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    I'm first at this time?



    Bad Ass

      Morning!  Apparently!


      Recovery run and weights tonight.


      Lisa, hope your day goes well.



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


        Where's Judy?

        I haven't looked at the plan yet but have 5 or 6 easy, I think. Will ck back later.

        I have a project due next week and always dread the start, but it isn't bad once I get into it. I hope to get it finished this week.


        Mighty Mouse

          Friday I started getting more sick, so I did 20 minutes of my cardio DVD, actually almost all running.

          Saturday I did 50 minutes of cardio DVD.

          Sunday I did the same as Saturday. I have less energy.

          I think I have a sinus infection so I’ll go to the doc this morning. Maybe a TM run at home today.

          Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::


          Anonymous Guest

            I shockingly got up an hour earlier than normal today so I could get in my easy 6 before work. It wasn't that horrible - I might even do it more often.


            Lots of stupid busy work getting ready for the annual meeting. Fly out Thursday. It was 24 degrees when I got in my car, am actually looking forward to the annual meeting this time (not having to work 15 hour days while I'm there this time probably has something to do with that as well).


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              Good morning ladies.  I'm at Disneyland the family.  RR soon.

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                Hey Gals!  I was on travel last week.  Still trying to catch up.


                Saturday--I had a great 8K race over the bridge and back.  41:43.  I was really excited.  My best time for that race.  Sunday we did 11 miles at a 9.2 mph avg pace.  Whew!  Since I am just amazed I was able to do that, I would like to claim it as my amazing race for Karnel, if that is ok.


                Yesterday afternoon was marmalade marathon.  Made three batches of kumquat marmalade.  Barely made a dent in the kumquat crop.  That one little tree sure has alot of fruit.  More marmalade to come!


                Did power hour class this morning, have a PILE of work to do and will be on travel again next week.


                Sorry---haven't had time to check personals yet.


                Have a great day!!




                Run to live; live to run

                  10.2 miles for me.  4.5 of them were at recovery pace as my legs were sore from yesterdays running on uneven surfaces etc.


                  Lisa hmmm I guess I should have started the thread earlier but just didn't get to it.


                  Damaris how is the breathing today?


                  Judy healing forum vibes to you


                  Karen I saw those temps as I'm stalking the weather for my meeting in PA this week.  I'm not amused.


                  Sue of course you can claim that as your Karnel race!



                  Fire Jumper

                    Greetings all!


                    Well, I'm back after a couple weeks of pretty intense travel (both work and pleasure).  I FINISHED the Warrior Dash Central Florida and PR'd by 20 minutes! woo hoo!  This was also the run that committed to doing in honor of Karnel.  I will post the before/after pictures below.


                    So, here's my RR:  

                    RB and I drove up the night before (about a two hour drive from her house), checked into the hotel and then went to scope out the route to the race.   All was pretty straight forward.  The Holiday Inn Express even had printed instructions for Warrior Dashers.  It was quite nice of them.


                    Race morning - arrived at the race with about 1:15 before our wave.  We had plenty of time for packet pickup (very well organized), gear check (also quite organized) a visit to one of the plethora of port-a-potties, a bit of orientation to the venue and pre-carnage pictures.


                    Our wave went off at exactly 9:30AM with about 800-ish people.  I noticed right away that we were running on a very sandy course.  UGH.  I haven't run in sand before.  I knew, right away, that my legs were gonna hate me when this was over.  The saving grace was that it was flat, flat, flat... oh, how I love flat.


                    The first obstacle of note (after a few good mud pits and a man made mud hill to climb), was one set of famous warrior walls.  This was a series of three walls, about 6 or seven feet high, with no ropes.  They either had 1X4's hammered on the front for toe grips or you had to hope a buddy could give you a boost or a pull.  Once you were over the top, you either had one plank to help you down, or you had to jump. I can't believe I did that.  I was SOOOO happy that I'm a tall girl who does some upper body work.


                    Other obstacles included;

                    • A field of tires, underneath netting and barbed wire.  You had crawl over the tires, but stay under the ouchy things
                    • A row of old cars with the windows removed to crawl over, onto another field of tires to run through.
                    • The major Warrior Wall, slightly slanted with rope walk up and over and a backward rope walk down.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT ONE!  It was the scariest of all them.  To trust my arms and legs to walk backwards down a slanted wall (think: Batman and Robin)... shudder!! 
                    • Swimming through a pond and then crawling over floating obstacles, onto a underwater cargo net (you "walked" on the net in the water) - repeat three times. 
                    • A set of balance climbs (walk up a slender board which is at an angle, then back down the other side) into a hose-down of cold water, over another wall and then a 2nd set of balance climbs
                    • A series of three mud hills into large mud puddles (think: slide - splash - climb... slide - splash - climb)
                    • An elevated balance beam walk (this one was a flat balance beam... but at least 10 or 12 feet off the ground).  
                    • A "chain" ladder climb
                    • Jump over fire
                    • belly crawl through a mud pit, underneath barbed wire
                    • Run, totally covered with mud, through the finish line and get your "bling" (a Warrior Dash bottle top opener.  what a bummer)

                    I skipped one obstacle because there was a huge line waiting for it and people were being pretty pushy and reckless over it.  My SI joint was already hurting and all I could see was getting pushed or stepped on my one inpatient person and that being the end of my season.  RB went ahead and did it.  But she's far scrappier than me.  She'll push back!  lol


                    It was really a lot of fun.  I will say the course wasn't nearly as demanding as the upstate New York Course.  The obstacles didn't seem as intimidating.    This is most likely the reason that Chris and I PR'd with such a huge margin.  Both of us were a little disappointed with the level of challenge.... but thrilled with the PR!   We also finished ahead of about 1000 people... most of whom were YOUNGER than us!  woo hoo! 


                    I was, once again, disappointed in the response I got when I asked where I might find a non-alcoholic alternative to the "free beer" (that you pay for with your entry fee).   People either shrugged their shoulders or chuckled.  I have reached out to the event company twice, suggesting that a non-alcoholic alternative would be a healthy thing to provide.  Silence.  Oh well, I guess if I want to run, I will just have to continue to bring my own beverage.  


                    Here's the picture in honor of Karnel!   Karnel's leaf went with me through the race... so, it's looking a little worse for wear in the 2nd pic.  But, I wanted to have it with me. 

                    Before and After for Karnel


                    Be back for personals



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                    Fire Jumper

                      Back for Personals!


                      Good news!!  My RB#1 is moving BACK to New York!  woo hooo!!!  She has come to the conclusion that she really, really hates The Villages and that her support system/family is more important to her than weather.  I am SO excited.  She's my running buddy, my hiking buddy, a friend in recovery, and so many other things.  And, on top of that.... she gets along with my dog and my DH.  Smile


                      HI ya Lisa, Damaris and Camille!


                      Judy - hope the sinuses clear up quickly!


                      Karen - nice early six!  An early run for me is about 10AM.  I am SO not a morning person.  I'm awake early, just not functioning early!


                      Linda - Disney... woo hoo!  Hope you're having a wonderful time!  I look forward to the RR.


                      Sue - Awesome time on the 8K.  You rock!   And , woo hoo on your Amazing race for Karnel!


                      Marjorie - nice 10.2!  Recovery miles or not... they're miles!


                      I have to get back on the stick with regular running now that I'm back from all my travel.  I'm a little too banged up (just bruised and sore) to run today, but tomorrow I'm back on it.  I have goals to meet!  Races to prep for!


                      Be well,


                      5K's and Obstacle Runs

                      Goal for 2013:  10K


                      Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.




                        Crap! I had a big post typed and lost it by navigating away from the page. Pooh. Hello everyone. Stay warm, stay speedy. And remember, however bad your job is, think about how it would suck this morning to work at Entergy and be the person in charge of the power supply to the Superdome.

                        Bad Ass

                          Bah!  I also did shoutouts and the internet went out so they are gone!


                          4 miles and weights done.  My breathing is a bit better but the fact that I ran at 11:20mm instead of 11mm shows my breathing is a bit low.  Still, better than Saturday.



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

                          LC Runs

                            Hi Ladies!


                            5 TM miles this morning, so far 4/4 in February lol


                            Hi Lisa, Damaris, Camille!


                            Judy - hope you feel better soon!


                            Karen - where are you traveling??


                            Linda - have fun!


                            Sue - wow, great mileage this weekend!


                            Marjorie - nice 10.2


                            Julie - awesome job!!  Great news about the RB!!


                            Hi Tessa!!