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MERRY MONDAY DIVAS (Read 21 times)


    I am drinking regular straight up coffee for the first time in a LONG time.. ZING


    Lucy - I hope you're not getting an ear infection!


    Mel - Congrats on getting all the residency paperwork! That must be a huge relief.


    NC - Jealous of your 9 mile run..  what did you eat when you got back?


    Monk - Wow, P will be here awfully soon!  Did A come early or did she wait?


    Taylor - Sorry your weekend plans fell through. DBF and I need to get out of town together soon, but I keep finding more and more things to get involved in.


      Lucy- Ugh, I'm sorry you've been SO sick!!!! Hope you get better soon. Doc appt sounds like a good idea.


      Meli- We ordered the Omega Vert VRT350HD. It got really good reviews! Can't wait for it to get here!

      Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

      Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

      Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



      Half: 1:48

      Full: 4:34



        Ok, I'm cheating and just reposting what I wrote in the Preggos thread, but I'm looking forward to saying hello to all of you!


        PGR: 23w4d, found out a at 21 wks that growth and development were right on track and we are expecting a baby girl!  Took DH a little while to adjust to that. Wink  Generally still feeling really good, just started getting comments in the last week or two that I'm actually starting to show, so that's been kind of fun.  DH and I picked out nursery colors this weekend because we will be on vacation for ten days and then his parents are visiting the following week and they are going to paint for us. Smile


        RR: ran somewhere between 3 and 3.5 miles this morning.  A group of friends (including DH) has been training for a half marathon, so I've been joining them on their weekend long runs and just doing what I can.  So far, so good and I've been able to slowly increase to 4 miles for a long run.  Otherwise doing a lot of walking and one or two harder workouts a week.


        NRR:  Work has been crazy busy - I had an important presentation last week, it went well and has really helped me focus my efforts for the next couple of months.  Otherwise DH and I spent a lot of time cleaning this weekend and I threw out/shredded a lot of old documents from grad school, very cathartic.  Also felt good just to cut down on the clutter - I might be a paper hoarder, I had my driver's test results and registration from when I was 16!  Yikes!


          monk - how did A like the circus?  It absolutely terrified me as a kid, which is maybe a weird response.


          gsd - is your trip up north going to be just you and DH?  I think it's totally ok to need a break from your kiddo sometimes, I can't think of anyone that I really like being around 24/7.


          lizo - I feel like you're slowly transforming your house, it seems like you're almost always working on something, I bet it looks great!


          outwest - ooooh, do it!  Half marathons are so fun!  Is this another trail race?


          taylor - bummer that your travel plans fell through, but at least you're still going to have a date night, silver lining, right?


          meli - lots of good news for you!  Glad things are going well with getting your paperwork sorted out. Smile


          norcal - nice job on the run, Big Sur is a hilly race, yes?  Either way, I bet you'll be glad you did the hill work.  How's the knee holding up this time around?  Will be interested to hear how you like the juicer...


          lucy - so sorry to hear you've been so sick Sad   Hope you get to feeling better soon!