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Tis the Season Thursday (Over 40) (Read 249 times)

    As in "tis the season" when I start wishing it were "over 40" outside.  Winter has landed here in MI finally.  25.


    GBird-I bet it's gorgeous.  Some day I will do those climbs. http://fall.superiortrailrace.com/race-info/marathon/ A friend is trying to talk me into this on in MN.  the marathon has 2500 gain and corresponding loss.  Actually she is working on me for the 50 mile.. with 12.5k elevation gain and then same loss I told he no way.  She has done and is again doing the 100mile with 21k gain and same loss. The marathon maybe for me. But remember there aren't any mountains in the midwest.


    Tessa-never heard that one... probably was always too busy to hear it.  I'm one of those wake up at night with things to get done bothering me people.  running is really only time I turn "off."  thus my analogy to a running meditation. sis had once bought dd and I a spa treatment.  I remember sitting by the serenity pool to be called and asking dd "what are we supposed to be doing? there aren't even any magazines." her reply "I think we're supposed to be doing nothing."  Very confusing, didn't like it.


    Ginny-I swear by Aleve.  Although I think you uttered the causing words "standing by the sink"... step away from the sink.




    Mighty Mouse

      SunshineGator, DH is in a nursing home and I completely understand about not getting sick and then infecting the elderly. I hope you are better very soon. Someday I’ll be elderly instead of only 70. Tight lips


      Wednesday I started to do a shorter run but it ended up being a 50 minute run. Being flexible as to time and speed, etc. seems to really work well for me. I’m sore from my weights workout yesterday.


      Last night I went to Dick’s to get a wrist strap for my extended thumb problem but found that it would be too large for me. When I got home I discovered that my older cycling gloves with leather palms and thumbs will work even better for some thumb stability while I work. And they already *fit like a glove*.

      There is a rule…*One size fits all but Judy*. Roll eyes

      Today will be a track run.


      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Morning Ladies!


        LisaMMR - I hear ya on the cold weather....I ran last night after work, don't think I ever got warm Sad    I'm with you too on the running is the time you can turn everything off.  Had a conversation while on vacation with a non-runner type....about how running for me is my "spirtual/thinking/meditation" time..and I do races for the fun of sharing something with like-minded people.


        Judy - You are always so consistent in your running great job!


        Out last night after work for a brisk 4 miler.....amazing what 2 weeks off running did to refresh my legs!


        Have a great day ladies!


        Fire Jumper

          G'mornin' all!


          This will be short and sweet.   DH and I are at the Castle http://www.belhurst.com/ and the wi-fi is very unreliable.  (really old wiring?  haha)  So, I will just say "hi there" and wish everyone a great day and happy runs.   No runs for me today, full day of work meetings.  Hubby is going to visit hobby shops, car guys and otherwise entertain himself (I'm so grateful he's low maintenance!) 


          The Garmin is on order YAY!!  It comes in tomorrow.  Thank you for your feedback.  Since it was on such a nice sale, I feel good about having ordered it. 


          Be well!


          5K's and Obstacle Runs

          Goal for 2013:  10K


          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



            Good morning!  Healing vibes to Amy, Gator, Karen and Ginny.  On the discussion on the flu from a couple days back...my nephew had it on Thanksgiving and was very sick with  high fevers, etc.  He lives in TN, one of the hard hit states.


            Sue, it was Carolyn, not me, running on painkillers.  I think I'd also wait to run.  On the quilt seminar...at least college expenses will be over for you before too long. : )


            Gatsbybird and Karen, I've done the half at Go!StLouis and was support crew for my DD and her friends one year while she lived there.  Nice race! Their shirt is my go to race shirt-woman's size and a v-neck.  It's prob in >half my race pics. : ) 


            MMR, gatsby and Karen, those races sound great!  Lisa, the marathon would be enough for me, too. : )


            Judy, clever fix for you thumb. : )


            Tessa, the chocolate may not have been the healthiest, but was prob the tastiest. : )


            I didn't get a run in yesterday... I got home at almost 9 and had to run in place in the house to get my 15 min in for the streak. : ) I saw my late father's cardiologist about the rare episodes of arrythmias I have with exercise and he didn't blow me off at all.  While we both know it's unlikely that we'll find the arrythmia during a stress test, he said I should prob have one with my family history anyway. I'm set up for an echo and stress test.  I may have to train on a treadmill a time or two. : )  I need a 7 or 8 miler today and the rain has stopped.  Yes!


            Edit to add:

            Cindy, I was looking for knee info and ran across these video from Running times. He aslo has one on shin splints. Thought of you. 



              4 miles for me in 39:50 - the weather said it was 48 & winds were gusting to 19mph, but I don't think that was the case b/c it didn't feel that strong - - it felt awesome outside!!

              Question: What types of foods to you use to quell your cravings? I have an insatiable sweet/fat tooth & I'm so tired of losing a pound or two and then gaining back 2 or 3 b/c I totally binge out. I guess maybe my real problem is no self control :blush:, but I''m wondering: if you have a sweet tooth or a salt craving, what satisfies without being a huge caloric & fat gram bomb? Also, does anyone else use myfitnesspal.com? I'm giving that a whirl. No support meetings, but I can't afford WW right now.

              In other news, MrDel just got a job offer in Warsaw...as in, Poland. Dubai? Brussels? Now Warsaw? Roll eyes I'm not getting all nutso until the ink is dry.


              Judy - that made me laugh... "one size fits all...but Judy"  Big grin


              on the flu - I'm in Charlotte, a mile from SC & SC has been hammered.  Apparently we're reaching epidemic levels here as well.  I'm prying that if we get it, it's mild & Evie's blood sugars don't go bananas.

              Amy - THM - still got your brace on?  how's the knee?




                blew off another run this morning, but I am not going to obsess about it, for some reason I am not concerned.


                amydel...how about popcorn?  Doesn't cover the sweet tooth, but gets the salty and if you use those butter sprinkles, (which are excellent, by the way)

                you get the fat taste too.  I use Molly McButter, great on baked potatoes too!


                DD and I are going to Cleveland Christmas shopping tomorrow.  I can't wait.  We always have such fun.  First stop, Aunt Annies Pretzels, we have to have nourishment for all the walking, right????





                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                Run to live; live to run

                  Good Morning.  I did another 10.5 this am.  Good run and it isn't too cold out so I was pleased.


                  Lisa sorry it got cold but it is nearing winter here shortly I guess


                  Judy the weight glove sounds like a great idea


                  Carol good the legs felt refreshed.


                  Julie Have a great stay at the castle


                  Ginny have fun shopping tomorrow


                  Camille good the doctor didn't blow you off!


                  Amydel boo on the wind.  It is not windy here. In fact the sun is out even though we have a chance of rain.  it is in the upper 50's right now and should be low 60's today.  Versus the 70's we've been having but still pretty nice.  Fruit for sweet cravings.  Salt I'll have some light microwave popcorn or make some popcorn and put a hint of salt on it and some garlic powder.


                  Gatsyby I went to college in St Louis.  I do love that city for sure. 


                  LisaMarie how big is it?  It does look like it would be a shoe attachment for a key.  If it is bigger maybe just one to put around your wrist or upper arm.  Heck maybe even atach to a fuel belt?



                    Hi ladies-


                    I got out for an easy 4.8 miles with a couple of friends this morning. My legs feel like they're pretty much recovered from my half, but I'm going to enjoy taking it easy and just running whatever I feel like running from now until the end of the year.


                    To the new folks - welcome to the group! I'm Cindy, 47, live in NC with my DH and three boys, ages 10, 8, and 5. I work part time from home.


                    Lisa - I haven't had a chance to respond (work has been busy) but I agree with everything you've suggested for the virtual race. Thanks for all you've done.


                    Judy - hope the thumb feels better.


                    Carol - your vacation sounded amazing! Welcome back to the "real world."


                    Julie - enjoy your time away? Where is Castle Belhurst?


                    Camille - thanks for the link. I will definitely take the time to watch it - the shins feel fine right now, but I never seem to know when they might flare up.


                    AmyDel - dark chocolate is great for me for sweet cravings. I buy the Dove squares, and one or two is all I need to satisfy a craving. I hope everyone, but especially Evie, avoids the flu.


                    Ginny - how's the back today? I love Aunt Annie's pretzels!


                    Off to core class and then some Christmas shopping. Have a great day everyone-





                    2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2



                      'Tis indeed.


                      Lisa, I can't imagine doing nothing. How boring. Have to have something, whether it's running, or on the bus, or waiting at the doctor's office. Blissed out meditation...no thank you.


                      One of the few aspects of being a cat that I would not enjoy.


                      And we will get you out for Shadow of the Giants one of these years! (BTW, Gatsbybird, what are you doing next June?)


                      Judy, I am convinced that "one size fits all" is a myth.


                      Carol, hope you managed to warm up afterwards.


                      Julie, that looks lovely. They had me at "wine spigot".


                      Camille, they may find that your heart has stopped due to boredom if you keep running in place or running on the TM. Good that he didn't blow you off.


                      AmyDel, hope your family is spared, especially the two youngest. Answer to question (also on runango): mostly I chew sugar free gum if I am craving sugar.


                      Ginny, when is the half again? Are you tapering?


                      Marjorie, sounds like nice weather for 10.5. I agree, that looks like a pouch to put on shoes or loop around a fuel belt. Or it would probably clip around the armband that I see people wearing their iPhones on as music players.


                      Cindy, good luck with the Christmas shopping. I have not done most of mine. Embarrassed


                      4.5 with running neighbour this morning. Planning more at lunch. CPR/AED training this morning, I completely forgot about it, dammit.

                      Anonymous Guest

                        Just a quick check in here. Cold is really starting to rear its ugly head. Slept almost 10 hours last night and still exhausted today. Unless some sort of magic happens, today will be a rest day.

                        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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                           Quick post, and then I'm off for today.


                                       USRD today, day 2 of this awful bug. Was SO weak last night and DID get sick again this morning, but slept most of the morning away, and got up to make mom and me lunch and then took a much needed shower. It's AMAZING how a shower and fresh clean hair can really brighten your mood. Smile Now, I just need to play it SAFE the remainder of the day and NOT go crazy cleaning up everything in sight, and NOT run, but just take it slow and easy and hopefully I will get my run in tomorrow.  My legs feel rested though, so THAT's encouraging. 


                              AG (Karen)  PLEASE LISTEN to your body and take a REST day, you always come back stronger. Nice to hear about your trip for work, always nice when things work out for us to RUN! Wink


                               Everyone else, have a terrific day!  


                            Tessa - the trip to the mall was unsuccessful. Amazon here I come!


                            Tracey and Karen - feel better soon!


                            Headed out with DS1 to buy a display board for his science fair project.



                            2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2



                              Tracey and Karen, feel better!


                              7.02 on the TM at lunch. Still not doing well at getting in upper body workouts. Does CPR training this morning count?

                              Knit queen

                              Knit Queen

                                Have not gone to the gym this week.Was sick with the flu early in the week.  Think I got the bug from handling money at the Friends of the Library used book sale.  Today I had a pelvic ultrasound done.  You have to have a full bladder for them to get good imaging.  Not the most comfortable test.  I had the test because I showed endometrial cells in my PAP.  Hope they figure out why that is.  Hope to get out and run soon.  the rain has tapered off and we are supposed to get better weather.


                                This Saturday I am hosting my book club at my house.  We are discussing "Caleb's Crossing".  Since the book takes place in the Massachusetts area I am serving Boston clam chowder done in the slow cooker, along with salad and bread and maybe another side dish.

                                The following day I am going to our women's bike club Christmas party.  They combined up with another bike club and another bike shop so it should be a good party.


                                nothing else going on.

                                Cheers, lisa