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    jen - The nashville striders (local running club) have a website with a forum and I am going to be very brave when we finally get to nashville and post "new to area quirky funny-seeking mom looking for like-minded LR stroller company for absolutely nutty hills in percy warner park to chat about life, kids and running". hoping to meet new friends. do you have anything like that where you live?

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      Ernie - DH is a very adventurous eater, but he's picky about stupid shit, like, he'll comment on my "knife skills" if I chop up veggies and tehy are slightly different sizes.  Or if I don't season something enough, or if I only make "one or two" things for dinner.  I work all day, come home, take care of three animals a baby, I'm pregnant, hell no I'm not making a 5 course meal!  I usually do simply stuff like baked proteins with a sauteed or roasted veggie with rice or other starch.  And he sort of is disappointed that I don't go more "all out" with sauces and stuff.  Or if I make pasta and don't have garlic bread.  what the pasta isn't enough of a carb bomb?!  Sorry, I don't have time to make it/stop at the store to pick up the nicey-nice stuff and trappings for every meal.  I sure as heck don't have time to clean it up.  What I make is healthy, varied in nutrients and gets the job done.


      Like if I make waffles from scratch (for real from scratch, not even bisquick) & sausage for breakfast he'll look around and say "no eggs?"  Um, no - no eggs.  Sausage is your protein, deal with it.  When the kids are older and eating more, sure I'll also make a pan of eggs, but with only two of us at the table, not worth the effort or extra dirty pans.


      So when he liked my one pot over plain rice meal.  I almost fell on the floor!  I liked it, it was easy, fast and fun.  Totally doable on a weeknight, and great for those odds and ends of veggies since DH is also borderline militant on not wasting ANY food.


      All of that combined and I was very pleased last night to feel very susie-homemaker with a husband and daughter who actually like my dinner!  Sometimes he doesn't realize that his comments make me feel like my effort isn't appreciated, when he thinks he's just offering them from a constructive criticism perspective.  Yes, I do want to improve, yes I do want feedback.  Dissecting the technique & seasoning choices of a Tuesday night meal is NOT the time for that discussion.

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        spike and rocky - thanks for the stir fry tips!!  I often use the frozen veggies too - cheaper and faster.

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          Delurk -


          Rocky - I made that exact stir fry, but instead of rice I did quinoa (and I did cubed chicken, instead of shredded). It was sooo good and easy! Love it!


          Also, DH tells me similar things about 5 course meals. Like if I make chicken tacos, which have protein, veggies, carbs... he asks what else am I making. So annoying! Just eat another taco! LOL I think it comes from him having a SAHM, who would always have elaborate meals for the family every night. But you are right, it's not worth it for 2 people, esp when he refuses to eat leftovers... And who has the time or energy after working all day (and especially being pregnant)? Anyways, DH liked my stir fry meal too, and I was also shocked Smile



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            Bermy - That is awesome...and hilarious.  I don't know if we have a website or forum like that but now I am going to look into it!!  Thanks!


              MA- haha, i know right!  or he wants to know what's for dessert.  um, nothing.  unless you want to stay up until 10pm when it'll be done.  but if I offer dessert than I'm not supporting him in weight loss and I'm offering "temptations."


                Rocky - Your DH sounds like my friend's fiancé. When she makes stuff in the slow cooker, he'll say it's good, but doesn't really count as cooking. Or he'll complain that he would have served the salad after the meal instead of with, or that he likes two types of potatoes with his roast. The "knife skills" thing is so silly - who has time to chop things up in perfect restaurant fashion? Your stir fry sounds good - one pot meals with lots of stuff in them are a good way to fool your DH into thinking he's getting a complicated meal Smile

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                  Rocky- My DH is the opposite- he doesn't like complicated food. If I make something like tacos where you can assemble it to your own taste, he stands in the kitchen looking confused and then says "how am I supposed to eat this?" Ummm.. like a taco. Put what you want on it  then insert into your face. LOL his favorite way to eat food is to put it in a bowl and mix everything up and eat it with a spoon. When we go out for mexican he mixes his beans and rice into a paste with salsa and eats it with chips. He is also guilty of "Whats for dessert?" At 9 pm. Umm nothing, you are trying to lose weight, dummy!

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                    Ernie - LOL, yep the slow cooker is damn near cheating!  Men are hilarious.  I ask Dh if HE has plans for making dinner and shockingly he never does.  There is always PB&J if you don't like my meal.  Oh the salad comments!  I finally told Dh that he should try chopping a salad while monitoring a toddler!  I already serve at least one green veg with every meal, so the addition of the salad is time and potential hazard is not worth it.   yet, he doesn't want to come down and make the salad while I cook everything else.  (knife focus + toddler eyes in back of head = me likely cut my finger)


                    I will say he does make dinner and breakfast on the weekend regularly (like 50/50) and he does a good job.  So it's not like he doesn't contribute - and he does all of the holiday cooking because he likes trying stuff, being creative, etc. and I love that I just have to be his sous chef for the holidays and I have no pressure to cook or anything!


                    SPIKE - LMFAO "how do I eat this"  most of my meals are come n get it.  DH can put his own portions together because gawd forbid I give him a big portion and hurt his feelings that I think he would eat that much, or that I'm derailing his portion control...or on the flip side I give him to little and imply that he should only eat what I put on his plate.  Yeah, the way you describe your DH eating by mixing his food together makes me want to vomit.  I hate my distinct, different food items touching.


                      I'm annoyed with myself at how much time I've spent doing stupid stuff and now it's almost time for the girls to get home and L is awake and I need to get dinner ready, clean up the kitchen etc etc.


                      eh - DD is almost 10.  She just doesn't like to sweat.  ha.  So we have her in swimming year round just so she'll be somewhat active.  My other daughter who is 5 is in swimming, tennis and dance.  We are also thinking of trying soccer.  She's just in that experimental phase, I think soon she'll start dropping activities and narrow it down.  She's already complaining about dance but since we've paid for the recital fee and costume I'm making her stick it out until the end of the year.


                      bermy - I did Hal Higdon Novice when I ran the Chicago Marathon 2 years ago.  I finished but I was slow and I hurt!  Now I'm a little ahead of schedule on his Novice plan - I am currently running 5 days/week and about 30mpw - but I was hoping to build up to closer to 40mpw before I started full marathon training.  My biggest fear is not wanting to put in all those long runs on the weekends, but I'll see how these next few weeks go.


                      Thought I had more but I need to wash some dishes before I get L out of his crib!


                        Jen - L was off the charts in height and weight right away, and has come down to 25% weight (22.75lbs at 15.5 months), and 75% height.  He stilseeks ms bigger than most other kids his age we see!  Also, for some reason I've always pictured you being taller than me!  I'm 5'7".