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    Karen, eating out can be very dangerous to one's weight, I've found. Not just actual calories but also the sodium involved.


    Sorry that Jake will have to wear the cone of shame for another 10 days, but at least he doesn't have to have more surgery.


    Cindy, they are the little black ants -- Argentine variety. Nasty little boogers.


    Marjorie, 7 AM flights are awfully early. Sis has 6 AM flights sometimes, those are horrendous. I don't think TSA gets to the airport much before 5 AM! But if you are going from the West Coast to the East and want to be there before the evening, it means starting from here very early. (And I still want to know how come the L.A. Times can get my paper on my driveway at 4 AM and they can't get newspapers to the airport before 6:30.)


    6.73 on the TM at lunch.


    Run to live; live to run

      So the dad thing is a total scam.  He finally opened up to me on one thing which opened a door.  Got dh involved.  Since the open door allowed for him to assist.  Comes down to he has never physically met her, she is in another country and he has sent her some money.  I will ask about the big jewelry purchase tomorrow as tonight was enough whirlwind (and Damaris has heard my rantings on this for the last two hours and we aren't even together tonight.  We will see each other on Thursday!).  Twin just got a call from me as well.  He really is clueless


        Marjorie- ugh.  all I can say.




        Run to live; live to run

          Karen Poor Jake.


          Carol I didn't do anything with the event  Tha t is Karen/Susan and Lisa.


          Lisa that poor girl.


          Carolyn it is in our mind  My twin is not very helpful  Dad leans on dh and I lot.


          Tessa yes the early flights suck but this was a direct flight so that helped.



            Marjorie - Oh boy, that is really something about the $ going to someone overseas he hasn't met.   I have a friend that her mother is sending $ overseas as well....only they are always telling her she will win a bunch of $ if she sends them $.  How awful for them to take advantage...hope your dad gets to realize what a set up this is....


            Karen - Sorry I left you and Susan out of the Kudo's on Karnel's event...geesh...I know that you two have been working on it...Blush .... don't know what I was thinking.....sorry....


            For those of you talking about water retention - I hear ya on that!!!  I always will gain 2-3 pounds at least, if I eat anything salty, AND, after a long run or bike I can count on the 2nd day after puffing up like a blowfish!   It is such an awful feelling.  Speaking of weight tomorrrow is wednesday weight in for me.....don't know that I have lost much but it sure has kept me out of the snacks at night!


            Unfortunately, no work out AGAIN tonight for me...sigh.



            LC Runs

              Hi Everyone!


              I am so behind so will not even try and catch up lol


              SRD yesterday and 3.6 this evening (slept in this am).  Should be able to get out and run tomorrow morning before the snow showers start and mess up the roadways lol.


              Marjorie - ugh, sorry about the Dad thing, so sad that people take advantage of older and vulnerable people.  I have several clients that have fallen prey to such scams


              Lisa - that poor girl, I will pray that she is alright Smile


              Camille - great race report!!



              Hi Tessa, Carol, Karen, Sue, Damaris, Susan, Carolyn, Cindy....

              Bad Ass

                I am so behind too I'm not even going to try!


                I ran today.  So much for the SRD, the weights, the kickboxing and the rest!


                I've been super busy.  Sorry for being so absent.



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                It's always fucking hot in Miami!