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Thursday PREGGOS! (Read 236 times)




      I know - I came up with an amazing title for today's thread. Ha.


      CJ & Ozzy: Ah, good to know about your EI experiences. Thanks!


      Laura: Sneeze it out! Ha ha ha ha ha...


      Tayraes: Thanks for sharing your birthing story and thanks for the best wishes! I can't believe you're already back at work. You're a machine! (Not a milk machine - you're one strong lady). I liked hearing how the epidural helped you sleep and prepare for birthing. I'm prepared to ask for one - I had no idea a baby could react so much to contractions, though!



      PGR: 39w4d. Doc appointment yesterday revealed, quite uncomfortably BTW, that everything is still 'closed' up in my business, so no baby yet. I also lost a bit of weight, which is apparently normal at this stage. I have an appointment on Monday, the day after my due date, for an ultrasound and to discuss next steps from there. If LO holds off until Monday night, my own OB will be on call at the hospital so he can deliver. I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable, but it's still tolerable. I know I'll be in a whole new world of uncomfortable after the LO is born.


      PGR2: Still sleeping in 5 hour chunks. Totally aware that this will be a luxury soon a la "remember when I could sleep for longer than 2 hours?"


      ER: Will attempt the DVD today! I started to worry last night that the reason I had trouble after the last bout of exercising might be due to a cold coming on - eep. That would suck. A cold during labour? No thanks.


      NPGR: Called my former PT employer yesterday and left a message regarding the paperwork I need for the benefits. No surprise - I didn't get a call back. Unleashing preggo wrath on them today. Should be fun!

      MA runner girl



        Tay - Thanks for sharing your story. I too can't beleive you are back to work! That must be tough. Congrats!!!


        YJPM - So nice that you are still sleeping so much! That gives me hope. I know I'm in for a rude awakening when baby comes, but for now I'm enjoying my 8+ hours. I hope things start progressing for you soon! So close to your due date!


        RR: Planning on 3 miles after work, just around the neighborhood since it snowed a good amount yesterday and I'm sure sidewalks are not cleared.


        PGR: 30w4d. Was wide awake at 4:50 this morning thanks to DH getting up early for work. I was convinced that I was awake for the day, but I actually did fall back asleep for a bit more, though my alarm goes off at 6, so not much more! I continue to feel well rested this week. My belly is definitely getting more uncomfortable... the top of belly burning seems to be worse than ever. The other night at dinner I asked my friend, who is in her 2nd to last rotation of PA school, if when she was in her OB rotation she heard of this symptom and she said YES several women. So strange that you never hear about it though!


        NPGR: Work continues to kick my butt. Last night i worked late again, until almost 6. I was so stressed out that I ended up being grumpy most of the night. Poor DH. I honestly can't wait until my maternity leave, I'm taking 3 months off. I know it wont be easy with a baby, but I need a break from this stress! Tonight is fajita night, and then I WILL relax and enjoy my evening Smile

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Hi all-

          Sorry - another busy day yesterday, so no time to check in. But did read most of your posts. Tay, thanks for sharing your story, and congratulations. Good luck being back at work. I'm glad you at least get to have your baby with you.


          YJPM - must be so surreal at this stage! Any moment, you could be on your way to having your baby... Sounds like you are hanging in there.

          MA - sorry work is stressful. Hope today is better.


          As for me, I have a horrible cold Sad REally hoping it chills out in the next couple of days. We are going to an inn a couple of hours away on Saturday for our "babymoon." I'll be so sad if I feel like crap the whole time.


          RR - yesterday, ran to bootcamp + bootcamp. Today...I'm home from work, mostly sick, with a few calls I need to be on. May try to go for a walk later if I'm up to it, but feeling pretty crummy.

          PGR - 29wks5days. I feel ginormous. The scale hasn't been moving that much but I still feel huge and I feel like some other parts of me besides my belly have grown (thighs, mostly, my favorite place...). Ordered some new maternity clothes from gap/old navy that arrived yesterday and was kind of disappointed. Online shopping....never know what it'll look like on.

          NPGR - not much besides this horrible cold.




            Going to try to get around to personals more today - feeling a bit more caught up after being out sick earlier in the week.


            yjpm - I hope baby decides to come soon before you get  too uncomfortable.  Keep enjoying those 5-hour chunks, although frustrating that you can't get just a little more rest.


            MA - I love being able to sneak in that extra 40 minutes or so when I get woken up by DH getting ready for work - I always tell myself I should just get up, but it seems like that is always some of my hardest, most restful sleep, too.  That's so weird about the belly burning thing - I had never heard of it, so strange it's not an uncommon symptom.


            Liz - Oh no, I hope you feel better by the weekend! I got a horrible cold right before we left on our honeymoon after we got married - we had to take almost every picture twice, so I could remember to smile for real and didn't have a fake smile/miserable look on my face.


            PGR: 22w2d. Starting to really feel like the belly is growing.  I haven't felt Baby B much the last day or so - she must be turned away or something.  Hopefully we can finish painting the babies' room soon so we can start getting things in order.  Even though I have no indication I'm going to be put on bedrest, I'm still a bit fanatic about trying to get everything squared away.


            RR: Not sure yet, may give myself another day to recoup from the cold - this one has really wiped me out, plus I've had long, tiring days at work.


            NPGR: I have basketball tournaments scheduled on the next five weekends, our family babymoon is the following weekend, and I think one last bball tournament the weekend after that - start the whirlwind!  This will make the next 6 weeks fly by, another reason I really want to focus on getting our house in order.


              Good morning!


              ER: Nothing today. My legs are tired. I'd like to get back to working out 4 to 5 days a week but I don't think that will happen this week.


              PGR: 33w6d, doctor's appointment today. If what I got on my home scale holds true, I've gained 3 pounds in two weeks, whatever. I think the miralax I took over the last week finally got my system moving yesterday, We got the dresser yesterday that I ordered Sunday night. Too bad we don't have time or space yet to put it together! We've been telling A about the new things she's getting and giving her old stuff to P, so she was all excited about the dresser last night saying she wanted to open her present (the dresser) and got upset when I said I needed DH there to help me since he wasn't home last night. It was cute. I'm starting to work on the organizing we have to do but I have nowhere to put things. I desperately need to get junk out of my house this weekend and to goodwill... just have to add it to the list.


              NPGR: Hmm, not much that isn't PGR today. In fact, I can't think of anything. Have a great day!




                from yesterday -

                Tay - thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your birth story - like YJPM said you are one tough mother to be back at work already!! (want me to come over and pull angry preggo psycho on your family so they let you enjoy this time a bit more??? Shocked Wink Keep dropping by on FB too Smile


                CJ - Sorry to hear about the b/f issues; hopefully you find some sound advice that works soon, it's good we have Scmett and LG to help out here on the board!


                Yogi - nice work on getting to the pool!! Awesome distance.


                Schmett - I hope you were feeling well enough to get by the gym yesterday, nice to hear you got a decent night's sleep!


                Mann - Sorry to hear your running is coming to a temporary end but those cross-training options should keep your legs/body in very fine cardio form! I feel for your sister, I would have gone nuts if my body had forced a complete slow-down in the first tri (I was lucky to be able to get through relatively unscathed), hopefully it doesn't take her long to be back at things.


                Monk - Oh yeah, thankyou Miralax! Glad to hear things got moving, what a relief! That Broken City film looks really good; the Gangster one looks good too - good actors - but lots of shooting!


                Today -


                YJPM - You LOSt weight  this past week?? i must have taken your lost pounds Sad meh. I was talking to my m/w yesterday and whether you are closed up or at a certain dilation there's still no guarantee of labor pending (remember jules was dilated for a week or two?) Did he say the cervix has softened though? I'd keep up with the acupressure and any other, uh, possibly helpful things (coffee, sex, spicy foods???)Enjoy unleashing preggo wrath today (rubbing my hands with glee, I'm living vicariously through you, it'd be fun to have a reason to unleash just a little Evil Wink.


                MA - good on you for standing up for yourself and signing up for 3mths off on mat leave! Sorry to hear work stress is bad though. I've never heard of the top of belly burn either...


                Liz - Sorry to hear about your dastardly cold but enjoy being able to work from home in your PJs...nice o getting your workout in regardless!!


                TN - you can feel the babies move individually?? That's really cool. Smile I hope you can take it easy the next few days, sounds like some busy times ahead, good luck getting the house in some sort of order!


                Okay, will be back in a bit, need to squeeze in a walk before work as my m/w said walking puts LO in a good position for labor and apparently LO is down but not quite fully engaged...


                  MA: I wonder if that top of stomach burning will go away once the baby drops. I know I was highly uncomfortable at the top of the belly until I dropped a couple of weeks ago.


                  Liz: well done on the workouts despite feeling ill. I hope your cold goes away soon. I had some good luck getting maternity gear off of Gilt. The sizes from the designers they have seemed to make more sense than what I was trying on from Old Navy or Gap. And nothing has fallen apart yet. Smile


                  TNesq: Hope this cold goes away for you soon and that baby B starts moving around. Maybe baby A just likes to hog the spotlight!


                  Monk: 3 pounds in 2 weeks is perfect at this stage. Exactly on target. You'll probably find a slower weight gain as the miralax starts to take effect.


                  Ozzy: well, I lost a full ONE pound, but I'll take it. I think I gained it back yesterday when I needed fish and chips for dinner. I'm not usually gung ho about an all-deep fried dinner (despite my Scottish heritage), but I needed it last night. Thanks for the encouragement about my preggo wrath. I'm about to call them now. PREGGO RAGE!


                    Ah back...what a stunning sunrise today, this place is so beautiful when it's not raining and grey!


                    PGR - 38w3d.  M/w appt yesterday went fine; I've agreed that if this next GBS test is positive I'll take the antibiotics, unfortunately we know enough people who have themselves or their babies been affected by GBS and after taking so long just to get pg, let alone reach this stage, well, I'll put up with it and do what I can via diet to repair the damage after. After a week with no sugar and not eating as much as usual my weight was up - by 4lbs!!  So...I'm blaming it on water retention, the "afternoon appt" factor and perhaps a few extra muscles from strength workouts...ha ha. Whatever.  I put the thought aside enough to indulge in mocha almond fudge ice cream last night, screw it. I've also opted to have no VEs up to and during labor to reduce any GBS transmission - and to avoid disappointment (I'm sorry you are only at 2cm dilation, not 10 like you think"   Smile   )


                    ER - Had a great elliptical/strength workout yesterday; this morning got up early to go to the pool, drove a block, then drove home - why was I trying to squeeze a swim in before work when I have tomorrow OFF and all day to be in the pool?? So i went for that walk - 40mins to cover what normally takes 25...will do an elliptical workout at work today.


                    NPGR - DH was downtown last night dining with "the lads" then stayed at a mates place to get to work this morning so I had the house to myself. I sat and watched the latest "Good Wife" episode whilst indulging in my ice cream, attempted unsuccessfully to put some eyes and a nose on my crochet bunny (it looks evil, I'll have to re-do), then came across a really good natural birthing website which i explored for an hour and downloaded some relaxation meditation files to listen to as I went to sleep.


                    DH says I should just stop working if I don't feel like it after today...I'm going to have a look at my sick leave bank and make a D over the weekend; if the weather stays nice (meaning work is busy) and I continue to have little sleep its not good to keep coming to work with brain at 70%...hmmm.

                    Laura G in Idaho

                      Well, the stomach bug is gone, but my children have generously given me what I think might be the flu:  headache, body ache, fever, sinus congestion, sore throat, and cough.  Yay!  At least I'm getting it all over with at once, right?


                      YJPM:  Don't worry that you haven't started effacing and opening yet.  For a first time mom, it's quite normal to stay completely closed until labor starts.  Regarding your comment to Tay about babies reacting to contractions... I don't know what position Tay was in, but remember to switch positions frequently, and GET OFF YOUR BACK.  The hospital staff finds it convenient for you to labor in a laying or semi-sitting position, because it's easier for them to monitor, not because it's easier on you or the baby, and it certainly isn't a physiologically intelligent way to labor.  When you contract, the uterus moves forward while it does its work.  If you are on your back, the uterus has to fight gravity to move itself forward (upward), and this additional strain causes more pain to mama.  Baby can navigate the pelvis easier in almost any position aside from being on her back or semi-sitting.  So during pushing, if you feel up to it, squat, go on hands and knees, or even lay on your side and have someone hold your upper leg for you.  Try laboring in these different positions, too.  Remember that squatting opens the outlet of the pelvis, but walking opens the inlet of the pelvis.  So, walk or do the hula when baby is still high, and switch to squatting after baby reaches 0 to +1 station, or when the urge to push is overwhelming.


                      MA:  I am getting concerned about your work stressing you out so much.  I'll be glad for your maternity leave, too, just so you can take a break from all that stress.  It's not good for you, pregnant or not, but especially pregnant!  I hope tonight's run is safe with all that snow.


                      Liz:  I'm right there with you, being sick.  Let's hope it passes quickly for both of us.


                      TN:  Best to be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.  When the babies get here, you'll be glad for all the organizing and preparation ahead of time.


                      monk:  Organizing in a small space is a challenge.  Good for you for sending some of it to Goodwill so that you'll have more space to work with.


                      Ozzy:  Yay for LO being in the right position, even if s/he is riding high for the moment.



                      PGR:  25w6d - I need to complain.  It's been so cold here that my skin is super dry and itchy all over.  My thighs are enormous.  Maternity pants that used to slip right over my thighs and butt won't fit now, because I've gained so much in the thighs.  :/  When I bend my knees late in the day, I can feel that they are swollen behind my knees.  My feet and lower legs also seem swollen by the end of the day.  I'm not sleeping well, but last night was better than previous nights.  At least I didn't wake up at 4 AM for the potty and stay awake.  Okay, complaining over.  I AM grateful to be blessed with another baby, and any discomfort is totally worth it.  I love being a mom, and love being pregnant.  Smile


                      NPGR:  Just digging this flu bug.  It's the best.  Yay!  Sad  My head feels like it is swimming.  I've taken extra vitamin D3, elderberry, zinc, probiotics, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and I'm just hoping my experience with it will be short.  This is the first time I've really been sick in about 2 years.  I guess I started to take my health for granted.


                      RR & ER:  Was planning to feel better by now and go for a bike ride today, but I'm thinking I better rest a little longer and get healthy first.  So, no workout today.


                        I'm in total brain fog mode today. Woke up with the sniffles that I had yesterday and DS was acting kind of stuffed up overnight. He seems fine now but I'm not as fine. Netied and took a shower and hope this passes soon. I really can't afford a pregnancy cold right now.

                        Laura, also dealing with dry skin right now. Everything feels like sandpaper.


                        RR - Ran a mile in intervals last night. Gee, now that I can't breathe that might've been why I was having a hard time. Also dealt with a typical guy hogging the machines moment at the gym last night. If you're going to take 5 minutes between reps to recover, MOVE. Annoying. Girls use machines too y'know.

                        Sunday is slated to be 22 degrees for the high, so I'm betting around the time of my run I'll be lucky if it is 16. I'm worried now. I want to participate but with this cold air and getting over congestion is that the best thing? My chiro is also planning on running it and I have an appt with her tomorrow granted I feel ok so I'll get her take.


                        PGR - Trying to avoid full on pregnancy cold. Blowing my nose 800 times isn't helping on the dry skin front.


                        I'll catch up on personals tomorrow maybe.


                          PG: Finishing the registry shopping w/ DH this weekend.


                          ER: Spin class tonight. Maybe a short flat hike this weekend. Weather should be great.


                          NPGR: I’ll be MIA until tues. 4-day weekend! I want to start clearing out the office so we can turn it into the nursery. Also want to see a movie this weekend if I go w/ DH its Gangster Squad, if I go with a GF hopefully Les Mis.


                          You: Hang it there, LO will be here before you know it. Hope you get answers regarding your benefits asap. That’s ridiculous its taking so long.


                          MA: great job on your runs and having the motivation to get out there in the cold. Fajitas sound yummy!


                          Liz: I took at a chance w/o old nave online too. I love my jeans and leggings but some of the tops were really thin and cheap. Yes they were on clearance but I was still disappointed. T


                          N: sounds like you’ll be super busy in the upcoming weeks. Sorry if I missed it, where is the babymoon?


                          Monk: that’s cute A is excited about a dresser Ozzy: Great workouts.


                          Laura: Flu! Bummer. Wish you a speedy recovery.


                            No time for personals but quick update... gained 3 pounds, total at 44. Belly measures perfect, blood pressure fine, baby's HR fine but baby still breech. Doc won't be concerned until 36 weeks, then we'd talk about what can be done. I'm choosing not to be worried either.


                              Forgot to add to my earlier post - thanks to Tay for sharing your birth story, and kudos to you for being back at work! Your little one is adorable!


                              MA - forgot to add earlier, too - I am also SUPER excited for mat. leave - for the break from work.  I'm sure I'll start missing work but I just would like a nice long break...


                              monk - Good luck with the dresser assembly! I love putting furniture together.  I'm a nerd that way.


                              Ozzy - I'm not 100% certain who is moving all the time, but baby A likes to use my pelvic floor/right hip area as a recliner, so it's usually a good guess that the low thumps are baby A, and pretty much everything else is baby B because she has taken over most of the open space Smile I did tell DH a few days ago that I thought baby A was making a play for more real estate, so maybe baby B is more constricted now.


                              Laura - I hope you haven't rebounded from the stomach bug with the flu - how miserable! Thanks for the info on contractions/uterus movement - always helpful to know stuff like that - I'll keep that in mind!


                              schmett- oh, I hope you don't have a pregnancy cold. - Sometimes with those guys at the gym you just have to ask if you can work in to their sets - I think usually some people don't want to leave the machine until their done with their sets, but are willing to get up and let you use it in between sets. I'm actually guilty of that - unless someone asks if they can work in, I'll camp out on the machine until I'm done.


                              Mann - Enjoy the 4-day weekend, and the movie! I still want to make it to Les Mis - I am less interested in Gangster Squad.


                              Ugh, forum wouldn't let me post from note pad - had to open up word, paste there, then paste to forum.  Weird.


                                Ugggggh! I can't count our house well yet... now DH is getting sick, stomach so probably the same thing A had. I am SO SICK of us being sick. We have too much to do and I certainly hope we don't have to cancel our babymoon plans on Saturday!