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Snowy Thursday PREGGOS (Read 241 times)


    Post 'em!


      I've been up since about 3:30am. It's 10 to 6am now. Wide awake. Thought I'd change it up a bit and post here rather than lie in bed waiting to fall back asleep.


      PGR: 36w4d. LO is moving around and making me hungry. Gonna start sitting more on a birthing ball to encourage her to be in the right position for birthing. According to the doula, the best position is for baby to be facing downward, head down. Most babies turn on their own, but she said sitting on a birthing ball or spending time on all fours for a while can help shift baby into the easier birthing position. These are the things I think and fret about while I can't sleep.


      ER: Will attempt the DVD today, depending on whether I get back to sleep. One of the benefits of working for myself is that I can wake up when I need to, not for a 9am start time.


      NPGR: Having family over today for a late xmas dinner. Just made a list of things I need to buy and make... like custard. Never a fan, but the family likes it with their dessert.

      MA runner girl

        Morning YJPM - So sorry about the early wake up. I hope you can get back to sleep. It's nice that you can have a flexible schedule. Have a good dinner with your family tonight.


        RR: Going out for a few miles after work.


        PGR: 27w4d. Nothing new. Just trucking along. I slept really well last night, probably due to NPGR...


        NPGR: DH got called into work last night at 8:30 and didn't get home until probably 3-4am, I didn't know because I was passed out. I swear I sleep so much better alone. Oh well! I felt really bad for him though, he must be so tired this morning. And he's out there snow blowing our driveway now. We got a few inches of snow last night. Freaked me out having him out there driving! I decided to work at home again today, I was actually planning on going in until it started snowing too! It would have been so boring though since noone is working, so I'm glad it decided to snow Wink

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Morning all!


          RR - Went to the gym yesterday, did some arm machines and only a half mile on the treadmill before the need-to-pee psych out started. And I went before I got on the treadmill! I have no idea what that was about, but I decided it was a sign to be done. Good thing because between cleaning and packing I was beat by the end of the night. And then couldn't get to sleep right away thinking of all the last minute things not to forget. So today is a well deserved rest day in the car.


          PGR - Nothing much.


          NPGR - Leaving today, will do my best to read along but I'll formally catch up when we get back a week from Monday. Hope everyone has a good week and well behaved babies. Wink


          YJPM - Pelvic tilts really help too, on all fours, arching your back and lowering it like you're a cat.


          MA - We avoided the snow (again) but sounds like you got it instead! Yay for work at home days.


            Hi All,


            From yesterday -


            Tayraes - glad to hear all is going well, your family are non-stop when it comes to work though - painting over the holidays??yikes.


            Today -


            YJPM - Hmm, those are big life things you are pondering...and reminds me to get on the whole swiss ball thing as ours got punctured and for the life of us we can't find something to hold the seal (even duct tape fails!). Enjoy having the family over, i hope the food prep goes well.


            MA - When DH and I were separated in Oz I slept sooo well. I find back here at home hough that I don't always sleep as well when he isn't there - kinda weird as I like my bed space too. Enjoy your run in the snow later!


            Schmett - well done on getting in that gym workout!




            PGR - 35w3d...ticking along. was a little uncomfortable last night and told DH that maybe, just maybe, I WILL reach the stage of "yes yes baby, you can make your appearance NOW"...


            ER - swam 2.5km yesterday, even put in a few mild effort intervals and came away feeling good so was happy. Find it SO hard not to try an compete with people in the lanes next to me and swim at my own pace, my mantra is almost "I am 8mths pregnant hauling extra mass, I am 8mths pregnant hauling extra mass" to try and give me a reason to slow. Today elliptical run and weights.


            NPGR - so that crochet bunny...well I went to make the second leg yesterday, was sure I was following the pattern...and yet the foot is huge compared to the first foot I did, DH burst out laughing when he saw...was so tempted to start over but DH thinks it'll "add character" (yeah, a rabbit with a club foot) to the final piece. Am thinking I will thread some extra wool through to pull it in a bit. Have started our 2012 photobook on Shutterfly - love that program, just discovered the "customise page" tool so can manipulate it as much as I want!



              YJPM - Yes, do the birth ball! For the last 3-4 weeks I sat on that thing for 30-60 min a day while watching TV or being online or whatever. Also the all fours is a good rec (that's how I labored). They say it will help baby turn correctly. I'm not sure it helped me, but I like knowing that I did what I could. Sorry you're not sleeping!


              Ozzy - I got to the "yes baby, you can come out NOW" about 4-5 days before I went into labor. I was just DONE being PG. I think you'll find you'll get there eventually. And I sometimes now have a moment where I miss being PG - crazy, I know.


                Laura G - thanks for the clothing/outfits/laundry advice yesterday - it's so easy for it to stack up!  We all do our own laundry in our house, including 12 y-o DSD, who has been solely responsible for her own laundry for almost 2 years. It works well for us, too.


                yjpm - sorry you're up and about - I wake up every night at 3 am, but fall back to sleep pretty easily lately...Enjoy your Christmas dinner!


                MA - Glad you got some good sleep! I'm the same way with having the bed to myself - I miss DH, but I get such good sleep.


                schmett-  enjoy your trip and the rest day in the car!


                Ozzy - Great job on the swim! I would agree with your DH that the bunny will have character, but it's hard not to want things to look perfect, right?


                PGR: 19w2d. Had a wardrobe meltdown this morning. My pre-preggo work pants that still fit last week are suddenly very vehemently NOT fitting this week (thank you holidays/early weight gain) and of the two pair of maternity pants i have, one has this ridiculously generous full panel that is still too big, but shows if I fold it over...so after several attempts at outfits, found a dress/leggings combo, but clearly I need to do some more shopping. Grr.


                RR: Probably nothing today - I have a work function, then dinner out with family, then probably some games this evening.  We'll see.


                NPGR: DH was home yesterday, so I came home to a nice meal after work, and then DH, DSD and I played a game after dinner.  It was a lot of fun. So looking forward to the weekend and seeing my nieces!  I'm sure the time is going to fly.


                  RR- Probably take the dogs for another 45 minute hike through the snow today to get them tired out.... (And myself)


                  PGR- 37w4d... Another sleepless night... I'm starting to hate this pregnancy thing. I didn't even get to sleep last night even after a hefty hike through the snow. I slept maybe 3hrs trying all my little tricks to get me to sleep but nothing... This sucks. I go in for my check-up today to see how things are progressing and make sure LO is doing good. Talked to our pedetirican yesterday and am very happy with our choice. I got all my questions answered for LO now I just need to get my own personal questions answered.


                  NPGR- Now we are cleaning everything at the shop today. I gave up and wore sweatpants to work today since I haven't slept. DH actually got my clothes ready for me because I kept falling back asleep. Go figure the only time I can sleep is when I have to get up.. GGGRRR...


                  You- When my back starts to hurt real bad I get on all 4's which helps to take the stress off my back. I also am like that when I'm having really bad Braxton Hicks Contractions. I hope you got back to sleep.. I'm wishing I worked from home right now. Smile


                  MA- Yay for a snow day at home! I always enjoyed watching the snow fall but usually that meant I would have to go plow but now that I'm way too pregnant to plow or shovel I get to just watch is snow.... I love it!


                  Ozzy- I know I wish they could just take a chill pill but they are go, go, go and right now I'm more in a sit down and relax mood because I'm running out of energy to keep up with them. For the first time since the heat I went home and sat down on the couch and didn't move until my DH got home... Tried to kick dinner and ended up getting really nauseous so I think I need to try and cut hours just a little bit more. 50 hours is probably a bit much right now.


                  Schmett- Safe Travels!!


                  TN- The wardrobe melt downs were my least favorite. I couldn't believe I was going to get bigger and bigger and now that I'm 37weeks I think holy crap I thought I was big then... My shirts don't even go around my belly anymore.. Everyone laughs because I literally look like I swallowed a basketball. Take the plunge and go get some mat clothes.. You will feel much better..


                    I had a long post typed early this morning and then my home computer restarted and I lost it! Back at work today, wading through everything that accumulated over the week. Its not too bad, but enough that it'll probably be after lunch before I feel caught up.


                    RR: Did 45 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I felt really sluggish, didn't help that I had two leftover dunkin' donuts for breakfast... those didn't sit very well! My back has been really sore but I think the workout helped stretch it out.


                    PGR: 30w6d... almost 31! I have a feeling I'll be saything this about every week from now on. Its getting so close! My lower back has hurt for a few days now. I think its just that I'm carrying P different than how I carried A because I don't remember back pain this continuous last time until I was in back labor. Its hard to stand up and the middle of the night pee breaks have been torturous. Ugggh. I'm getting afraid that now that I've stopped running I'll just lose all energy and stop working out. But I've already seen that the workout when I don't feel like it has benefitted me this morning! Hopefully after the new year I can get back into a better routine. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences on adding in spin this late in pregnancy? I mean, its not as high impact as running, but it still is a bit intense, so I'm not sure it would be good to add in now. I can't/don't really want to just switch to walking because I don't walk fast enough to get my HR up and my RLP has always been worse when walking than it was running.


                    NRR: DH woke up with a cold on Christmas morning and its steadily gotten worse. He kept me up for a little while last night with his snoring. I just hope I don't get it! Glad I only have to work two days until another long weekend! Saturday will be busy. My best friend is stopping by en route to her ILs and then my parents are coming up for dinner that night. Didn't mean to have both end up on the same day, but I don't think it'll be too hard because we're just going to order pizza for lunch. Still have to figure out what I'll cook for my parents though.


                    Better get back to the grind. Hope you're all having a good day! Doesn't canadajazz go home today? Safe travels to you! And also to schmett!


                      TN - I second Tayraes - go out maternity shopping for a few extras (esp now there are sales); I find I tend to get by on just two pairs of pants on work days but have around 6 tops to choose between...so nice of your DH to make dinner and make your evening enjoyable!


                      Tayraes  - bummer on the sleep thing, seems to be hitting everyone around that mark...just a few days to go til I might hit those bad nights too then we can all commiserate together Smile  50 hours of work/week at your stage seems, well, INSANE but then it's been like that the whole of your pregnancy, I just hope your family can back off and let you recover/relax/be with your DH and child for a reasonable time after LO arrives...


                      Monk - do you were a maternity belt to help support your lower back? I've heard it can help...I think you could get away with doing some spinning BUT I would make sure you totally go easy the first few sessions, avoid the temptation to obey the instructor and go hard, just get those legs turning to some good tunes. After a few sessions you'll have an idea of how your body will cope...sounds like a busy social weekend!


                        Ladies - Thanks for reassuring me that I'm not alone in throwing a mini clothes tantrum.  I think the thing that makes me so irritable about it is that it's so darn hard for me to find clothes in the first place because of how tall I am, pants, long sleeves, long enough shirts, etc., let alone maternity wear.  The few shirts I have bought are just long enough now, but will never make it to 38 weeks, I'm sure.  stupid long torso.  I took your advice and went online and purchased another pair of pants, another pair of jeans, and several "tunic-length" tops that should end up being regular length on me. Smile  Hopefully with three pairs of work pants, and 2 pairs of jeans, I won't need many more bottoms, at least., if I intermix with leggings and dresses. I think I'll also go through the closet and weed out what doesn't fit so I don't feel like what fits is such a small section of my closet.  Thanks for listening to me grumble. Smile


                        tay - I hope the checkup goes well! Glad you found a good fit for the pediatrician.


                        monk - I have been craving donuts like mad lately.  Luckily the only place close by to get donuts is the gas station, and I've been able to resist so far.  I really want them from the bakery in the town that is 30 miles away...Along with pizza from a pizza place there.  I hope you avoid your DH's cold!  Load up on the OJ! DH has been sick with something respiratory for a week (we actually think it's the flu) and I've managed to avoid it, either because I actually got the flu shot, or because I've consumed massive quantities of OJ.

                        MA runner girl

                          TN - Sorry I didn't come back earlier, but I didn't buy any maternity work pants. I got a belly band that I can wear over my unbuttoned/unzipped work pants. It's working fine up until this point at least. It helps that my SIL gave me her size 10 pants (I'm normally a 6) so I've been wearing those with the belly band. Anyways, just throwing that option out there if you are having a hard time finding pants that fit, length wise.

                          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

                          Laura G in Idaho

                            Agreed on the clothing!  Maternity running clothes, that wicker, keep dreaming!


                            RR:  Plan to rest today.


                            PGR:  lots of movement this morning.  I woke up too early this morning.  Couldn't fall back to sleep.  Sleep?  It's a crutch, right?