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    Not at all creative this morning!


      RR: 6 miles on Sunday. I ran 30 miles last week.


      NRR: Not much we had a nice weekend. I'm confused it snowed last night. When is Spring again? Anywhos.... Just some chores, taxes, and maybe some shopping. I need to find some jeans that fit me right.  Nothing too much. I've been wondering/feeling like I havent been the best parent to M.  Just reflexing back and I feel like I could have done more.


      Sassy: Hope the birthday party went. The 1st yr went by in a flash huh?


        Good morning!


        GSD- don't second guess your parenting! You're a great mom. I think once we head down the road of second guessing what we've done in the past, it's a terrible mind game. Congrats on 30 miles, I love that weekly mileage.


        RR- nothing today or yesterday. I may work out on my lunch hour. Half this weekend was tough. Cold, very windy, and the trails were a little narrow. Very hilly also. I finished in 2:03:58. I don't feel anything about it other than glad its over. It was very uncomfortable the entire run.


        NRR- going in to work, but we have no Internet access in the office. The Verizon guys have been working on it all weekend but its still not up. My boss called last night up au he was working from home but he wanted me to go in seven though I could have worked from home too. Ill be making sure everything goes smoothly I guess. The employees who are on the phones can still work a little though my department won't be able too. I'm really hoping they get it back up by midday. If not, I'll probably let my department go but ill have to stay. Other than that, going to cook dinner and catch up on DVR with DBF tonight.


        have a great day!

        MA runner girl

          Morning. Yup, still here...


          ER: 40 min walk yesterday. Saturday I spent the day cleaning. At 40 weeks pregnant, that's definitely ER. Planning a walk today. I miss running.


          NER: SO yeah, still pregnant. Not too excited about that. I really hope this kid decides it's time to meet the world soon! Spending lots of time on the exercise ball, doing some yoga, walking, anything... Had a pretty good weekend. Friday DH and I hung out with my mom, my dad worked late. Saturday I cleaned all day and then we went to dinner and went on a bumpy car ride home (HAHA). Yesterday I didn't do much, baked some cookies.


          GSD - You are a fabulous mom! Please don't doubt yourself! Hugs! Nice work on the 30 miles.


          Jewel - Nice job on the tough half. I hope you get internet back at work. If you have to be there anyways, it's probably so boring!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Morning Ladies!


            RR: 4 miles today after work!


            NRR: I got to see my niece this weekend! Oh I am so in love!!!!! She's adorable and oh so sweet! Smile I posted a few pics on my facebook if anyone wants to see. I'm exhausted today. I took an 8:30 ferry home last night--which means I wasn't in bed until midnight and I was up at 6. Looking forward to an early bedtime tonight!


            Gotta run ladies. My kiddos have more state testing today!


            Quick shoutout to MA (and baby): Hurry baby! Your mommy and daddy want to meet you! Smile


              Morning girls!!!


              GSD you're an amazing mama!!! Let those negative thoughts out of yourmind!


              RLTW your niece is adorable!


              Jewel great job tacking that rough half. Hope the Internet comes back soon.


              Ma, hope you go into labor soon!!!


                As for me, rode 34 miles yesterday followed by a twenty minute transition run. I have a tri next weekend and I'm totally untrained.

                Running 5 miles tonight after work.


                NtriR great weekend, cleaning lady came Saturday so house is spotless, dinner at my inlaws last night after church, and inlaws took us out to dinner Friday night to bonefish grill so overall great weekend. Plus I napped three times!!! Hoping work is relaxing today. Dad is fedexing wedding invites as well!


                Have a great day!


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: Got in 7 trail with Fay just now. I ran the regular route in the opposite direction, and it is very different that way. My quads are feeling kind of tight. Yoga tonight.


                  NRR: Not too much. Had a good weekend - I went out with some people for a birthday scavenger hunt sort of thing. The first thing we had to do was do 20 burpees and take a drink of beer in between each burpee. I was all "Step aside, I got these burpees under control." The beer was PBR, which is disgusting, and luckily the bartender told us to stop so I didn't have to drink the beer. But the burpees were fun.



                  GSD - I'm with Jewel. Not only are you an awesome mom, but second-guessing yourself is no fun.


                  MA - Oh dang it!! I was hoping you'd had the baby by now!


                  Jewel - So..what will you be doing at work if you can't work?


                  Mel - When is your wedding, again?


                  RLTW - Sounds like the party was fun1


                  Sassy - OMG The pictures you put up from G's birthday party are awesome! That's great your family got to come in.


                    Morning Ladies!


                    GSD- ahh, this weather is crazy, right?!? we are supposed to get snow today. I am so over the snow! I am sure part of being a parent is second guessing yourself...but don't beat yourself up! The fact that you are thinking these things for me means you are a good parent - if that makes any sense!


                    MA- sending you baby vibes! I am sure you are so ready to be done. sounds like you had a busy weekend


                    RLTW- it must have been so nice to see your niece this weekend! hope you enjoyed the time. Enjoy your 4 tonight


                    mel- three naps in one weekend sounds like a great weekend to me! ha ha... are you getting excited about the wedding?


                    Outwest- burpees and beer sound horrible! ha ha... especially PBR beer! but a birthday scavenger hunt sounds like fun.


                    RR- so, I went out for 19 this weekend...got to 15 and my knee just wouldn't go any further. I am kind of freaking out! I was a week ahead in my training so I know that I can still get the miles in that i need, but i am just hoping my knee is okay. It is a little wonky today, but I am going to roll it a ton, ice and try it out either tonight or tomorrow.


                    NRR- besides my bad run, I had a great weekend. It was nice to spend some time relaxing and some time doing errands. yesterday I went out for the best brunch. This place has amazing blueberry pancakes and they come with maple burbon butter...SO good!!


                    hope you all have a great day!


                      GSD - it's difficult not to reflect back and wonder if we've done everything we can to be the best possible parent - BUT look at how happy, healthy and smart M is! You are doing it right, trust me. I once read somewhere that if you are worried about being a good parent, then you already are.


                      MA - sorry you are still preggo Smile Enjoy it though and get as much rest as possible.


                      Jewel - man that stinks about having to go in to the office, but hopefully you get your internet access soon! Great job on your half in those conditions!


                      RLTW - glad you enjoyed your family weekend and time with your niece!




                      NRR: The first birthday party was wonderful. My parents and grandparents all got along (my parents are divorced) and my family was wonderful, Griffin was in an amazing mood, and once he realized that he knew everyone there, he really was a blast. Total goofball. The fun thing is that he's really just starting to take some independent steps, and so all of the grandparents got to see some of his first steps!


                      RR: Pretty relaxed week of running after my half. I had some energy yesterday afternoon so I did a 5 miler with speedwork (800s) on the treadmill. We had rain and very cold temps, so no running outside! Fortunately we did not get snow.


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Meli - I love Bonefish Grill. Sounds like a nice weekend.


                        OWR - HAHA about the burpees. Burpees + beer does not sound good though.


                        KlMcD - hope the knee is a fluke. ice ice baby.


                        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                          Quick check in for me. I'll try to get to personals later in the day.


                          RR: Ran Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't long, it wasn't fast, but it was a run! Today and tomorrow are both off since I have too much going on with school and work.


                          NRR: Got a lot of school stuff done over the weekend, but have a lot to go. The inlaws were in town and left today and will be returning on Thursday. I had to spend a lot of time on school stuff while they were here, but took Saturday off to spend the day with them. It's nice to see them, but I'll definitely be glad to get a few days without them before they return.


                          Sorry for no personals. Have a great day ladies!

                          MA runner girl

                            I'm "working" but just sitting here with nothing to do. My boss is looking for something but doesn't seem in any rush. Fine with me!


                            RLTW - Glad you enjoyed your time with K! She's such an adorable baby. <3


                            Meli - The idea of a cleaning lady is more and more appealing! A weekend with 3 naps sounds wonderful to me!


                            Outwest - Sounds like a fun party! Burpees in a bar though? That's an intersting idea lol All that beer sloshing in your stomach sounds super dangerous!


                            Klm - Dang, I'm sorry about your knee! I hope it feels better. Is this your first marathon? I can't remember. Just listen to your body. I ran my first injured and really regret it. Actually haven't run one since and I'm sure if I waited until I was ready I would have done another by now.


                            Sassy - Definitely getting plenty of rest! Happy Birthday to G!!! I'm glad the party was good. The pics of G are so adorable, I love the pointing! It's almost like he's saying he's 1 Smile And that video is priceless. DH saw me watching it and was like oh is that the cutest baby in the world? LOL That's what we call him!


                            PO - Glad you got 2 runs in. Enjoy your few days inlaw free! I love my inlaws but I can't imagine them as houseguests Wink


                            Well my boss just gave me something to work on... so off I go!

                            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                              Good morning! I'm having one of those mornings where, even hours after waking up, your eyelids feel heavy and if you close them for a brief second, you nearly fall asleep...Roll eyes


                              RR: I have 3 miles on the schedule for today. Let's hope I'm feeling more awake after work!


                              NRR: The weekend flew by. My younger sister was home and we spent the majority of the weekend shopping. First, she helped me purge my closet. I had some pieces of clothing left over from college, plus a lot of older hand-me-down clothes, and I ended up donating more than 30 items when all was said and done. Then we shopped and I worked on picking up classic, timeless pieces to update my wardrobe...I think I bought 12 things total? 3 pairs of pants, 7 tops, and 2 dresses. The dresses will be for my shower and rehearsal dinner. I'm super pumped! But today, I am tired...


                                KLM - Sorry about the bad run. What specifically is going on with your knee?


                                Lucy - I am impressed you were so successful with your shopping. I must be too picky, because I rarely buy anything, and when I do, it takes forever.