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Testy Tuesday - Preggos (Read 279 times)


    PGR - 34w1d. Really, isn't it the end of the week already?? We had friends around for dinner last night who we had seen a week ago; the husband commented on how much huge-r I had gotten in just a few days....um, yeah, thanks? meh, whatever, he is right. Like CJ and YJPM ( Ithink?) I am just finding I feel a little more heavy and tired in my workouts and have reduced the intensity on my workouts the last 4 days, i supect that will remain the way til the end? I'm aiming now more for time than distance, speed or even reps. DH was nice enough to put together a birth plan sketch for me yesterday (as our m/w requested one). Unfortunately it ended up with DH getting offended because I refused to consider any pain medication options above the Nitrous Oxide gas, and I failed to acknowledge his efforts in putting it together. I felt a bit bad for the latter and apologised, saying thankyou, but things don't blow over QUITE that quickly so we were both tense til bedtime. I know he was trying to contribute as the birth draws closer so I do feel guilty for not seeing it sooner...


    ER - swam 3km this morning; the first 2km went great then the wheels started to fall off and once again I found myself dragging and willing myself to continue to my 3km goal at reduced speed....not sure how many more 3km sessions I have left in me? Mind you, if I can drag out one more that will be (ironically enough) the first time I've done three consecutive sessions of 3km...tomorrow I might opt for an easier 45min walk and some weights if I still feel like this.


    NPGR - So the couple that was meant to come over last night called up at midday and said one of them had the flu/was very sick. DH and I chatted and decided that we should put the other half of the couple under quarantine and retract our invite (which our friend was totally cool with and expected as it tunred out). So we then managed to get another couple to come over at the last minute to help us indulge - DH made cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breasts which were yummy, then we followed up with flourless choclate cake and coconut ice cream, which was even better (currently sweet tooth is beating savoury tooth)!


    NPGR2 - so it was snowing in Vancouver today; why is this an excuse for all the idiot drivers to show off their lack of driving skills at high speed? DH wanted to go skiing today but opted out as there were about 10 accidents between our place and the ski hill!


      MA: I'm at a point where I am getting bloated when I eat too much... problem is I'm still hungry all the time! I've been favoring sleeping on my side a lot more lately just because of the bloating (I sleep with a pillow under my right side for when I stay on my back). Sorry your belly still burns every day. I hope you can get to sleep earlier tonight!


      liz: I don't think a cold shower would be bad for baby. Sorry about the not great massage. I got a massage gift card for my birthday at my favorite spa, unfortunately their prenatal massages are way more pricey than regular (totally worth it, but pricey!), so DH is either going to get me another gift card for Christmas or I may wait on the gift card until I'm not pregnant. Anytime I've tried to pee out doors it didn't work so well, but then again it was in my younger years and I was drunk the one time I remember doing it.


      canada: Yay for getting whats on your list! Since DH and I are waiting until January when he gets his severance, we think we're just going to take a night and go out and buy what we want the other to "give" us. I like Texas Roadhouse too! I considered that for my birthday dinner but the only one here is on the other side of town and I didn't want to drive that far. Sorry about the acid reflux. Mine's not too bad lately, but it seems to come on completely randomly when it does come on, so annoying.


      teri: Good luck with the induction, is this something actually planned, or just how you hope it will turn out? I'm sure taking the day off running yesterday did you good!


      TN: I love how P starts moving around more with certain things I eat. He really loved the Ben & Jerry's that we had last night!


      yjpm: YAY for the room conversion progress! How exciting! I'm sure you and DH will figure out how to properly care for LO.


      schmet: I'm glad DS's appointment was good. Glad you got a workout in and yay for signing up for the gym.


      sashanna: I'm glad you get to take a good amount of time off with how much you've been working. Its working out that I'm taking a full week off too, which I didn't really want because I'm trying to save vacation time for maternity leave, but I'm going to enjoy it since I'm taking it. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon for the ILs. My belly is getting sore from rubbing on my desk and I'm peeing a ton today... the traveling will surely be fun!


      mann: Sorry about the iphone! I'd love to run at night in the winter and look at xmas lights, but thats not happening this year. Plus I'm a wimp about running in the cold.


      ozzy: 750 wasn't actually my goal. At the beginning of the year it was 900, I dropped to 800 when I got preggo and up until last week was hoping I'd make it to 775. But thats not going to happen, oh well. I ran 700 miles last year, so I'm excited to beat last year's total with half the year being pregnant! Sorry about the tough workout... I've been having them a lot too lately. It just happens as we get further along. I'm glad you were still able to have a nice social night last night!


        Ugh, there are 2 prisoners who escaped from prison downtown and are in MY NEIGHBORHOOD last seen. Really. I noticed the police helicopter  hovering over my apt. when I left this morning and didn't think too much about it, but when my Facebook feed started blowing up about locking doors and SWAT teams, I became a little concerned. So far they still haven't caught them, but I've spent the day running errands/at my MIL/my DH's office, so I am so not going home until he's done for the day. 


        Sasha - Wow, getting up at 4am. I will consider it a success if I get rolling on our vacation around 7am.


        Mann - Oooh, sorry about your iPhone. My DH has an otterbox and I also find it ugly, and I don't like how it makes the screen look. But so far nothing's happened to his phone, whereas mine flew out of my pocket while I was adjusting my earbuds and it landed down on concrete so the edges are all gritty. I had a cheapy protector for it but someone (DS) kept peeling it off. And now look. Ah well.


          Back! Watched the first episode of Firefly on Amazon Instant Video. I love that we a bunch of free movies and shows with Prime. We don't have TV, but do like to occasionally watch something together (like once a week). Just found out about the free stuff on Amazon. I can't believe we've had it for like three years and have never used the free video streaming!


          MA: Your belly pain sounds so annoying! Frosting cookies sounds great! I just started my Christmas baking last night and did sugar cookies and double chocolate mint chip. Tonight is biscotti and maybe orange shortbread. Yum! Definitely going to need the gym this week! Try to get some more rest tonight!


          Liz: hahaha! Peeing in the park is totally fine! If it was darkish, I totally would have done it! Sorry about your awful massage experience. Sounds so uncomfortable and not at all relaxing! Cold water showers are awful! I hope you get your hot water back very soon!


          Canada: Being tired at your stage is completely understandable and I think, to be expected. Enjoy the warm weather! Laying out in the sun sounds so great! Sounds like a fun Christmas for you already! Enjoy that Starbucks!


          Teri: your preggo dreams are so crazy! I have crazy dreams, but never related to the pregnancy or the baby. I know some women have lots of dreams about their babies, including gender, but I haven't at all. Why are you getting induced early? I was kind of MIA last week, so maybe I didn't hear...


          Monk: Sorry about the BHs making things tough. I'm trying to be better about my water. I was having BH while baking cookies last night and I was like, "Wow, I must be super dehydrated!" Not good! I've been chugging the water today, especially in preparation for my 4:30 run... I don't know if you've looked up "The Tupler Technique" but it is a series of abdominal exercises that are supposed to help with prenatal back pain. Whenever I remember to do them, I do feel better. You might try looking it up.


          TN: Your babies probably were moving after the ice cream b/c they thought is was great! My baby always does and the midwife told me that, especially as you get farther along, you will probably notice your babies moving more after you eat b/c of the sugar hitting your blood stream. Smile


          YJPM: What kind of cream are you using? It sounds wonderful! I don't have any persistent pulled muscle pain at this point, but it might be nice to know in the future. Have you had any birthing classes? DH and I are doing hypnobirthing classes in January with the doula who works at the birth center where I am having the baby. I think they will really help me be more calm about the birth. I'm pretty nervous myself right now!


          Schmett: I may be doing more of those type of workouts starting in January. My membership runs out at the gym and since DH is graduating in 10 days officially, I will lose my access. Ugh! Don't know what I will do about running... Glad your appointment was reassuring!


          Mann: Your run sounds like fun! I would love a run through a neighborhood with lots of light. Unfortunately, DH and I live in a predominantly graduate student neighborhood, and everyone goes home for Christmas so no one decorates (including us...).


            Ozzy: Sorry for the tough workouts. You're getting pretty far along, so I think it's to be expected, but it must be hard still. I need to convince myself to go walking more often when I can't get in a run or workout. I always think, "Walking isn't a workout!" But it's so much better than nothing! And I could walk to Starbucks for motivation. Smile Your dinner sounds ridiculous! I'm practically drooling!


            Monk: I'm sorry about your work situation. It sounds tough, between your job and DH's. But do enjoy your time off since you have it. Time off and slow work periods are such a double edged sword. Sorry you don't get to be with your family either. I would probably be a much worse sport in your situation.


            Schmett: Our drive is 17 hours on a good day with good weather, so in order to avoid having to drive for a whole night, we opt for the starting early. Not fun, but we avoid the worst part of night driving that way. We are still too young and cheap to break up the trip and get a hotel Smile.