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Moaning and Groaning Monday - Preggos (Read 27 times)


    Laura - I hope if yo udo have GD, it does not manifest into type 2 diabetes after you have your babe. As for my mom, there is no way that she forgot I was pregnant - it was the theme for the weekend (painted baby room, picked out yarn for baby blanket two for me, she picked out stuff for 2 quilts for each baby and she knitted a baby cocoon) she's just a control freak and her control-freakiness temporarily took over.  It was ironic because the last time she was at our house for a period of  time, when I was about 18 weeks, she didn't even want me to bend over to pick up three paperback books off the floor because I was pregnant and should take it easy.


    Ozzy - Glad bfing has improved and you got assistance from the m/w - I hope things continue to go well!


    monk - Does your pelvis/SI cause the joint to "pop" at night? I've discovered when I roll over sometimes at night it my pelvis pops, almost like when my back "cracks" - it doesn't hurt, but I'm not sure if it's a good thing?  I'm going to ask the Dr. tomorrow if I remember.


    schmett- thanks for sharing the info about the ergo - we had it on our registry, so I marked it as purchased and then went and purchased it from babysteals myself Smile  I think being able to wear at least one baby will come in very handy at times.


    Mann - Congrats on the 3rd tri! Your onesies sound so cute! My mom thinks she has good intentions, but a lot of her "good" intentions are actually very self-serving. It's an ongoing issue that I only recognized once I was an adult, but I take the bad with the good.


    sasha - my mom has selective, or incorrect memories of some parts of her pregnancies - she asked me after my 20-week dr. appt if I was dilated at all.  When I said no, she said that was good, and she remembered that she was dilated about 5 cm with my older brother at 20 weeks - I didn't respond, but I wanted to tell her it was likely that he might have fallen out if she was dilated to 5 cm at 20 weeks (She had a full-term pregnancy and delivery, so I know that was an impossibility).

    Laura G in Idaho

      I appreciate the encouragement from all of you about the GD.  I wanted to share my egg custard recipe.  I make this recipe x2 for my size family, and it can be halved for a smaller family:


      Beat 7 eggs until well-mixed (if halving it, you can go with 3 or 4 eggs, your preference).  Add 2 tsp real vanilla extract, and 1/2 cup honey.  Beat until well-mixed, pour into a 13"x9" pan (doesn't need to be greased first), and add 5 cups milk.  Stir gently.  Sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg.  Put pan into 350*F oven, and bake for 45 minutes, or until a knife inserted comes out clean.  This is a crustless custard, which is how I prefer it, but you could conceivably make a crust for it.  However, it seems to exude quite a bit of clear, sweet liquid during the cooking process and this may make a crust soggy.  Serve warm or cold.  We prefer it warm at my house.  The excess liquid is a prized treat for my kids.  They love it.


      RR:  I was almost done changing to my running clothes when I started to look around for my maternity support belts.  I have found that using both belts together works much better than either one alone.  With the belts, RLP, pubic pressure, and bladder pressure are much more tolerable, or non-existent.  So, I looked in all the usual places, and couldn't find it.  I realized the last time I used them was on Thursday at the Y.  So, I called the Y, and talked with the housekeeping staff.  They did have one of them, but not both.  So, I went to the Y, picked up the one that they had, searched all over, asked questions of all the staff that weren't otherwise occupied, but my new Gabrialla belt is gone.  This makes me so upset!  That was $40!!!  And money is so tight right now.  How will I afford another one?


      I still needed to get my 4 mile run done, so I put on the Motherhood belt and started off.  Right away, I could feel the pubic bone pressure, followed by bladder pressure and RLP.  I started crying during my run.  Not from pain, but from frustration of the whole situation.  Yes, I was in pain, but the tears weren't from the pain.  I somehow made myself finish the 4 miles (52:43 minutes), but had another 1.1 miles to walk before I reached my vehicle (22:00 minutes).  Now that I am done with both the run and walk, I am really feeling quite stiff, and in pain.  My pubic bone feels like it could split apart.  So, what else does a pregnant woman do?  I cried some more.  How could I have been so careless with my belts?  How will I continue running?  I need to run, for many reasons.  If I didn't have so many good reasons to continue running, I would quit.  So, now I have to run the rest of my pregnancy without proper support, or find another $40 from heaven to get another belt, ASAP.