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TIRED TUESDAY DIVAS (Read 196 times)


    Mel: boo about not getting the travel doc yet! what's their delay?? hugs girl. how many more days?


    sassy: yay for pop music! Cool


    outwest: enjoy your DBF's birthday celebration! and take care on those roads!


    monk: hope your DH's interview goes great!


    athena: good luck starting weight watchers! Sometimes that reminder for moderation and good choices is all we need!


    pumpkin: yay for a productive day of shopping! Smile


      YAY! token!


        Morning ladies!


        I'm tired too, because my crazy cat Tiger was up from 3-4 am going crazy! So annoying!


        RR. Running 7 tonight with my RF.


        NRR. So I'm on the job hunt officially! I'm hoping to apply for some today. I'm still doing massage at the chiro office, but not admin. It's a long story, maybe I'll share some of it on FB. Anyways, wish me luck in finding something new!


        PO- CONGRATS!! Although I'm not surprised you were accepted! Not a bad schedule either!


        Athena- Your LRs are way ahead of mine already! I'm only at 11 miles. Oh well, I'll get there eventually! Enjoy practice!


        Sassy- Hope G-man feels better, poor baby!


        MA- Glad Dh got your ice cream for you, you totally deserve it! Great job on the swim, glad you back is feeling better.


        PFace- Hi lady! I must have missed it, but you are on vacation?? Where!? Nice job on the SPEEDY run and the clothes shopping.


        GSD- Good luck on the tempo- that is a rockin pace, lady!

        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



        Half: 1:48

        Full: 4:34



          Athena - I think a lot of us run into that problem of thinking we're exercising a lot, so we eat too much. I think I'm at the point where I have to exercise this much because of how much I eat. and I love eating, so...  Smile


          NC - Good luck with the job search!


          Pface- Congrats on a successful shopping trip. I hate shopping, too, and I always have a mission when I go.. but that usually means I strike out. I always knows specifically what I'm looking for, and I rarely find it.




            GSD-How awesome that M signs for diaper changes. That's very cool. Great job on the run and great pace!


            MA-Glad that the swim went well. Have a good run tonight.


            RLTW-Great job on the 1st run back! So happy for you that you're running again.


            lizo-Hope you can get a run in today. Wishing you lots of productivity today as well.


            PO-Congrats on getting in the program!


            Meli-Have a good first session with the P.T. and I hope that the travel docs arrive soon.


            outwest-Awesome job on your chilly runs!






            RR-ST tonight with DH. Our gym is next to a local pizza joint so I always crave pizza after we ST. Luckily or consequently, homemade pizza is our usual post-workout meal.


            NRR-Two classes today and picking up some groceries tonight (pizza ingredients!). The quarter has been off to a slow start with some snow delays and professors getting the flu. I'm grateful for the transition time but not the reasoning. I need to use this time to managing my time better. I re-join the steel-bridge team, so that will be fun.




            BRB with a few more personals in a bit!


              Blu- Mmm homemade pizza! I used to go to a yoga studio that was upstairs from my favorite brewery in Humboldt. When I would come downstairs, I would always crave beer and fries! lol


              Speaking of yoga... must get back into practice!!!! It's been way too long! Classes here are just SO expensive (well compared to what I'm used to) and I haven't found the right place, location/schedule/price wise.

              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



              Half: 1:48

              Full: 4:34



                Sassy-I hope G feels 100% soon! No, not One Direction!  My gym plays that one song of their EVERY single time I'm in there that it ends up stuck in my head the next day. Ha!


                Outwest-Happy birthday, Mr. Outwest's DBF :-P


                monk-Good luck to DH and hope he isn't really sick either. A babymoon sounds lovely!


                Athena-Glad you had a great time skating and good luck with the training! I hope WW works out too.


                Pumpkin-Great job on the run! Glad you found some awesome clothes and completed your shopping mission.


                NC-Have a good run tonight and good luck on the job hunt!



                Oops, it's late. Sorry if I missed anyone, but I got to inhale some breakfast and catch the train!


                  Morning ladies! It's still morning, right?


                  RR: Skipped it last night, something gentle tonight? See NRR.


                  NRR: Still no sign of AF at 42 days but I was spotting a little last night, so I skipped running in hopes she would show full force. Nada yet though. Then I weighed myself this morning and it turns out I am losing weight again. I had gained some per doctor's orders after losing a bunch due to anxiety and med side effects, but now I'm losing, which is weird because I have been eating a ton and not just healthy food either! Time to focus on more healthy fats. I have a meeting tonight but if it doesn't run too late I'll do some yoga or something.


                  POrun: Congrats on getting into the program! I, like everyone else, am not surprised. What a great opportunity!


                  Monk: Good luck to DH on his interview!


                  GSD: Glad M is sleeping through the night. How cute/helpful that she signs for a diaper change! Now if she can sign BEFORE she goes you totally could potty train early!


                  Sassy: OK I totally love One Direction songs...I swear, I try not to, but then I hear them and they're soooo catchy! CRF makes fun of me...


                  Meli: I hope that document comes through! Is there a reason you need to get home this weekend?


                  Lizo: I don't blame you for not getting up at 5 when you got to bed late. No shame in going to bed at 9!


                  Pumpkin: You are speedy! Hooray for a successful shopping trip. 7 jeans, fancy!!


                  Athena: Good luck with Weight Watchers! Hope you get on the list for assessment this week!


                  Outwest: Happy birthday to DBF! That is an awesome idea for dinner!


                  NC: Good luck on the job search!


                  MArunner: LOL on the ice cream. I am not pregnant and still sometimes send CRF out to get me something I am craving.


                  RLTW: Love you!


                    RLTW- Hooray for running! So glad you're feeling better!


                    Meli- So annoying they don't have your travel docs ready! hope it works out soon!


                    Lucy- Sorry about the AF and weight loss issues!!



                    So I just posted my road bike for sale on CL. I had a pretty bad accident on it 2 years ago, got it all fixed up and now haven't ridden it more then 5 times in 2 years... so I'm selling it! Made sense, but still makes me sad. But I'm going to take the money from it and get a mountain bike instead!

                    Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                    Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                    Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                    Half: 1:48

                    Full: 4:34



                      Good morning Ladies! Late check in for me...it was a crazy morning. I had everything typed up and then had to close it all down.


                      RR- had a great swim last night! I wish I could motivate myself to go swimming more often because it makes me feel so good. I thinkI enjoy it so much because its the one form of exercise that I do without getting all caught up on times, distances, etc. I just get in the pool and enjoy it. Today is a rest day and I feel like I need it.


                      NRR- busy day today and I am feeling kind of run down so the title is appropriate. I am hoping I am just tired and not getting sick! It sure is going around here... Tonight DH has a vball game so I am looking forward to relaxing at home with the kitties.


                      Meli- hoping you get your travel doc! what stress!!


                      GSD- how cool that M is signing! It must be so interesting to watch her learn how to do it.


                      Blu- thanks for the compliment about my workouts yesterday...I think they just sound a lot tougher online than in real life because I always read what you girls do and am so inspired to do more! Pizza is my all time biggest temptation...I could eat it day in and day out!


                      Athena-way to go on WW...I hear ya on thinking you can work off anything you eat... it is dangerous. I was at a point where my weight was a little higher than I like ...it is tough to get it off! Good luck!


                      Sorry ladies...that is all I remember and I have to run ... hope you all have a great day

                      MA runner girl

                        I apologize for no personals, but I don't have time... I just REALLY need to vent...


                        Apparently my coworker was vomitting all morning. She came to work. She sits next to me, and she came over to my desk to talk to me, I went to hers and she NEVER SAID ONE THING about being sick!!! She was so sick that she could only work half a day. We have the ability to work at home... why come in? Why risk getting others sick!? Why come in contact with a 7 month pregnant girl!?!?!?  I am so mad right now. Angry

                        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                          MA: I dont get it. If your sick stay home and dont get everyone else sick. Especially, with this years records of flu cases!


                          Sassy: I thought it was never going to stick, but some have. We work on one or two signs at a time. We are on to "book". Oddly enough, its kinda like training a dog. LOL


                          Meli: I cup my hands together, so its makes a ball then flip them (left on top, then right on top) M's isn't perfect but close enough. She does the sign when I say the word.


                          Pumpkin: Rock that run!


                          Blu: We have Fridays as our homemade pizza day.


                          Monk: Good thought for DH's interview


                          NC:  Sending good vibes for a new job your way.


                          Out: Its funny you should say that... bc I was totally thinking that on my run today. I noticed that my eating has been out of whack so I have been pushing my exercising more.  I told myself I would reign in my eating... we shall see how that goes!


                          Lucy: Oddly enough AF came back for me... so maybe I got yours? LOL JK! Hoping she comes to help destress you.


                            MA- That's one of my biggest pet peeves EVER- coming to work sick!! I mean, we all know the best way to stop the spread of germs is by staying home when you're sick! No job is so important that you can't call in sick! But I do have to say, that some workplaces (probably NOT yours!) make it really difficult to call in sick. At my job, when I got sick a few months ago and went home early and was out for 2 days, my bosses were SUPER mean about it and everyone is afraid to call in sick. Such BS!

                            Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                            Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                            Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                            Half: 1:48

                            Full: 4:34



                              OMG MArunner, I'd be soooooooooo pissed off! Especially because you guys have the option to work from home and she chose to come in anyway? I have a coworker who was sick to his stomach yesterday and my boss actually told him to stay home today but he came in anyway. WTF. It's like, you have the opportunity to stay  home...TAKE IT!


                                MA - Ok I'm one of those crazy people who goes to work sick. I've had my bosses send me home. I probably wouldn't go in after vomiting all day though.


                                Lucy - sometimes I try to deny the fact that I love pop music, specifically boy bands, however I think that gets one nowhere! It's happy and fun and always puts me in a good mood.


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!