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    Good Morning Supermoms~


    RR: an easy 5-6 miles on my break today at work. Teaching circuit class too, but deciding if I want to do class w/ them or just set up some stations. If I do class w/ them it will be mostly upper body and core.


    TR: no nap yesterday, poor little man was so tired by the end of the night. i tried to put him down at normal nap time (11:30) and an hour later he was still babbling/singing so DH went to check on him. He had pooped. 30 minutes after that he was still up, so i checked on him, more poop. got him up at that point and played/ fed him a snack. tried to put him down around 2:30- pooped again at 3. Up for the afternoon. He was in a really good mood though, and not crabby at all. Didn't hear a peep from him overnight, hoping he sleeps in a bit today. Is having a blast with my mom here, too!


    NRR: relaxing day yesterday, just hanging out with my mom. DH finished the trim on the hallway and it just needs a quick coat of paint. starting week 5 of work, hoping it's only 2 more to go. honestly, i'm getting tired of getting up at 4AM!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 4 miles fartlek at the gym.  I might do some 400s at 5K race pace, making it less "farlek-y". ha ha.


      TR - Sat on the potty for a good while yesterday, although still haven't hit the jackpot yet.  He did get in the tub all by himself after a potty session with no junk grabbing or screaming.


      FR - Bermy's pineapple curry tofu on brown rice.


      NRR - I bought a nail polish last week and the bristles on the brush are all "crimped" on one side, how annoying! never thought to check the brushes before buying and I have had shitty brushes in $1.99 polishes before, but not a $9 bottle.



      rg - ugh, so much poop!  I always felt like such a fraud when I didn't do the class along with my participants, but sometimes the class just didn't fit into my personal workout plans.

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        super short post as I have to get out the door to run...


        RR: 16m with stroller. It's very blustery so I am going to do 4x4m and stay close to home, but I missed my LR for racing yesterday so it needs to get done.


        NRR: AF is absolutely kicking my butt. 35 day cycle. What was going on there then?


        BR: gorgeous. a real sweetheart.


        FR: chili

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          Bermy- OMG 16 miles with the stroller?! you are my stroller running hero!!! impressive mama. mmm, chili. i will have to email my friend for her pumpkin black bean chili recipe. sorry about AF kicking your butt. i am dreading its return Sad  great job on your 5K yesterday, too!


          zorbs- occasionally the class participants will say something like "oh you set up stations b/c you dont want to do this workout." my reply is "this is YOUR workout, not mine." that kind of comment irritates me, that they think i'm lazy and not doing the workout. sometimes i just don't want to lunge and squat my legs to death, esp when i have to do a tempo run the next day. boo on the polish brush- still came out nice though, per your FB pic. sounds like progress in the potty dept with B. oooh that FR sounds yummy. i will have to check that recipe out.

           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


          running eh

            GRR- I've deleted my post twice now!!


            RR - elliptical mixed with strength training - 4m recovery run yesterday.


            NRR - doctor's appt today


            FR - steak and some sort of noodles


            KR - going to my mom's while I go to the doctor.  they'll have fun.


            RG - at least he was still happy without the nap, must be too excited about grandma being around!  I can't miagine getting up at 4 everyday.  what time do you go to bed?


            Zorbs - just sitting on the toilet was how we started - that is step one!  Can you bring the polish back.  I will be in Oakville this week - Thursday am and Friday am...


            Bermy - you are one crazy mama  Let us know how you and LO do on the run!


              RR - 10k with strides


              BR - On Saturday morning, she suddenly walked from the couch to one of her toys, all the way across the room and then looked at me like "What just happened?" Since then, she's been a bit more chicken - she'll take two or three steps and then sit down. The walking thing is super exciting though, even though it certainly gives her more ways to cause trouble! She was so gassy last night and kept waking up. That's what I get for letting her eat an entire bowl of chili.


              FR - Sheppard's pie


              NRR - My weekend was really fun (a bachelorette party and a Super Bowl party) but I am exhausted and need another weekend to recover from it!




              Rg - Holy poopfest yesterday! I hope he's back to napping today. It's a long day without a nap in there. I can't believe you still don't have AF back, you lucky girl!


              Zorbs - Sitting on the potty sounds like progress - probably only a matter of time before he decides to go on it. A crimped brush on a $9 bottle of polish is really annoying!


              Bermy - Sorry AF is kicking your butt right now. Nice job on your race yesterday - sounds like it was a really tough course. Have a good run - 16 miles with stroller?? You are super woman!

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                rg - Poor R...sounds like J yesterday with all the poop...lol.  Glad he was in a good mood despite no nap.  Have a great run and fun with your mom...how long is she here for?


                zorbs - Can you take the polish back?  Or write to the company and see if they'll send you another bottle!  Glad B got in the tub all by himself yesterday...lol to the junk grabbing...that is J's new thing when he is naked...just grab it right away and hang on tight...lol.


                bermy - Good luck with the LONG stroller run...mad props to you for doing that!!!  Boo to AF...get the B out of thereWink


                eh - Have a great workout.  I hope your Doc appt goes well and the kids have fun with grandma!


                ernie - Too cute about S walking...she'll build her confidence again quickly!  Glad you had a fun weekend...sounds like it was busy!


                RR - SRD as I have a dentist appt.  Did 12 Friday, 5 Saturday, and 8 yesterday.


                TR - Was being such a stinker yesterday and doing everything he wasn't supposed to.  DH had him in timeout 2 times for the 1 hour I was at the gym.  Was sad this morning when DH said good bye to him.  DH said..."dada has to go out of town and will see you in 5 days!"  J said "No!" and got sad.  I thought DH was going to cry.  He has been waking up 2-3 times for the past few nights fussing.  We usually only have to get up 1x per night with him but I have no idea what is going on.


                NRR - Today starts DHs 3 weeks away.  He is gone M-F then home for the weekend, gone M-F next week and then home for Sat and then gone Sun-Wed.  Ugh.  LONG weeks ahead.


                FR - Tons of leftovers from the weekend and DH is gone so I guess J and I will have to eat them all.




                  RR - another run on the TM if C naps... one day, I'll get to run outside again...


                  BR - got her back on track with bedtime after 3 days of messed up bedtimes... she was super tired yesterday b/c she barely napped so she went to bed easily.

                  Meeting a woman today who could be a potential candidate as a PT nanny for C...


                  NRR - wedding went well except my sister got sicker and sicker as the night went on.. .she managed to make it to about 10:30, which was good b/c most of the guests were gone by then (yea, it was a bit of an older crowd that didn't drink much plus the weather was awful and ppl didn't want to drive home in the bad roads really late) .... I stayed to help clean a bit and got home at 11:45... found out later that she had a fever and went straight to bed after... I feel awful for her... almost wish she could have a do-over of her wedding day, even though for the most part everything went very well...


                  rg - have a great day with your mom!


                  zorbs - how many bottles of polish do you own?  Do you ever toss any bottles even if they're half full?


                  bermy - wow, 16m in the stroller!!


                  ernie - that's awesome about the walking!


                  eh - i really like the elliptical, i know most ppl think it's boring but I find it a nice change from running..


                  jen - are you going to have any help with DH being away??


                    r-eh: hope the drs appt goes well. i'm sure the kids will love time with their gma today! i'm usually in bed by 9pm, try to get 7hrs of sleep. i wish i had time for a nap in the afternoons, but R usually wakes up within 30 minutes of me getting home from work, so i just settle for caffeine to power thru til bedtime!


                    ernie- needing a weekend to recover is a sign of a great weekend! loved the pics- you look fabulous! wow on the walking. i love the surprised look on their faces. yeah, i'm surprised i haven't gotten AF back yet...i'm only nursing once a day (bed time).


                    jen- sorry about DH being gone so much, that's so hard to single parent. will you have anyone helping you? i hope J sleeps great for you this week, too. hope the dentist appt goes well. mom is here thru Weds. i told her i wanted to hire her as my nanny Smile


                    Cx2- glad your sis made it through her wedding, hope she can be healthy enough to enjoy her honeymoon! hope the meeting goes well with the nanny. do you have any other potential candidates? good luck!

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                      Posted at home this AM and RA ate my post!


                      RR:  SRD.  My legs are sore from Saturdays run.  Yesterdays run felt like torture in the wind.


                      TR:  A little pistol.  DH actually put him on two time outs this weekend.  Love him to death, but he drives me nuts...then I feel bad.  Headed to Art class tonight.  They are frosting cookies!


                      NRR:  Busy week this week.  If everything plays out the way it is supposed to, I won't be done before 5 each day and that doesn't include running.  I posted a pic on my FB page of the blanket I made for J.


                      FR:  Ate my weight in guac last night.  It was delicious!



                      runnergirl - Glad you had a good weekend with your mom.  Sorry about the nap strike and all the pooping!  Is he feeling better now?


                      zorbs - Have a great run today!  Yay for no junk grabbing.  So annoying....boys.


                      bermy - Have a great run today.  The blanket is crochet and then the rest is weaved in with a yarn needle.


                      eh - I hope your appointment is quick and painless.  Have a good day!


                      ernie - Glad you had such a good weekend!  You deserve it!


                      jen - I hope the next few weeks go fast for you.  I wish I was there to help out!


                      cx2 - Your poor sister.  I hope the interview goes well for you today!

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                        CTimes - So sorry to hear about your sister being so sick at her wedding...that sucks because that is supposed to be one of the best days of your life!  Boo.  Glad C is back to her normal routine and went down easy for you last night.  I am with you...too much TM running...can't wait to get outside again.  Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday!  Are you feeling any better?


                        Rg & CTimes - No I do not have anyone to help me while DH is gone.  I am only with J for an hour in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening before he is in bed.  I sometimes think that with being away from DH and I so much is why he is gets to be such a stinker.


                        Mer - Yuck on the busy week.  I hope you are able to fit everything in.  Have fun at Art Class tonight.


                          rr: 5 yesterday. Not sure about today. Either 4 or rest.


                          tr: gotta go register dd2 for 4K for next year. First come first serve, so i am going early.


                          br: stinkin cute. not so great at sitting during church.


                          nrr: gotta look into hotels today. Trying to plan a weekend away at a waterpark with some friends.


                          fr: new coffee came! Jen, the blueberry is delicious!


                          gotta go to school, bbl!


                            ugh, need more coffee!


                            RR - would like to do a short warmup run before I meet with personal trainer this morning but not sure I'll have time after dropping L off at mother's morning out.  Ran 13 miles yesterday and my butt/hamstring is a little sore.  Biked 12.5 miles Saturday - saw a deer jump in the lake trying to get away from a couple dogs and start swimming across the lake.  Hope it made it.


                            BR - entertained a 7 month baby last night.  L climbed up on the couch and threw pillows off next to the baby who was sitting on the floor and the baby was cracking up with the biggest belly laughs.  So funny.


                            KR - I'm done with sleepovers for a while.  DD1 had a friend sleep over Saturday night and didn't get enough sleep so she was the biggest crab yesterday.


                            FR - need to figure out if we'll have leftovers tonight or if I'll make something.  No idea on what to make though.  DH started keeping track of calories on MFP which makes it easier for me to eat healthy too.


                            rg - hope R sleeps in for you a bit today.  L is always exhausted after he finally gets a good poop out and sleeps great.  4:00 would be tough!!  I forget, are you  just filling in for someone?


                            zorbs - how often do you paint your nails?  annoying about the crappy bristles!


                            bermy - wow 16 miles with the stroller is very impressive!  I'm sure L wouldn't sit that long.  Sorry about AF too, in the past mine didn't return to normal length until a few months after I completely stopped BFing.  Are you sore at all from  yesterday?  You did great btw!!


                            eh - I've been copying my posts to save them as I type because I've deleted them so many times.  Not sure if it's a computer problem or this site but it's annoying!


                            ernie - glad the bachelorette party was fun!!  I'm always afraid to let L eat too many beans because I'm afraid he'll be up at night with gas.


                            jen - that's some good running the last few days!  So sweet about J not wanting DH to go.  Sorry he is gone so much.  Sad


                            cx2 - That's a bummer your sister was so sick on her wedding night.  I'm glad she made it a good portion of the night at least!


                            mer - ugh on the busy week.  I just realized we had no guac or salsa at our super bowl party we went to last night.  I feel kind of cheated now!


                            mrszm - I hate first come first served schools.  A weekend at a waterpark sounds fun!  One day we're going to have to go back to the one by the Mall of America, we had so much fun when we did that a few years ago.


                              Eh - Have a good workout! How often do you ST? I've been trying to consistently ST at least twice a week. Hope the kids have fun with Grandma!


                              Jen - Great mileage the past few days! Ugh, sorry DH is going to be gone so much the next few weeks. Definitely a good time to have lots of leftovers to eat so you at least won't have to worry about cooking for a couple days. Will DH have a break from all the travelling after these three weeks are over?


                              Cx2 - Your poor sister! Hopefully she was at least able to enjoy herself for the earlier part of the day. Winter weddings can be really pretty, but the likelihood of being sick or having bad weather makes me nervous.


                              Mer - Mmm, guac is so good. Sorry you have such a busy week ahead. Frosting cookies sounds like fun. Hopefully they turn out well and he gets to bring some home for you!


                              Mrszm - Yay for the good coffee arriving! I was watching a Saved by the Bell rerun Saturday morning and I thought of you Smile


                              Arm - Sounds like you had a great time entertaining the baby. Ha ha, I love when babies crack up over simple things like that! Yes, I can imagine you would be done with sleepovers for awhile. i am surprised you braved another sleepover so soon after the hotel barf fest!

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                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - srd.  I am going to go to the gym also, but what I do depends a bit on the girls and what works.  There is a yoga class I might go to if the timing works, or else I'll just ST.


                                TR - was a weeping mess at bedtime after our friends left - that power outtage at the game really messed up our evening Smile  Tonight she's sleeping at gmas, she's super excited, her suitcase is already packed.


                                BR - was soooo unhappy yesterday, just screamed, and cried a lot.  I gave her ibuprofin at bedtime thinking it might be her teeth.  I dreamfed her at 10, then heard her at 1:30 but she settled herself and didn't need to eat till 5, she's still sleeping now.  Hopefully her teeth are feeling better.  Her little friend who was born 3 weeks earlier got his first tooth this week.


                                FR - leftovers, we have junk and a healthy casserole in the fridge.


                                NRR - OB appt today re my cyst.  My fingers and toes are all crossed that I can get this scheduled around my races that I want to do Smile


                                bbl or soon depending on when O wakes.

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