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MA runner girl

    It's snowing right now... snow Monday, 50s Wednesday, back to snow Friday! Very strange.

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 3 miles last night were good, 3 more after work today. Hopefully the snow doesn't mess up things too much.


      PGR: 32w5d. Got some good restful sleep so I feel much better this morning. Excited that I'm working at home, I'm so much more comfortable on these days! I keep stalking my registry, anyone else have trouble resisting? I told my mom and she was upset LOL Oh well, I'm way too curious!! It's getting me excited though. Tomorrow my mom is coming over to help DH paint the nursery, YAY! Can't wait for it all to come together.


      NPGR: Busy weekend coming up! Tomorrow night my SIL is hosting a sex toy party... should be intersting. And then Sunday night it's back to their house for a super bowl party, though I don't know if I'll make it to the end of the game... I'm there more for the food anyways Wink

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA: I know what you mean about the weather. We had two days in the 70's and then last night it snowed! Wish it would make up its mind! Woah, a sex toy party... Don't know if I could handle that. I would be blushing so badly! I could def do a lingerie party though Smile . Sounds like your pregnancy is going well. Wonderful that you got some good sleep. Those are good nights!


        ER: 3 mile walk yesterday and 40 minutes of yoga before bed. Nothing today, except maybe some yoga after work. DH may join me for yoga. I've got him completely hooked because he loves that it keeps him from being sore after playing frisbee, so he plays much better the next time and doesn't injure himself as much. It's so great to do together!


        PGR: 34w1d. I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left! Most of the time I'm fine with another 6 weeks, however, when I'm at work and my back and belly are aching, then I feel like I'm ready any day, especially now that my birth classes are done. I'm trying to practice my relaxation breathing daily to prepare better for relaxing at birth. I'm thinking I might take my yoga dvd to the birth center with me, just because it helps me get so chill. Who knows. I may not use it, but I've just been thinking about things I'd like to have. Speaking of which, I need to start working on getting a bag of stuff together for the birth, like all the baby stuff I still don't have. Think I'll work on that next week. Hopefully work will be slower then...


        NPGR: DH got called in to substitute today, which is great. He's still waiting to hear back from the infant to 3 year old education position. Hopefully he will hear early next week. It would be awesome if he got enough hours that I didn't have to go back to work. I may still go back for like one day a week, just so I can take all my sick time while I am out for 6 weeks. I think I have over 100 hours accrued, which I will just loose if I quit.


          Freezing Friday over here, the temperature is currently 0 with a projected high of maybe 12. It's making me reconsider going outside.


          RR - 3 miles at the gym last night! Woo! I was getting sooo cranky with the possibility I was going to go 2 days without a promised gym break. Combined mile of walking between a mile run and a mile of intervals. Plus arm machines. I was getting nervous bc I forgot my phone and I was pretty sure the gym closed at 9:30, but when a bunch of people left at 8:30 I was eyeing the clock wondering if I'd get 3 miles done.


          PGR - Only a few more days til Tuesday!


          NPGR - Not a whole lot. Meeting up with a friend this weekend at the indoor playground, just waiting for this deep freeze to move on so we can get back to normal (around freezing) temperatures.


          MA - I totally registry stalked too. When is your shower?


          Sasha - That's awesome DH joins in on yoga. Hope you hear only good news about his interview.


            Yay Friday!


            ER: Walked on the TM this morning for 45 minutes, varied my pace and incline and got a better workout than I expected... I've said in the past walking wouldn't work for me since I don't walk fast enough to get my HR up, but doing it on the TM was a good challenge. I've made it to the gym three times this week, the last time I accomplished that might have been before Christmas. Hoping to get there one time this weekend.


            PGR: 36 weeks, due date one month from today, eek! Feeling cranky and ready to be done with pregnancy. I'm hungry all. the. time. When I'm just sitting on my butt at my desk all day! I bring the same amount of food to work each day and this week it hasn't been enough at all. I remember with A my appetite toned down toward the end, but that hasn't happened this time. I'm getting uncomfortable as P is sitting way low in my pelvis and I'm having to use the bathroom a lot, sorry for the TMI. My feet are generally sore a lot now too... I definitely do not remember being this cranky at the end with A. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I'm pretty sure I'll have an ultrasound if the doctor still suspects P is breech, so that will be nice. Not sure what the plan of attack will be at this point if he is still breech, if we'd make a plan now or wait til full term (which is next week). Also today will be the GBS test, so I'll probably go ahead and do the first internal exam and then skip the next few. Weekly appointments here on out! Yikes!


            NPGR:  Tomorrow we are trying soccer again. DH has been practicing with A so maybe that will change her perspective on trying it at class. Also tomorrow a friend from work is bringing over their toddler bed for A. We need to get the infant seat in the car and the pack 'n' play set up for P... other than that just general organizing is all we need to do for P. Oh and I need to color my hair. For the Super Bowl we're going to my brother's house so that will be fun. A is looking forward to playing with her cousins and I'm looking forward to not cooking and the final football game of the year!


            Today was the day we were expecting DH's severance to be direct deposited... and its not in the bank yet, so DH is freaking out. This company has been so inept through the whole layoff process, its driven me crazy throughout. That and certain people who kept stringing DH along that maybe he'd be kept on or get rehired there. I'm ready to be done with them and I'm not looking forward to DH having to fight with them, hopefully it won't come to that. We're so glad we cashed out his retirement even though I didn't want to. I couldn't imagine if we'd waited until now to start getting all the baby stuff.


              hey all!! just wanted to say: coldeest day of the year yesterday.. windchill og -43!  same in f as c at this point so no conversion needed. brrr.


              also, having my shower today!! hope you are all well! i'm going on domperidone next week for milk supplky so will see if it works, if not he's going to formula most lijkely, boo! 1.5 hours/ feed plus supplimenting is getting a bit redic..


                Good morning ladies! I was going to mention our crazy weather (50s on Tues.; 8" of snow on Wed. and below freezing temps today) but it sounds like CanadaJazz has the worst of it! -43!


                MA: Bet it was nice to have a nice restful night of sleep. I'm lucky to still be getting good sleep almost every night. You all remind me to cherish thatSmile


                sasha: That's great that DH is willing and enjoying doing yoga with you. I wish there was something like that DH would be willing to do with me.


                schmetterling: Glad you were able to get you run in as you had hoped. Wish I could say the same for myself. I just can't motivate myself to run at the end of the day. After work and dinner all I want to do is get in comfy close and sit down. And unfortunately I give in to that temptation just about every nightSad


                monk: Good luck with soccer tomorrow. My DS is supposed to start soccer next weekend. We were supposed to be called by a coach, but still no call. If we don't hear anything by Monday I think I"ll give the Y a call. How frustrating about DH's severence. I hope it all works out and ends up in your bank account without DH having to go back to them and ask for it.


                Canada: Waves! Good to see you stopping in. I hope the domperidone does the trick for your supply. 


                ER: Nothing today. I got a good run on Wed. Hoping to get a few good runs in this weekend.


                PGR: 13w3d I guess this means I'm technically entering the second tri! Very exciting. I wish it meant I'd stop worrying, but I can't/don't. I guess once you get pregnant you really never, ever stop worrying about that child.


                NPGR: Well I guess this is a little PGR. I feel bad for DH. We got in a huge fight last night and I think it was all because I'm SO hormonal and emotional. I've been taking everything so personal lately. He seemed to be very understanding about it all, but I still felt bad. I must not be very fun to live with right now. Looking forward to another low-key weekend at home.


                Agh! There was a water main break outside of our offices. We have three buildings that are all connected, so luckily we still have water/bathrooms in one of the three buildings, but it's a pain because it's not the building my office is in. I guess I could count my walk to the bathroom as ERSmile

                Laura G in Idaho

                  Didn't make it on here yesterday.  I'm sure you can imagine that with a bunch of kids and a busy life, there's not always time for the computer.  Time is short again today.  I don't have time for personals right now.  Hope to get back to it this afternoon/evening.  Even if I don't always respond to everyone's posts, I want you all to know that I love this group, and enjoy reading everyone's updates.


                  PGR:  28w today.  Midwife appointment yesterday.  Everything is looking good.  I'm feeling fine.  Midwife says she thinks baby is transverse right now.  Hope that changes, to breech or vertex, before term.  Either one of those would be fine, but a transverse baby just can't navigate the pelvis.


                  RR:  Day before yesterday I skipped my workout.  I was feeling like I had been overtraining - no pep, no energy, no get-up-and-go.  I wasn't feeling this way at all before the flu, so I'm thinking I just need to ease back into the exercise a little slower.  Last night I ran, did strength training with cardio bursts, and ran some more.  The entire workout was 55 minutes, and I was feeling good the whole time, up to about the last 6 minutes or so.  At that point, I was telling myself how exhausted I was and how glad I'd be when I was finished.  My lower left leg was sore prior to running, so I tried putting a support stocking on to see if that helped.  I don't know if it really helped or not, but it did retain the heat around the sore muscles.  With my maternity support belt... the Gabrialla isn't great all by itself, and neither is the Motherhood belt.  However, together, the two do a nice job of supporting me.  So, now I'm wearing both of them while I run.  The way it shapes me... it's the ultimate muffin top, ha ha!


                  NPGR:  Full day today.  Gotta make a 2 hour round trip to buy grain for my livestock.  Need to go to the public school food service and fill out the free/reduced lunch application.  We don't attend public school, but USA swimming gives a substantial discount (regular price is $56, reduced is $7) if your child qualifies, and I have 3 kids doing swim team, so that reduces our costs significantly.  Need to do the grocery shopping (this will take me roughly 3-4 hours, if I don't stop to look at anything).  Also need to put on the drill sergeant hat with the kids and get this house clean, but since I have so many errands today, it will likely remain a pigsty for another day.


                    Ugggggh. So DH called the bank and they bank has no indication of a direct deposit coming in today. So he has a call into the HR department.


                    And my appointment for today has been canceled because the doctor is on call and at the hosptial. I understand the need to be flexible, but this is an appointment thats already been rescheduled twice! And I'm just feeling cranky and now emotional in general. I hope I wasn't too mean on the phone. There wasn't any doctor that could see me today because of the one on call and others on vacation. Ugggh. They said I could have gone in today and seen a nurse and do the GBS test at next week's appointment, but I guess the whole breech thing has me nervous. We decided to move my appointment for next Friday to Monday, which I suppose makes me a bit more comfortable anyway because it'll be with my doctor and then I'll meet the new doctor the week after next. At least I still get to leave work early today! I worked extra to leave and still get 40 hours so no reason to stay!


                      t-rozy - Congrats on the 2nd tri! I don't stop worrying either - I have appts every two weeks, an u/s every 4, and I still pull out the doppler once in a while at home for reassurance.


                      Sorry, no time for other personals today, but glad everyone is doing well, and we're all surviving through the cold!


                      PGR: u/s this morning - Baby A is head down and pretty plastered into my cervix area, weighing in at 1 lb 8oz.  Baby B is moving and changing position constantly - she actually did a 180 at the start of the u/s, but spent most of her time sticking her feet in Baby a's face. Baby B weighs 1 lb 10 oz, so they are pretty much right on size-wise.  Although the tech at my 20 week u/s said baby A's placenta had moved up and away from the cervix, the tech today labeled it borderline previa, so I'm expecting the doctor to call and put me on pelvic rest again.  I didn't think it could move back down, so I'm not sure how that works?


                      ER: does 3 hours of cleaning last night count?  I couldn't take the mess, so tackled laundry, the kitchen, scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees, washed all the appliance fronts, vaccuumed, and finished putting stuff away from our room shifting - I still have to reorganize a closet eventually, but out house looks put back together again finally.


                      NPGR: looking forward to my mom visiting tonight - I'll have some time to work on baby blankets, and I know she appreciates the time.  I still need to pick out a pattern/color for the second baby blanket - I haven't committed either blanket to either baby yet, I might wait until their personalities shine through a bit and decide which "fits" best with each baby.


                        Yay, I think I found the pattern for blanket two:




                        I'll have to make it bigger - 22" by 22" just won't cut it Smile


                          PG: my belly is itchy and lop sided. Now my legs and butt are starting to expand.  Not sure how much longer my workout pants are going to last me.  I have one pair of old navy maternity yoga pants that I might have to live for the next three plus months.


                          ER: Rest day, maybe 2 mile walk with the dog after work.


                          NPGR: Happy its friday!!!  Now I just hope this day goes by fast.  So at my desk at work I keep a huge bag of pretzels thins and almonds.  My coworkers know they are welcome to help themselves.  I  dont keep them out because things including food have been known to disappear after hours.  I come back after three days off to find my preztel bag with only crumbs and a note "sorry I couldnt help myself"  It made me laugh but REALLY?? You're going to eat all the Preggo girl's pretzels and only leave crumbs!


                          MA: Yay for a good night sleep and working at home. Have fun at the party ;-)  I stalked my wedding registry.  I'm sure I'll do the same for the baby.


                          Sash: It would be hard to let 100 hours of paid leave go.  Hope DH hears soon.


                          Schm: 3miles good job.  I'm a whimp when it comes to the cold.


                          Monk: are you taking any time off before your due date.  You sound so uncomfortable :-(   Hope you hear soon on the severence.


                          Trozy: 2nd tri very exciting!!  We've probably been there with the hormones/emotions.  I know my DH has been on the receiving end of my craziness.


                          Laura: I'm impressed that you even have time for yourself to exercise with all that you do!


                          TN: I count 3hrs of house work as ER!  Its not easy work thats for sure.


                            Monk - Sorry to hear about the dr. appt and the check not being deposited. If you're concerned about breech try some of those exercises for peace of mind? That's what I'd do while waiting anyway.


                            CJ - Enjoy your shower!


                            Trozy - Welcome to the 2nd tri! Worrying never stops, just wait til the kid gets here. Wink Sorry to hear about the water main break. I'd definitely count all those trips as exercise.


                            Laura - Glad your appointment went well. I'm sure the baby will turn for you. You have plenty of time. Good luck with all your errands today.


                            TN - I had to laugh at the baby kicking the other baby in the face. Sounds like in-utero sibling rivalry lol. Thanks for posting that baby blanket tutorial, it looks super cute!


                            Ok, off to neti. I cannot take any more sneezing and sniffling.


                              Cross posted with Mann - Oh, I went to the gym last night. Right now it is 10 out. Nooooo way I'd run outside in that.


                                TNesq - that blanket pattern is super cute! I think I need to learn how to crochet. I only knit. Here's the crib blanket pattern I'm working on now: http://www.purlbee.com/new-super-easy-baby-blanket/. I started out with gender neutral colors (black, grey, white) and will finish with the gender related colors once we find out what we're having in March.