give an offer. I don't want to seem dishonest, but I also don't want that to weigh on their decision. I know technically it can't but you have to think it would in some way. Luckily I'm not showing yet, "if" I get another interview I may have to get creative with my wardrobeSmile




                  I switched jobs at about 20 weeks. I started the interview process around 14 weeks or so. I did lose my FMLA coverage as well as some paid leave that I had accumulated at my old job because I'd been there for over a year. However, it was worth it to me because a) the job was closer to my areas of interest and had better long term prospects and b) the job pays more...about enough to be equivalent to the two months of paid leave I would have had at the old place. It was kind of awkward as I did not tell the new employer that I was pregnant until had the offer in hand (which I don't regret, but didn't enjoy). Now that I'm here, I feel pressure to make a contribution before I go on leave, but I think generally it is going well and will be okay. I will still take 12 weeks (unpaid). I had them write in my offer letter that my position would be held while on leave. Hope that helps.


                  Oh yeah, by the time i had the final interview, it was *really* hard to get into the new, larger suit I bought for the process! Smile


                    MA: In awe (and jealous) of your 6 miles! YAY for progress in the nursery! Glad the money talk went well and hopefully it sticks.


                    liz: BH are totally normal at this point. Actually they can start way earlier and you don't always feel them. I started recognizing BHs at about 28 weeks this time, can't remember when I recognized them the first time. You'll read and your doctor may say be concerned if you get more than four in an hour, but I don't think thats really correct. My doctor says rather if the BHs are getting painful then thats when you'd be concerned. I have way more than 4 in an hour sometimes (I get them a lot in the car for some reason) but they usually stop with water or rest. I'm uncomfortable in the office too. There's a new chair on order for me but they said it would take four to six weeks. Its been 3 so hopefully I'll get it soon.


                    canada: Nice to see you! I'm glad Zeb's latching and you guys are doing well. Maternity leave in the US does stink, but at the same time, I can't imagine being off work for a whole year!


                    laura: I'm so glad you're finally getting better, you were sick a long time! I can't believe you've had such a hard time getting ahold of the midwife. Is there another one you could try?


                    TN: I am SO relieved to have gotten so much done. I just expected to organize the kids clothes this weekend, so I'm really glad we got all the furniture moved. I know the feeling about the house not feeling so small when you bought it... we'll make do though! Hope your girls can get a win soon!


                    DrT: The thing about nesting the second time is its not nearly as fun! I hope you can come to a good decision on the babymoon.


                    schmett: I'd love to do something creative too. I want to make some kind of name wall art for P... I did so much for A and I just don't have the time this time around. Nice work on the shred.


                    trozy: I needed maternity clothes sooner this time as well, though I can't remember right now exactly when. And unfortunately I'm having a hard time with maternity clothes at the end since I'm carrying differently than I did with A. So annoying. And on movement... I distinctly felt P moving all day long right when I turned 15 weeks and then nothing for a good two to three weeks. I hypothesized that he was just up closer to that surfact that day and then burrowed back down deep after that. It was the weirdest thing though because I didn't expect it so early.


                    sasha: I don't even consider it a sugar craving anymore... its just part of my diet. I'm letting it go a bit more than I should in these last few weeks.


                    Yogi: Oh, I guess you're next and not me! I can't complain too much about where baby's positioned... I really couldn't bend at all in my first pregnancy until she dropped about three weeks before delivery. I pretty much only wore nursing camis from Target with A. I do plan on getting some new stuff this time, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm glad the nursery is coming together.


                    mann: I didn't really stock up on diapers for A and haven't done any stocking up yet for P. A friend's 6-week-old just ourgrew newborn size, so she gave me the extra ones she had. We'll probably buy another box or two sometime. I don't really know much about offers/coupons other than it seems like Babies R Us almost always has some kind of diaper coupon out and you can get them from Target occasionally too. Those are the only places I've really shopped for diapers.


                      mann - I spent time looking for coupons and stuff but it really was more effort than it was worth.  Maybe $2-3 at most?  PLus it was always like Buy 3 MEGA boxes of diapers + a huge tub of wipes and save $5, but by the time you got all the stuff to qualify for the coupon you'd already spent $100.  That is the kind of coupon that BRU typically has.  I did that a couple times, but all the SAHM mom's would hit the store first thing in the AM and by the time I got there at lunch all the sale items were sold out.  :-(  

                      The Pamper's coupons are usually small amounts if you get a coupon booklet from target.  The Huggie brand coupons are more frequent, but those leaked like crazy for us and have the gel absorption lining that isn't goo for baby, so we never bought those (got a few as a gift and used them up).  The Target brand diapers "up" are good for us, but they are already 50% of the cost of say pampers, so really I don't buy them with a coupon anyway.  Sometimes they have a $1 off in the box that I'll use if I remember.  I also went to those coupon websites, but you generally have to download their tool bar and then you can only download so many in a quarter and then you have to wait another 2-3 months for your quota of downloadable coupons to reset, so all in all a lot of effort for maybe a total of $15-$20 saved in diaper cost over my daughters first year.  ha!


                        ozzy: I appreciate the TMI part of stories.  Just keeping it real and letting us know the crazy $h!t that can happen (pun intended)....lol.  Note to self don’t eat Indian food.


                        Sash: I love spending time in the book store.  They closed the Borders near us now the only close Barnes and noble is in the mall.  Ughhh.


                        Yogi: Yay for baby showers!  At least that sounds like fun organizing.  I need to clean out the garage soon boring!


                        Troy: Good luck with the job interview.  I'd feel the same way about disclosing PG after the offer has been made.


                        Monk/rocky: I searched a lil on the internet for coupons but didnt find much.  I started thinking about it because Target had buy to boxes regular price for huggies and pampers get a $10 target card and two large boxes of wipe refills get a $5 card.  Sounded like a good deal but I've never shopped for diapers so I was skeptical that it was a marketing ploy.




                          Ozzy- Congratulations!!!

                          MA runner girl

                            I ended up leaving work at 1 because the snow was really starting to come down so I'm working in my sweats now. Smile It took forever to get home, the roads were awful! Belly burning was really bad on the way home, I was so uncomfortable and couldn't do anything about it. So annoying...


                            Liz - Actually, last week I had a ton of BH contractions (31 weeks as well). I had a midwife appt and mentioned it and my dr said it was normal, she wasn't concerned. I agree on the discomfort of being in the office these days. I just want to be in my sweats!! It was nice to come home early.


                            Monk - My hips have been feeling it lately too, but I'm also moving well, so it's just a pregnancy thing for me too. Fun fun! Great job being so productive this weekend, I'm impressed you have that much energy! Is it "nesting"?


                            Laura - Believe me, I agree on the allowance. I don't really get it, but he has a real problem with it. We'll see how this week goes I guess! Great job on the workouts! It must feel so good to get back out there. I am a weakling too, especially now. I haven't done ST in probably close to 10 months... that's embarassing!!! I'm so much more of a cardio girl.


                            TN - It must be fun to get so many ultrasounds! I haven't seen my bugger for 12 weeks and I miss him!! I feel the same way about our house, it felt so big when we first moved in, when we had so little furniture and stuff, but now it feels slightly cramped.


                            DrTremendous - I hope you can figure out what's best for you and your DH regarding the babymoon. I personally think it would be fine, as long as you aren't going too close to your due date, but I'm no expert obviously. Smile I didn't really ask questions at my anatomy scan other than questioning what everything was! Ultrasounds are so amazing to me, I wish I had another.


                            Schmetterling - We are supposed to be getting a warm front too in the next few days... can't wait!! It's been sooo cold here. Exciting that your gender ultrasound is in one week! Since you already have a boy, are you hoping for a girl too? DH and I only want 2 kids, I think if we had 2 girls he might be swung towards a third, but not now... so I hope #2 is a girl Smile


                            trozy - Good luck with the interview! I can imagine that is a tough decision to make... time for a pro/con list! Smile Shoveling is absoultely a workout.. and a tough one! Bummer that you have to do all of it because of your DH's hernia. Good thing you aren't further along!


                            Sasha - I'm jealous of the exercising you and your DH do together! I got mine to start walking with me a little this summer, but definitely not in this weather! Your trip to B&N sounds lovely! I'm glad you are enjoying the class, and feel it will be worth it.


                            Yogi - So fun that your friend got to feel the baby move. My LO seems to get shy when others want to feel him. Wow, 2 miles of swimming! That is awesome. I poop out at 1 mile these days.


                            Mann - So cute that your FIL bought an outfit! Ha, it does seem that Monday's in Jan are the WORST, even though the whole month is bad. I've mostly been avoiding it by running outside as much as possible!


                            This took me an hour to type... LOL! But I got them done, so yay!

                            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                              Mann - we registered for diapers, and I'd like to stock up, but I think we'll wait - because I've heard different dipes work better for different babies depending on build.  I have heard the Target up and up are a good diaper from multiple people.  A good friend of mine also recommended the Amazon subscribe and save as an option for diapers - I haven't looked into it much, but I thought that periodically getting diapers delivered to my doorstep and getting a savings instead of having to run to the store might be nice - you can supposedly change or delete at any time.  Incidentially, you can subscribe and save for the kuerig k-cups, too - so I might have to sign up for some of those, too Smile


                                So our cafeteria was just remodeled and I just discovered that part of this renovation was a new ice cream vending machine! This could be bad for an 8-month preggo...