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(Over 40) Time to Deck the Halls Monday/Tuesday Christmas eve/day (Read 267 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Merry Christmas to All! Smile

    After lots of sleep I am about to start my cross training. I've been looking forward to this for days. There was a need for a day of tranquility here and I am enjoying it. Big grin

    DS comes for Thanksgiving since travel is usually easier then. Also, it was a family time for many years. We had mostly dinner and a spooky movie on Christmas. Tradition. Big grin

    Yesterday was a great track run.



    Run to live; live to run

      Merry Christmas!  I did 12 for the 12 days of Christmas .  I'm such a dork. Even wore green shorts red tech and socks with green turtles on them.


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        Merry Christmas All!

        Going out for a run soon - great idea on 12 miles Marjorie.

        Cooking a roast for dinner. Will still be several hours before we eat, but that is okay as the party we went to last night had a huge dinner (and I ddin't realize that so we ate before we went). We ate there around 11 p.m., so still not hungry today. The party was a lot of fun, didn't get home until 1:30 though which is waaaaay past my bedtime.


        My big excitement so far today - the 50K I'm running on Jan 5 posted a gps file. I finally figured out how to convert it to a file that I could download to my garmin. I've heard it's easy to get lost on this course and they don't mark it well, so at least if I go way off course I'll have a little arrow to tell me! Just took a route I'd run around the neighborhood and turned it into a course, so will play with that on my run today to figure out how it works.

        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
        Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


        Run to live; live to run

          Karen 130 would be way past my bed time too.  I was going to do 11 but it occured to me that 12 fit Christmas better.  Dh ran just a mile to test out his new shoes I got him.


          Carol so good you will do your jingle run.


          Thanks everyone for the well wishes on the 85.  I'm happy with being back.  DH got me the nicest pics of my dogs.  He took them to a professional studio and had their pic done together and framed.  It is so cute and looks awesome.  I already hung it up.




            Wow, Camille, those brownies sound sinfully rich. I see how they got the name!


            Julie, remember there are multiple forumites in some states...Linda, Gatsbybird, and me in CA, Laura, Susan, Carol, and Lisa in MI, Judy and Ginny in OH, AmyTHM, Cindy, and AmyDel in NC...so you would have some big FEs!


            (Not that this would be a bad thing at all.)


            Marjorie, impressive mileage!


            Karen, walking on the TM, good for your legs!


            Cindy, glad you had safe travels.


            Carolyn, giggling about your wrapping marathon!


            Linda, good job on the 1400!


            Judy, enjoy the xt.


            Carol, your own jingle bell jog? Hope you had fun.


            Ginny, you are correct, nothing has calories today. (Says she who dug into the chocolate box as soon as she got back from the 10 PM Christmas Eve service.)


            Fire Jumper

              Merry Christmas!


              The three amigos had a GREAT time cooking Christmas dinner.  It was one of the best Christmases ever.  I thought FOR SURE that we had let the turkey get too dry because the oven turned out to be a "hot" oven at the recovery house.  I pulled the turkey out of the oven about 45 minutes early when I saw the meat thermometer WAY over the line!  But, once we let it rest and then cut it... ahh... nice and juicy.  Lots of content faces.  No one went away hungry... I'm a happy girl!


              So... if you need a little chuckle in your brain... just imagine three "somewhat" compulsive, in-control chicks who suddenly have 25 people who want to "help" get dinner ready after the noon AA meeting!  (which really meant... "how long 'till dinner?"  LOL)


              Blizzard on the way to upstate New York tomorrow.  They rarely give "heavy snow" warnings up here.  Well, we've got one!


              Carol - hope the jingle jog was fun... sounds like fun to me!


              Ginny - hope dinner went great.  And, I'm with you... what's a calorie?  No calories today... miles tomorrow... but no calories!  And, yep... storm coming out way.


              Camille - that brownie recipe sounds soooo yummy!  All of my favorite things.


              Judy - Goooo cross training!  love it!


              Marjorie - the very picture in my mind of your running outfit made me laugh!


              Karen - it's a good thing NOT to get lost on a 50K... wouldn't want it to be a 55 or 60K  Wink


              Tessa - Sounds like I need to be looking for races, conferences, or vacation opportunities in CA, OH, and NC!!  FE's are fun.


              I might actually go roller skating tomorrow.


              Have a great evening,


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                Karen, that app sounds interesting. That's not the Furnace Fat Ass run, is it? (Beware. I hear people who do races in that area may wind up getting a free kitten.)


                Marjorie, 12 miles with green and red outfit? You're right, you're a dork! But a cute one. And in the spirit.


                11 this morning, snuck out before anyone was up. I'm glad the kids are old enough to sleep in.


                Getting ready to go to my parents' home. But we have to fill the bird feeders and do other chores first. Merry Christmas!


                Run to live; live to run

                  Tessa yes I was a dork i didnt do bells or hat or it would have been even more dorky.


                  Julie ah nice you got everyone fed.  No snow for us but we will get the bad rain and storms.



                    Did my private "Jingle Jog" in the trails today......beautiful weather, sunny, 30's...awesome....I did have a green shirt on but that was the extent of Christmas attire Smile   Came back for a turkey dinner, yummy!  Just finished watching Run Fatboy Run....I had never seen that movie...now I "get" the guy's the tee shirt I saw at DFP - about Erectile dysfunction awareness.  I don't watch alot of movies as you can tell.


                    Hope everyone had a great day!



                    Disney freak

                      My run will have to wait until tomorrow - I don't have the bad weather gear to run in what we had today. Pouring down rain from 2 am to 2 pm that then turned into a blinding snowstorm.  Then the temps dropped and the wind chill has been 12 degrees since then.


                      So I pretty much spent the day in a carb coma on the couch. Very relaxing and no stress involved.  We stayed in PJs all day.


                      I am definitely going to have to get out tomorrow - figure out when the high is and get out of the house.  Hopefully the snow/slush will be gone by then.  Never run in that stuff before! I've got some lined pants, lots of shirts to layer, gloves and headband for my ears.   It will be an adventure for me!


                      Merry Christmas to everyone.

                      Lisa Marie

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                      • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
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                      • training for Big D half on 4/14

                        Good evening, all!  And merry Christmas!


                        No wonder I'm tired... didn't realize it was past 11 pm.  We're up watching the Ron Howard Grinch movie... kind of weird.   Ran 2.7 miles and walked 1 mile as a warm up/cool down on the treadmill this am.


                        Spent last night with my DB and SIL and their family.  Really nice to get together.  Then this am with my parents, DB, his daughters, and my niece and her family.  My other niece's son is sick so they ended up not traveling. DD has been baking and making chocolate truffles for the last week.. she even made me these awesome gluten-free cranberry cream cheese bars and pumpkin bars.  My brother loved the pumpkin bars. 

                        Well I should write more... but I'm beat.  I promise to be better and keep in touch.  Miss all of you!