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Sleepless Tuesdays--Preggo (Read 267 times)


    Uggh, I'm cranky today and I want this day to end badly!


    canada: Sorry for no running, but at least you can still take your vacation!


    trozy: Congratulations! I'm in my second pregnancy and I think my morning sickness was about the same with both. I think I started feeling it around 6 or 7 weeks and it ended between 12 and 14. My sickness mercifully didn't include much puking, but plenty of nausea and this time I got terrible motion/car sickness for which sea bands proved really great.


      quick fly - by, busy helping DH clean up after renos and prepare for the real estate agent coming tomorrow, doula visit in 15mins...


      CJazz - really sorry to hear about the running, you've done so damn well this far though so I'm sure a few weeks "down-time" won't hurt at all; I wonder if water running (slowly) would be okay? I find that the least stressful of everything on my body at the moment. Anyway...keep LO hanging in there for just a few more weeks...then you can work on getting him out of there!!


      will catch up with everyone tomorrow....



        Does anyone know if swim.bike.run.fun (?) had her baby yet?  I know she was really close when all of the forum problems started at RWOL and I haven't seen her around these parts yet.  Just curious!  Smile

        MA runner girl

          Hi Simon! Yes she had her baby last weekend! (24th I believe) They seem to be doing well! Smile

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            The OB appointment was uneventful, no real major changes.  I am up per their scales 23 pounds, my scale 21 pounds and GBS negative, I guess good?  No cervix check today, but will have another one next week; baby is in position.  I forgot to bring my list to the appointment and didn't remember anything, ugh.  Nothing to life shattering on the list, I guess if I really want to know more I can always call the nurses.  Since I wasn't checked and didn't think to ask anything I guess more work unless I go into labor. 


            monk: I am really self conscious about people looking at me too.  Fortunately with scrubs at work, no one said anything until the past 2 weeks where I am obviously very pregnant--I guess most people weren't sure until then.  I hate to complain about work since I was able to find a job quickly after they laid me off.  I have a hard time respecting the organization I work for when their so called values are much different from their actions, only a little bit longer though.


            Schmetterling: Enjoy the nice weather and hope you enjoyed your MW appointmentSmile


            MArunner: Glad you were able to get some good sleep, sorry about the burning.


            tayraes: I think while I went from a 34B to a 34D within the first tri, I could likely go to a DD, but figure at this point I might as well wait to use nursing bras. I have about 8 that I ordered from amazon that I'm not sure about but want to wait until after delivery.


            YJPM: Great job on the workout.  I don't think I could feel where baby was until a week or so ago.


            Jazz: Sorry about the no running until 37 weeks.  When do you leave for Texas?  I can't remember how long you are staying there, good luck.


            TNesq: Thanks, the hours are actually not even overtime, it's just how the days fell. Funny about your dream.


            Monk: 2nd breakfast is great, when I'm off I usually eat around 5am and then again at 10am, haha. 


            trozy: Congratulations!  I remember you from TTCSmile  My morning sickness I think started around 6 or 7 weeks and continued until I was off progesterone (around 13 weeks).  Congratulations again.